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Try out the New Themes of Blogger!!

I was expecting some new themes from blogger for a long time. As a renowned blogging platform, blogger should have more professional themes. And finally some beautiful themes have been added to the list. Now the blogger users can choose from 11 categories of themes . . . Previously blogger had only the following themes -  Simple Dynamic Views Picture Window Awesome Inc. Watermark Ethereal Travel And the new categories are -  Contempo Soho Emporio Notable Each new category includes 5 variations.  How to Change Theme? Changing your blog theme is as easy as changing your phone wallpaper. But before you make any change, you should preview it and customize the theme if necessary. You should also keep a backup your current theme .  If you would like to change your theme, then follow the procedure below: Go to your blogger dashboard. Then move to the Theme (Previously it was known as Template). Here you will

Webmasters Should Avoid Harmful Ads on their Sites . . .

Advertising has been a major business in this time. And online giants like Google and Facebook are making huge profit through online advertising. But there are some culprit advertisers who try to install harmful adware on personal computers. If a user gets trapped and install any of those adware by mistake, I can swear that his computer will be as good as hell.  Getting Trapped by Adware Most users get trapped when they try to download Windows Activators or IDM Cracks. There are different websites and blogs which offer crack software. And adware advertisers target those websites for selling their harmful ads. Inexperienced computer users are not aware of those adware and they download and install this poison on their machine.  And when they do so, their computers become the world of irritating ads. They may see ads everywhere in the browser when surfing the web. These ads could be of different types like banners, fly out ads, or the texts of a website might be highlig

How to Remove Google Account from Android Device?

You may find it really difficult to remove your Google Account from an android device. Suppose you've purchased a new phone and gonna handover the old one to someone else. In that case you must remove your Google Account (Or other accounts) from that device. Let's see how to do it . . . Applies to: When you're gonna handover your phone to someone else When an unnecessary account needs to be removed from your device Note: This tutorial is prepared based on the settings of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. So when you try to follow this post, you may not get the options exactly as written here.  Removing Online Accounts from Android Device Go to the Settings option of your Device. Choose Accounts. (It may have different names. In Samsung J2 Prime, this option is named as Cloud and accounts) Again you may find another Accounts option. Or you may be taken directly to your Accounts list. Here you will see your accounts that are already signed in t