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Customize the Default Settings of MS Office

This is somewhat difficult to write about. Delivering the message to the reader is somewhat complicated. New users of Microsoft Office may not get my point. But a regular  user of Microsoft Office must understand what I'm talking about.  What is Default Settings?  When you open up a new document in MS Word (Suppose Word 2010), you get the followings:  Paper Size: Letter (8.5*11) Orientation: Portrait Font: Calibiri Font Size: 11 Font Style: Regular Line Spacing: 1.15 After Spacing: 10 pt Margin: Normal (Top, Bottom, Left, Right: 1") And so many . . .  This is called the default settings Microsoft Word. The settings you get just after opening a program is called the default settings of that program. The developers try to use the most common settings as the default settings. So that most of the users don't need to change the settings frequently.  But the reality is quite fantastic! Every organization has its own meth

Customize Your Blog by Blogger Template Designer

If your site is made by Blogger, then you should be familiar with Blogger Template Designer . This is really a lovely way to redesign your site with custom color, look, layout etc. But many new bloggers don't know about it. I've already helped some new guys in blogging. Believe it or not, they shared their password with me to redesign their sites!  Today I would like to discuss about Blogger Template Designer , so that new bloggers no longer need to share their passwords with me   to redesign their sites. This method is as easy as editing a MS Word Document. :)  The advantages of using blogger template designer are:  Coding knowledge is not necessary Just select and preview your look You can easily back to the previous look  What can you do with Template Designer? With template designer, you can modify the following things:  Templates: Lets you change your template.  Background: Allows you to change the background an

UniJoy Layout: Unicode Bengali Typing System

16th December! The Victory Day of Bangladesh.  Regular visitors of Marks PC Solution know that, we hardly celebrate any National or International day. But today I've a topic to write about! Though it is more relevant to the International Mother Language Day, I can't wait until 21st February. Today I am gonna talk about UniJoy Layout: Bengali Keyboard Input System.  Well you know this is not my first post about Bengali Typing. Earlier I've published posts about: Type Bengali with Avro Keyboard Rules for Bengali Typing in PDF (Bijoy Layout) Most of the people are now using Avro Keyboard to type Bangla in Unicode. Bijoy has also introduced Unicode Bangla typing system for few years. But it has failed to meet the users' demand. The first reason is that Bijoy demands money from the users. The second reason is it's inability to run smoothly.  Bijoy can't run well in Windows 7 or 8. Where Bijoy 2003 was excellent for Wind

How to Check the Performance of Antivirus?

It's been a long time since I discussed about PC security last time. Because I've talked about MSE and Windows Defender . If you use any of the two in your PC, I believe you don't need any other security tools to protect your PC. But if you use any third party security tools or if you've any doubt about your current security software, you can check its performance by a sample virus !  Windows users often purchase security software ie. Norton, Kaspersky, Bit Defender etc. Many of them use trial versions to protect the system. But how much safe you are? Are these tools really working for you? Can these tools detect viruses or worms? Let's check it!  Go to Run by Pressing Start + R Type Notepad and hit Enter Copy and Paste the following code on notepad Now Save the file as Virus.exe  Scan the file with your antivirus X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H* If your security tool is strong and if

How to Create Transparent Image by Photoshop?

I'm really sorry for the long break in writing. I published the last post few weeks ago. Because there were weeks but no weekends. Due to the serious political crisis in Bangladesh, Banking Sector and business activities were down. And Govt. was trying to recover the loss through continuous banking. And I had to attend the office every day. In this week, bankers got weekend finally. And I'm gonna publish a new post.  This is an exclusive post for this site. I've never published any tips on Adobe Photoshop. This is the first time I'm writing about Photoshop. Today I will discuss about creating transparent image. You know transparent image has no background color. It looks very smart when transparency is used with any design or logo. A logo with a white background is not as fine as transparent logo. If you use transparency, only the image or logo will be displayed. There will be no background of that image. If you place the logo in a black color, backgro

Page Setup & Printing Tips for MS Excel

Beginners are usually scared while printing from Microsoft Excel. They face problem when setting up page or margin. I had the same problem few years ago. Remember, when you can't do something, never give up. Try to do it with care. You will learn through mistake. I've just wasted some papers to understand which option does what. And thus I learned how to print excel workbook properly . . . :)  In this post, I'm gonna discuss about  Page Setup, Margin and Print option of Microsoft Excel. Since I'm using version 2010, it will difficult for me to show the related screenshots of 2003 and 2007. But I will try to make it clear for the users of previous versions.  Microsoft Excel 2003:    Before I begin, I'd like to say you, upgrade to Office 2010. This is really an amazing version of Microsoft Office. If you're still using 2003 or 2007, you're just missing the magic! Okay let's start - Page Setup: You should set up your page prope

How to Verify AdSense Account without PIN?

Those of you're working with Google AdSense should know, AdSense account needs to be verified by a PIN Number. AdSense sends the PIN number in your postal address. And then you have to enter the PIN number in your AdSense account settings. If postal communication is okay in your area, then it's very easy for you to verify the account. Unfortunately, if your postal service is poor, wouldn't you be able to earn through Google AdSense?  Why you Need to Verify PIN Number?   Traditional payment system of AdSense is Check. When you request for payment, Google sends check to your postal address. That's why you need to ensure the AdSense team that your address is correct. When you get the letter from AdSense including PIN number, then Google sends check to your address.  If you can't Get the PIN Letter?  It's very natural that you could miss the PIN letter. That's why Google gives you three chances to request for AdSense PIN letter. That me

Never Block Non Performing Ads!

Hello Dears! It's been more than a week since I published my last post. Last week was so busy that I couldn't even check my site's status. By the way, I'm gonna give a true advice  for revenue optimization tips to the AdSense publishers !  Google often tell AdSense publishers to optimize their revenues. Google may give you different techniques to optimize revenues such as - Ad Placement , Ad Types & Sizes , Ad Selection, Allowing or Blocking Ads etc.  But never try to block irrelevant or non-performing ads to be shown on your site! Blocking non-performing ads may have an adverse effect on your AdSense Revenue Performance! Yeah it's true!  When I started showing ads on my site, my income was around $1/day. Gradually it was increasing - $2, $2.5, $3, $4. And after two months, my average daily income was $5/day. Then I was trying to accelerate my earnings. I was searching for tips. Google says - Inspect the ads which are more releva

AdSense will Pay through Banks Accounts!

Well that's a terrific news specially for Bangladeshis! Waiting for months? Annoyed with payment procedure? Giving up the idea to earn money through AdSense? As a Bangladeshi, you might be hopeless due to the thousands of problems regarding your AdSense account. But this time, there is a hope! Just three days ago, Google AdSense have announced that, Bangladeshi AdSense Publishers will be able to transfer Ad Revenue through their respective Bank Accounts! They don't have to wait for the checks for a long time and they don't need to wait to cash those checks! In many countries, Google is paying through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) . But it is not available in Bangladesh. In this situation, Wire Transfer System will be really helpful for Bangladeshi Publishers. The payment will be made through International Wire Transfer instead of issuing checks. And certainly this will be fast, secure and convenient for the publishers to receive their payments. Minimum

All about XML

I've published several posts on HTML. But this is my first post on XML that stands for e X ensible M arkup L anguage. Before starting the main discussion, I'd like to inform you that I've collected information about XML from w3schools . I was just surfing that site and suddenly my eyes go to the XML tutorials. Then I decided to write something on XML. In fact, today's post is a knowledge base article. From this post, you will know about -  what is XML . This post will not teach you how to prepare XML files. So, don't be confused. Okay let's start - XML doesn't do anything! Confused? But there is no way to be confused actually when you will know that XML is nothing except some texts stored in tags. XML - EXtensible Markup Language. It's used to store and transport data. Unlike HTML, XML is only used to store and transport data, not to display. Unlike HTML, here you can define your own tags. XML is

AdSense Friendly Custom Robots.txt for Blogger

Bloggers who have SEO Knowledge, should know about robots.txt and its use. But it is quite unfamiliar to the new bloggers. But some of them might be interested in Blogger's search preferences and they must ask about what is Custom robots.txt? Well this is not so easy to explain. To the new bloggers, the explanation might be confusing. In order to explain the term robots.txt , I've to tell about search bots or search crawlers. But I will try to explain the term clearly.  Suppose, you've opened a blog in blogger. continuously you're publishing new posts. If everything is okay, your post will appear in Google Search within few hours. If your post is matched with someone's search topic, your site will appear in the search results. How it's possible?  Blogger's Default robots.txt: Search engines scan your site for new posts continuously. This is known as crawling. Search bots crawl your site regularly and index your posts in their directory. By d