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How to Add a Pop Out Facebook Like Box in Blog or Website?

If you wanna add a Pop-Out Facebook Like Box in your website or blog, first you must have a Facebook Page. If you already have it then it's OK. But if you don't have it, then create a Facebook Page with your FB account.  Many websites or blogs have a Facebook Like box in their pages. But adding a Facebook Like box may consume valuable space. As a result, many people are no longer willing to add it. Pop Out  Facebook Like Box may be the solution of this problem.  I'm gonna share a small script with you. By this script you can easily add pop out like box in your site. Just place the below code in the header of your page. I believe this simple code should work for all.  And if you use this code on blogger then follow the steps below:  First sign in in your blog and hit on the design button from the top right corner. Then choose the layout option. Here you'll find several buttons to add a gadget.  You can choose anyone it doesn't matter.

Cut or Convert Audio & Video Files Using VLC !!

Well, actually this is not very surprising if you're already familiar with this technique. To be honest, I didn't know about it few days ago.  In fact, the conversion and cutting option of VLC is almost hidden. So I can't blame myself as I didn't know about it. Only a few days ago I'd come to know about the process.  In this post I'm gonna show you how to cut or convert a video or audio files using VLC Media Player. To cut a video or audio follow the steps below:  1. Play the audio or video file you wanna convert. 2. Then go to the View menu and choose Advanced Controls. 3. Now you'll find some additional controls at the bottom of the player.  4. Here is a round red button. This button can be used to record the audio or video file. 5. Click on this Record button to start the record and click again to stop the recording. 6. Now find the recorded file in the User > My Videos or Music. If you're running      Wi

How to Create Password Reset Disk?

For your computer security you can set start up password. Whenever you turn on PC, Windows ask you to enter password. Then you enter password and get access to the desktop. And all of us know that it is a normal process.  But, if your forget your password? Then what?  You might think experts can easily break it and have access to the PC! And as you're not expert so enter the DVD in the drive and start installing Windows again. And you lose all of your files and folders that is stored on installation drive.  But you can avoid such type of hazard very easily. I don't advise you to write down your pass in the diary or calender. Because this is not safe. Just spend few minutes to create a password reset disk. It's safe and easy. And there is no risk. Follow the steps below:  First make sure you've connected your USB Flash Drive in the port. You don't need to format the disk. And your files will not be affected.  Then go to the User Accounts from C

Play Guitar with Google Doodle!

Have you ever played guitar? To be honest with all of you, I never played it. And I am not interested to do so. Because I am busy with my computer, internet and blog.  But I often like to play digital guitar! If you frequently visit Google then you may notice that its logo changes time to time. At present it shows Olympic events as doodle. Sometime in 2011, I opened the home page of Google. I surprised at looking its doodle as below. Whenever I move my cursor it sounds just like a guitar.  Click this link to play guitar This doodle was launched in honor of musician and electric guitar pioneer Les Paul, who passed away in 2009. You can play this guitar by mouse and keyboard. Just move your mouse over the doodle and it will make sound. You can also play it by pressing the keys of keyboard. Recording option is also available for you. You can record your performance and get it by a link.  Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!

How to Backup or Restore Blogger Template?

Blogger let you backup your whole blog template. Keeping a backup copy of the template is specially necessary for new bloggers. If you're a new user you may customize your blog by taking helps from others. But if you make any mistake you may lose your customized blog template. In that case you have nothing to do other than restoring the default template.  However if you keep a backup copy of your blog template then you can use it in other blogs too! Even you can share the same template with your friends. Besides if you make significant changes of your template and get it back in a previous stage then you must have a backup copy.  To backup or restore your blogger template follow the steps below:  First make sure you're signed in on your blogger account. Then go to design. Now click on the Template button from the left panel.  Then click on Backup/ Restore button from the top right corner of the screen. To download the template, hit on Download Full Template bu