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Shoot Bubble & Rescue Birds!

Today I'm gonna recommend you another nice game - Bubble Shooter : Bird Rescue. With lovely colors and awesome sound this game is really comfortable for the young people. This game not a difficult one to play. But after completing few levels you may find it little challenging. About the Game Bubble Shooter: Bird Rescue Category: Casual Game Rating: 4.5 Age Rating: 3+ Offered by: Errno Pop System Requirement: Android 2.3 and up How to Play Playing this game is really easy. There is no difficulty at all. Look at the game screen below:  Here you can see a loaded shooting device at the bottom. And you've to shoot a same color bubble at the top. When the the number of same bubble becomes more than 3 then those bubble will collapse.  There is nothing more to say about game techniques. Hopefully you will have no trouble to find out the rules . . . There are more than thousand levels. That means

Word Search | Crossword Puzzle for your Android!

For last few days I'm passing so much idle time. That's why I'm focusing on puzzle games. Today I'm gonna share another nice game - Word Search. This is a crossword puzzle. This game was also recommended by Mr.  +Debasish Sarkar  and I would like to thank him for his nice choice . . . About the Game Name: Word Search Category: Word - Brain Games Game Type: Crossword Puzzle Game Rating: 4.5 Age Rating: 3+ System Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or above Developer: Meta Fun Games Features 10000+ Words Nice Interface and Easy to Play Available in 14 Languages Colorful Themes 30+ Categories of Puzzles Three Modes: Topic, Story, Relax How to Play? Download and install Word Search in your phone. Now run it and tap on the Play button. Here you will get three modes. Choose any of them and select a category to play -  Topic Mode: It includes Fruit, Vegetable, Tree, Plant etc.  S

Log in to Multiple Accounts on your Phone!

When I was a kid, I used to watch a famous Australian TV series named Spellbinder . The primary focus of this TV series was on parallel world which is almost impossible in real life. I liked it so much and wished to be in a parallel world like spellbinder that time. But in my Android Phone I can visit a parallel world! With Parallel Space you can create a parallel world on your Android phone. It's very simple. You just need to install this app on your phone and then choose some apps which you need to sign in with a different account.  With the help of this app, you can sign in to multiple accounts at the same time in the same device.  About the App Name: Parallel Space Category: Personalization User Rating: 4.6 Age Rating: 3+ System Requirements: Android 4.0.3 or later Developer: LBE Tech When to Use? Apps like Hangout, Messenger, WhatsApp, IMO or Facebook Lite need to be signed in before you can use them. In such applica

Play Amazing Puzzle Game - WordBrain!!

Thanks again to Mr.  +Debasish Sarkar  for sharing me another nice game - WordBrain . Today I'm gonna share this challenging word puzzle with you. And I think you will enjoy playing this game in your free times.  Disclaimer: The information shared about this game may vary from device to device and version to version. Marks PC Solution is not responsible for any variance.  About the Game Name: WordBrain Category: Word Game Type: Word Puzzle Rating: 4.4 Developer: MAG Interactive Age Rating: 3+ No. of Languages: 15 100 % Free - Contains Ads, Offers in-app Purchases Game Size, No. of Levels and some of the features may vary from device to device . . . WordBrain is a Word Puzzle game which is available in 15 languages. And each language contains 700 levels under 30 categories. Though the initial stages are very easy but just after few levels you will find them really difficult to solve.  HOW TO PLAY  | As easy a

Blogger Introduced Special Characters

From now you can choose and insert your desired special characters in your blog post. Recently Blogger has added this option in its post editor. It offers several fonts and categories of special characters.  While writing a new blog post you may need some special characters. Or sometimes you may need emoticons to share your feelings with the readers. To fulfil your need, blogger has added a new feature named - Insert special characters   👌 .  You will get this option at the editing toolbar and it's very next to the Insert a video option. Look at the image below -  Simply click on the marked icon and you will get the following dialogue box -  Using this dialogue box you can search your required characters from different categories. You can also search a character by keyword or by name.  Another useful search method is also available - drawing . Yes! You can manually draw the your character in the blank box. And this dialogue b

Play Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome!!

Google is full of surprising stuffs. Couple of days ago I was trying to open a website on my android phone. But it was not loading due to the connection problem. Unintentionally I touched the T Rex dinosaur icon and wow! I never imagined that it's an amazing game for passing time!  This game was added to Google Chrome at the end of 2014. But I feel surprised thinking that I've discovered it after a long time!  How to get this game? This game will automatically appear on your chrome browser when a website is loading due to the connection error. Or you can also play this game through your chrome browser after disconnecting your Internet.  You will get a screen like this -  If you're on mobile then tap on the dinosaur icon. In case of Desktop or Laptop you've to press the spacebar to run the game.  How to Play? Playing this game is as easy as pressing your keyboard spacebar or tapping on mobile scree