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How to Show the File Location in MS Word and Excel?

In MS Word and Excel you can show the location of your file (File Path). Usually the file path is placed at the footer of the document. And when it is placed at the document footer, it automatically appears at the each page of that document.  Why to Use the File Path (Location of the File):  Well this is really important for those people who want to keep the source of the document printed with it. If the file path is printed with the document then it is quite easier for us to trace the path next time when you search for it on the hard disk. It looks like the image below:  Thus it is easier for you to locate a saved document.  Why You Shouldn't Use the File Path:  Definitely it is revelation of information. If the file is a highly classified document and if the file path is used there, then others (who do not have access to that file) might be accessed that file through the path printed with the document! For example: it may be the question o

How to Remove Borders from Blogger Image?

Look at the two images above. Both of them are almost same. Except the second one has borders outside. The first one is transparent and it has no shadow or border. And the second one is transparent but there is a boudary outside of it. Which one do you like?   If you are a regular visitor of Marks PC Solution, then you should notice our images has no borders. In fact no borders at present, previously out images has borders. Most of the time I like to use transparent image with PNG extension. And outside of each image, there was a border which looks very odd. But adding a CSS code removes this problem.  Few days ago, one of my acquintances shared a code with me. He said this code removes the outside border of the uploaded images in blogger blog . I applied this code in Marks PC Solution . And magically there is no borders outside of my images. All images are now fully transparent!  By default, blogger blogs automatically add borders and shadows outside

HTML Tutorial 3: Most Common Tags Used in HTML Documents

I'm sorry for the delay to publish new posts but something was wrong with my PC. That's   why I was in trouble with this and not able to write something new. Well I'd like to continue the HTML tutorial.  In this post I will discuss about some tags which are very common in preparing HTML documents . But before you go, don't forget to look at the following posts if you haven't already gone through: Creating a Simple HTML Document Basic Parts of an HTML Document Let's talk about the most common tags of HTML documents. You should also have a close look at our example document . Some of these tags are also used in that document. I think this will be helpful for you.  Structural Tags:   <html>, <head>, and <body> are the main structural tags of any HTML document. Each and every HTML document must contain these tags. Title   tag - <title> is also very important for an html document. Besides there are

HTML Tutorial 2: Basic Parts of HTML Document

In my previous post, I started writing about HTML. As it was the first tutorial of HTML, I just showed you the example of an HTML document without giving detailed information of that document.  In this post, I'm gonna discuss about the essential parts of an HTML document. Essential parts mean those parts which are very common for each and every HTML document. I mean the HTML tag, the Header, the Title and the Body.  Before you start, please have a look at the HTML Tutorial 1 if you haven't go through this already.  After reading the tutorial 1 look at the image below: Here you can see all the four parts that I used in the example document . Let's what are they actually: The HTML Tag: <html> Every HTML or XHTML document start with <html> tag and ends with </html> tag. Even if you right click on this page and hit on view source/ view page source option you will see the html of this post. At the top you w

HTML Tutorial 1: Creating a Simple HTML Document

If you're regular in this site, you should know I am not a programmer. Several times, I've mentioned that I'm a person with no programming knowledge. Even my HTML knowledge is not good enough. Just few days ago, I decided to enrich my knowledge on HTML. I will publish HTML lessons for you. Thus you will be also learning HTML with me! Whenever I learn something about HTML, I will publish it here.  I'm not gonna discuss about the history of HTML. Hope you all know that HTML- Hypertext Markup Language. Whatever you see on your browser when visiting any site, your browser shows it through HTML. You can easily view what a website includes. Do as below: Open any website in your browser.  Right click on it.  A menu will appear. Click on View Source/ View Page Source.  A new window will open with the HTML of that website. You will see thousand lines codes! This is how your browser see a website.  Today I would like to start with an example. In thi

Stat My Web: Get Detailed Analysis of Your Site

There are many sites that collects and shows information about blogs and websites. Some of them are very reliable and some of them are not. Alexa , Google Analytics, Web Rank Stats are some of the examples.  Today I am gonna discuss about such a site that gives you detailed analysis and information about your blog or website. Maybe some of you are familiar with Stat My Web . This website shows you a comprehensive analysis of your site. It provides a statistics summary, inpage analysis, alexa status, safety & security, popular pages, keywords and many other information about your site.  Look at the image below. This is the statistics summary of Marks PC Solution on Stat My Web . But this is a minor part of the statistics. If you enter the URL of your site on Stat My Web then you will find the details.  Okay let's find out the statistics for your site. First you need to visit Stat My Web . Remember, no sign up is required! This is a great

Ad Placement Guidelines for your Site

Naturally people get bored when they see too much ads on TV Channels, Newspapers, Magazines even on blogs and websites. But a clever publisher's task is to make the ads interesting and useful for the visitors. Today I would like to share some rules for ad placement with you. Read the full article carefully and express your opinion if any.  Ad Placement Guidelines: Place ads in a place where the visitors can easily see them. You can place ads at the top, at the right side bar and within your posts too.  If you're using infolinks then read more . . . Ad Categories: Make sure the ad categories are related to your site. For example if your site is related to Computer, Internet , Hardware or something like that, then ad categories should be like -  Antivirus , Software , Technology etc. Irrelevant ads will not be able to impress the visitors. Even they may feel uneasy if any adult ads appear while visiting your site.  N

Samsung has Invented 5G Network Technology!!!

Samsung, a renowned South Korean electronic goods manufacturer, has recently declared the invention of 5G Network Technology ! Certainly this is a major  breakthrough in the network  technology. Samsung also added- this technology will be implemented within few years for the customers.  What is 5G Actually?  The latest available mobile communication technology is 4G - Fourth Generation. And the next possible network technology should be 4.5G. In many countries of the world even 3G technology is still not available. Few countries have adopted 4G Network recently. So why is Samsung working with 5G? Actually this is the world of technology. It's nature is rapidness. Breakthrough is the nature of technology.  In order to transmit a large volume of data, the researchers of Samsung have invented a new technique. Using this technology, someone can send a huge amount of data within seconds! Even a super HD video can be transmitted in a few seconds.   As said