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Measure Vehicle Speed with your Phone!!

While travelling from one place to another, you can measure your vehicle speed through smart phone. Not just in travelling, you can also measure your speed while cycling, running and flying! With DigiHUD Speedometer you can measure how fast you're moving from one location to another . . . About the App Name: DigiHUD Speedometer Category: Transportation Size: 1.5 MB Version: 1.4.2 (December 04, 2015) Developer: James Moss Rating: 4.3 100 % Free - No Ads!! With DigiHUD installed on your phone, you can be a smart traveller. In fact, you can make your fellow traveller surprised at you!  System Requirements DigiHUD works with both Android and iOS systems. It requires Android 2.2 or above. And your phone should have a stronger GPS sensor to get the better result. Download the App Download DigiHUD Speedometer from Link 1 or Link 2 . If you're downloading this through phone, then this APK file is directly usable.

Using Default Cover Pages in MS Word

Are you preparing a formal report? Or do you need any cover page sample for any other task? By default, MS Word contains some outstanding cover pages. Each of them will give you different flavor. Today I'm gonna talk about using the default cover pages of MS Word . . .  This Tutorial Applies to -  Word 2007 Word 2010 Word 2013 Word 2016 In every new version, Microsoft Office changes their default templates. Same thing happens to Word cover pages. I mean, the default cover pages are not same in every version of MS Word.  Cover pages included in Word 2016 may not be found in the previous versions of Office. Word 2016 has 16 cover pages. But you can discover more from . . . Add a Cover Page Run MS Word. Create a new document or open an existing one. Go to the Insert tab. Hit on the Pages > Cover Page > Click on the cover which you like. That's it. Stuffs you Should Know When you add a page number in

Disable Auto Hide Ribbon in Microsoft Office

We're familiar with ribbon interface from Microsoft Office 2007. And now the latest version is Office 2016. In ribbon interface, everything you need is just a click away. Here, you don't need to search for an option through drop down menu.  The main problem of the ribbon is, it reduces your typing/ working space. That's why your system may hide the ribbon automatically. But if you're not tensed with the working space, then you should keep the ribbon turned on. Definitely it will make your tasks more convenient. Show/ Hide the Ribbon in Office 2013/ 2016 Simply press Ctrl + F1 to switch between ribbon views. When the ribbon is turned on, press Ctrl+F1 to hide this. Using the same keyboard shortcut will turn it on again!  Or if you're not good at memorizing the keyboard shortcuts, please follow the image below -  Look at the options -  Auto-hide Ribbon: It will keep the ribbon and tabs hidden automatically. To view the comma

Blogger Introduced Featured Post Gadget!!

Well, I was expecting this from Blogger for a long time. And never thought that Blogger has already introduced this gadget in last month. Just yesterday, I was about to fix someone's blog and discovered Featured Post gadget in the blogger's layout! And to be honest, I was more than happy . . . Featured Post Maybe most of you are familiar with the featured post. Though Blogger had no such option earlier, webmasters were able to display a featured post with the help of third party templates.  And there are also many scripts to help you out regarding featured post. But you don't need to use them anymore. Now you can use the default featured post gadget of Blogger. And it's really easy to install. :)  Use of Featured Post You know, a blog always shows the latest post you've published. As you publish the new posts, the older ones are out of focus. But sometimes you may need the older posts to be displayed on special occasions.  Suppose I&