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Marks PC Solution is a fully technology based site. As the categories shows in the right side bar, we only deal with Computer, Internet, Blogging, SEO and related issues. We are 100% free from Politics, Violence & Racial Aggression. Learn more about Marks PC Solution . . .

As a visitor/ user of this site you have the following rights:
  • You can ask for computer, internet or blogging related solutions.
  • You can link back your site with relevant comments.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Spamming in Marks PC Solution is strictly prohibited.
  • While commenting in a post, make sure it's relevant to the contents.
  • Sharing irrelevant links only for backlinking purpose will not be entertained!
  • Contents published in this site are always tested before publishing. But if you face any problem with our contents, we're not responsible. We can only try to fix it. 
  • Copying contents is stictly prohibitted. Nobody is allowed to copy any part of this site and publish it to another site. But you can copy texts or images to your local hard disk for further use. 
  • Marks PC Solution or its author/ authors will not be held responsible for any third party ads.

If someone is copying our contents, we request to inform us

    Note: Marks PC Solution reserves the right to amend the rules without prior notice. Terms & Conditions are subject to change as and when required!

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