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Microsoft Office 2019 is Coming Next Year!

Well I believe that this is gonna be a great news for MS Office lovers. Microsoft released Office 2016 around 2.5 years ago. And Office 2019 will be available by November, 2018. So you can celebrate next year. Till then stay with sweet 16! 

Microsoft announced about their next perpetual release of Office At Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. Mr. Jared Spataro, The General Manager for Office, wrote about its next version i.e. Office 2019 in its Official blog on September 26, 2017. This release is scheduled for the second half of 2018.

Apps that will be included  - 
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Skype for Business
  • Servers for Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business

Microsoft hopes that the previews of the new product will be ready to test in the mid of next year. 

New Features!
  • Improved Inking - Pressure sensitivity, Tilt Effects, Ink Replay
  • New Formulas & Charts for Excel
  • New Animation Effects for PowerPoint
  • Server Enhancements
  • Features of Office 365 will be included too!

Hope the next version of Office will be of great use for all. Thank you . . .

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Microsoft Edge can Read Out your Contents!

Microsoft Edge can Talk

Well this feature is available in Adobe Reader since long. But I didn't notice it in a browser until Microsoft has added this feature to its Edge browser. If you're using the latest version of Windows 10 then your Edge browser can talk actually! Yes, it's tested and true! Let's see how . . .

Before you can start your edge browser to read aloud, make sure you're using the latest version of Windows 10. 

Microsoft Edge can read aloud your web contents, E-book and any other PDF files. If you wanna listen to the contents of a web page, then - 
  1. Run Microsoft Edge from your PC.
  2. Now visit a web page i.e.
  3. After loading the page, click right mouse button somewhere and choose Read aloud.
  4. Now your browser will start reading the page word by word and line by line till the end!

Microsoft edge can read out lout your contents

It can read out PDF files and E-books too! 

Not only web page, this newest browser can read your e-book and PDF files too. 
  1. Locate your PDF file or e-book first.
  2. Then right click on it and choose Open with Microsoft Edge.
  3. After opening the document, right click on it and choose Read aloud.
  4. And then enjoy listening! 

When your browser starts reading, you can control it from the toolbar that appears when the reading starts - 
  • You can forward and backward between paragraphs
  • Change the voice (You can choose between 3 voices)
  • Control the speed
  • Pause the reading or cancel it

The pronunciation is almost accurate except some words and shortcuts. 

Do the Same thing in Adobe Reader! 

Adobe reader has also this reading feature. Simply open a PDF file using Adobe reader and then - 
  1. Go to the View Menu
  2. At the bottom choose - Read Out Loud
  3. Select Activate Read Out Loud

Hope you will enjoy listening to your browser . . . 

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Get Back your Old Calculator in Windows 10 !!

Get back to the classic version of Windows Calculator

Well this is not a new issue. Very often Windows kills its beautiful tools or applications when upgrade to a new version. As you've already experienced what happened with Windows Photo Viewer, the same thing is done to the Calculator which was available on Windows 7 and 8. 

But tech lovers know very well that there is always a way. I've found an .exe file of Old Calculator from Winaero. If you download and install this file, you can get your old calculator back in latest version of Windows! 

Why do you need your old calculator back?

The new touch interface enabled calculator is not bad at all. To be honest it looks really cool. But an important feature is missing in this program i.e. Worksheets.

With this option you can calculate - 

  • Mortgage
  • Vehicle Lease
  • Fuel Economy

Windows 7 Calculator Options

Besides if you're in love with classic interface then you can install this program on your PC.

Windows 8 Calculator Options

Without the Worksheets option, the new calculator has almost all features. If you don't need the Worksheets option, then I would like to recommend you not to install the old calculator.


Your default calculator may not function once you've installed the old calculator. Even if you uninstall this, the default calculator may not run. This is what happened to me after I've tried the old one! 

Download > Install > Run . . . 
  1. Download the file named Windows 7 Calculator.exe from the above link. It's less than 1 MB.
  2. Double click on it.
  3. Choose your language i.e. English.
  4. Hit on the install button. Within few seconds you've to press the finish button.
  5. Now it's ready to use. 
  6. Now get your app from start menu or simply type calc on the run (Start+R) dialogue box. That's it. 

What if this old calculator cause malfunction to your new one?

If your Windows 10 calculator doesn't work after installing the old one then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to This PC.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Apps > Apps & Features.
  4. Scroll down and find Calculator.
  5. Tap on Calculator and choose Advanced Options.
  6. Hit on the Reset button and hopefully you will get this back!


The publisher of this application is neither Microsoft nor Windows. This application is available for download from Winaero. And maybe they are the original developer of this look alike application. 

We're simply recommending it to our users as we've found it useful. But Marks PC Solution is not responsible if this application  - 
  • Kills your Windows 10 default calculator
  • Generates any wrong calculation
  • Cause any financial loss
  • Is engaged with any harmful activities

Hope this will help you lot. Stay connected for more breaking tips . . .

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Office 2016 Activator (KMSPico 10.1.5)

Office 2016 Professional Plus

It's been couple of months after the release of final version of Microsoft Office 2016. And maybe you're tired of finding for a working activator for this version. Today I'm gonna share Office 2016 activator with you - no more waiting!!

About the Activator 
  • Name: KMSPico 10.1.5
  • File Size: 3 MB (Approx)
  • File Type: Zipped Folder
  • 100% Neat & Clean - No virus!

Activating Capacity . . .

KMSPico 10.1.5 is successfully leading the KMS world for last few months. If everything is okay, success rate is 100%. This tool has been tested and verified by Marks PC Solution. With this tool, you can activate - 
  • Office 2016, 2013 & 2010
  • Windows 10, 8.1 & 8
Hopefully this version will work for both 32 bit & 64 bit versions of Windows.

Installing Office 2016
  • Collect/ Download Office 2016 Professional Plus from Microsoft or somewhere else.
  • Install it as trial version without any key.
  • Use the following activator . . .

Download > Install > Enjoy . . .
  1. Get the file from Link 1 or Link 2.
  2. The first link includes a .zip file and the second one includes .iso file. You can choose any of them. 
  3. Double click on the file KMSPico 10.1.5 to install the activator.
  4. Then find either KMSPico/ AutoPico from your Start Window and click on it. 
  5. AutoPico will activate your Office in a single click. But if you run KMSPico then you've to hit on the red button. 

KMSPico 10.1.5 Screen

Check the Activation Status

After completing the above steps, you can check your Office Activation status - 
  1. Run MS Word.
  2. Go to the File Menu.
  3. Account > Product Information.
  4. If your product is activated, you will see the message - Product Activated. 

MS Office 2016 Product Activation Status

Note: After activating your product, you can uninstall this KMS!

Dear Users!
  • Inform us whether it works or not
  • Consult with us if you're having any trouble
  • Share this activator with your friends if it works . . .

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No More New Windows in the Future !!

Windows 10 is the Last Version of Windows

Believe it or not, you're gonna face this unbelievable fact. With the reference of Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft employee, BBC has published a report on May 08, 2015 with the heading - Microsoft to stop producing Windows versions. Most of the Windows lovers around the world were shocked after hearing such a news.

Popular Versions of Windows 

Started from November 20, 1985, Microsoft has released more than 20 versions of Windows. But how many could you name if you're asked to make a list? I guess not more than 6 or 7. 

The most popular operating systems released by Microsoft are - 

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7

Many users haven't even touch Windows Vista due to its security bugs and heavy system requirements. After XP, Windows 7 was the most successful one. Windows 8 and 8.1 are still struggling in the market. 

Personally, I like Windows 8 most. But there are some major changes in Windows 8 interface which make the users uncomfortable. Microsoft has upgraded Windows 8 to 8.1 to resolve some issues. But both of them are almost same.

When everyone was expecting Windows 9 to be introduced, Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview. 

Windows 10 - The Last Version of Windows OS

IT Experts are talking a lot about this news. Though Microsoft hasn't declared anything officially, but it is planning to do so. Microsoft is planning to deliver Windows as a service. And time to time, it will bring innovations and updates for the users. 

People are now getting familiar with Windows 8 or 8.1 interface. At this point, again Windows 10 has come with old Start Menu. It has also introduced a mini start screen which looks really odd. Though you can get your Windows 8 Start Screen back.

I don't like some default settings of Windows 10. I've already used the Technical Preview version and now waiting for the Final Version. To be honest, Windows 10 Technical Preview has disappointed me! I think, Windows 8 is smarter than Windows 10.

Windows as a Single Platform

Probably, there will be no naming system like XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Users will simply run an operating system - Windows.

Earlier, Microsoft used to release new version of Windows at a regular interval. To develop a new version, it had to spend a huge amount of money. And the company spent a huge amount of money for the marketing purpose.

Besides, Windows Support has to maintain different support system for different versions of Windows. If there is only one OS, it will be easier for them to concentrate and provide better service to the users. 

Microsoft is now working to finalize the Windows 10. Hopefully, we're getting this last version of Windows at the end of this year . . . 

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Using Curve Tool in MS Word

Shapes Drawn by Curve Tools

Most of you may think that MS Word has no free drawing tool like Photoshop or Illustrator. But you're wrong! Word has also a free drawing tool named curve which you can use just like Photoshop Pencil Tool. With curve tool, you can draw shapes freely. 

Applies to:
  • Word 2007
  • Word 2010
  • Word 2013
Curve Option Image

Where do I find Curve Tool?

In fact, Word doesn't consider curve as a tool. Though it's a drawing tool, Word names it as a shape. You will find the curve in the Shapes. 

Curve Tool Location in Word Ribbon

Insert Tab > Illustration Section > Shapes > Curve Button image . 

How to Use it?

It's very handy to use the curve tool. To use the tool, run MS Word. Then choose curve from the shapes. 
  • After choosing the curve tool, click anywhere of your document to start drawing.
  • Move your mouse to the left, right or top from the starting point. 
  • Click left mouse button where you wanna turn around. 
  • If you would like to stop drawing and keep the shape open, simply click twice.
  • If you wanna keep the shape close, simply click on the starting point. 

How to Edit the Shape?

You can also edit the shape made by curve tool. After drawing the shape, if you think that you need to change the shape a little, you can edit the points of that shape. 

While drawing the shape, you clicked mouse several times. Those clicks are shape points. If you would like to edit the shape points, right click on that shape and choose Edit Points  Button image  option. 

Edit Curve Shape Points

Now you will see the points. Click on the points and adjust them by dragging. 

Designing the Shape

After creating the shape, you can design it like other shapes. You can choose different fill color, outline or give it special effect from the Format tab. 

Curve is also Available for - 

  • Excel: Insert > Illustration > Shapes > Curve
  • PowerPoint: Insert > Shapes > Curve
  • Outlook: Insert > Shapes > Curve

Hope you have understand today's topic properly. If you have any query, please leave a comment . . . 

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Let's Try Windows 10 !!!

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Hello Guys! You should remember, couple of weeks ago I wrote - Windows 9 Preview is on the way. Yes, everything is okay except the name. Microsoft has skipped Windows 9! On 1st October, Windows 10 Technical Preview has been released by Microsoft. And this version of Windows will work with all devices!

I was trying to write about what's new in Windows 10. I also downloaded an ISO copy of Windows 10 from a torrent site. But unfortunately, when I was installing it from my flash drive, the installation stopped at 46%! :(

It's very natural and common problem. Because I couldn't download the file at a time. The download was interrupted several times. And one of the files was missing. 

Windows 10 Technical Preview Serial Key

If you're supposed to enter a serial key, then use the following - 


System Requirements

Hopefully, your PC will work fine with Windows 10. If you're capable of running Windows Vista, 7 or 8 then you will have no problem to use Windows 10. You PC should meet at least the following requirements:
  • Minimum 1 GHz Processor (Dual Core or better)

  • Minimum 2 GB RAM 

  • Minimum 16 GB Free Space on a Partition

Windows 10 for Every Devices

  1. Find your necessary version of Windows and download it from this page. If you're required to sign in, use your hotmail or live account. 
  2. Burn the ISO file to a disk or to a usb flash drive
  3. Back up your necessary files from currently installed Windows directory. 
  4. Now you can start installing Windows.

What's New?

It's difficult to write about new features of Windows without using it. But I'm trying to write something which I've found from different blogs:
  • Traditional Start Menu is back (Live tiles are still available).
  • Modern Apps work in desktop mode.
  • Apps will be snapped like frequently visited pages saved in a browser. 
  • You can create Multipe Desktops as we can see in Android mobile sets.
  • File search is much faster. 

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How to Print Word Document as Booklet?

Folded Booklet Printing in Word

You can print your Word Document as book. In MS Word, the term is known as Book Fold which can be found in the Page Setup dialogue box. If you want a document to be printed as a booklet, you must set up the document at first. Otherwise your document settings may change too much. And this will take a huge time to fix the settings. 

For last few days, I've published several posts on Excel. Now it's time to write something on MS Word. What do you think? :)

Applies to All Versions of MS Word

  • Word XP, 2003
  • Word 2007, 2010, 2013

What does Book Fold Do?

It's a good question to begin the discussion. Suppose you have a document with 4 pages. If you want the printed document to be looked like a book, you can use the booklet option. The Word will print your document as show in the image below:

Booklet Printing Example

And if you print the two pages in both sides of a single paper, it will be like a book! What if you have 8 pages? Then it will be printed as below:

Booklet Print Output for 8 Pages

That means the last page of the document will be printed with the first one. Then the second page and the second last page will be printed together. Thus the series will continue. Even page will be printed on the left side and the odd page will be printed on the right. 

In a 8-page document, you have to use 2 papers only. Page 8, 1 and 2, 7 should be printed on the both sides of a single paper. Then page 6, 3 and 4, 5 will be printed on another paper. The second paper should be folded in the first paper if you want the document as book. 

The concept of booklet is little bit tough if you have no practical experience. So, I suggest you to try it directly if you have a printer. :)

How to Use Book Fold? 

If you use Book Fold after completing your document, you may suffer a lot. Because it will change your text or graphics position. So, if you have any intention to print the document as book, your should set your document as Book Fold when you set up the page. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open a document or create a new one
  2. Go to the Page Setup option from Page Layout Tab (In Office XP, 2003: File > Page Layout
  3. Margins > Pages > Multiple Pages > Choose Book Fold
  4. Sheets per Booklet > Choose All
  5. Hit OK to exit. Done!  

How to Print Booklet?

You must know the right way to print a booklet properly. If your printer supports automatic both side printing, the task will be much easier for you. But if it doesn't, then you have to print both sides manually. 

Go to the Print options > Print on Both Sides (Flip on Short Edge)/ Manually Print Both Sides > Landscape Orientation > Hit OK

If you have any confusion, please leave a comment . . . :)

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Divide Excel Worksheet into Pages!!

Excel Page Layout View

If you're using Excel 2010/ 2013, you can divide your worksheet into individual pages. This exciting feature was unthinkable even on Excel 2003. At first, Microsoft introduced this Page Layout feature in Excel 2007. And it's available in Excel 2010 and 2013 too. 

Almost all of you are familiar with the Print Layout view of Microsoft Word. Excel Page Layout view does the same job here. If you enable Page Layout view in a worksheet, you can easily understand your print area with header and footer. And it also makes your printing task easier

Excel 2013 Page Layout View

Applies to:
  • Excel 2007
  • Excel 2010
  • Excel 2013

Advantages of Page Layout

  • You can view how your printed document will look
  • Check where your page begins and ends
  • View headers and footers of the page
  • Print the worksheet page by page

How to Enable Page Layout View

You can enable page layout view as below:
  1. Open any worksheet or create a new one
  2. Go to the View Tab > Workbook Views > Page Layout 

Page Layout Option in View Menu

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts:

Press Alt Key > Then type WP 

If you would like to back to the Normal View then:

Press Alt Key > Then type WL 

You can also enable Page Layout view from Status Bar. I think it's the most handy option. Follow the image below:

Excel 2013 Page Layout Icon

The selected icon in the middle is Page Layout icon. The left one is for Normal View. And the right one is for Page Break Preview. 

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How to Print Headings on Every Page in Excel?

Repeat Column Headings on Every Page

Sometimes you may need to print same column headers on every page in Microsoft Excel. And to do so, you don't need to manually copy the headers on every page. You can simply set a command from page setup option to print column headers on every page automatically! 

In my previous post, I discussed about how to lock or freeze column headers. By freezing rows or columns, you can just show headers at the time of scrolling. But they will be printed on the first page only.  In this tutorial, you will learn - how to print same column headers on every page automatically .  .  .

Applies to:
  • MS Excel 2000/ XP
  • MS Excel 2007/ 2010/ 2013
Note: This tutorial has been prepared using Excel 2013. So, few options may differ slightly.

Let's start - 
  1. Open a previously saved worksheet or create a new one in MS Excel.
  2. Go to the Page Setup option from Page Layout Tab (Office XP/ 2000 users should find it under Edit Menu).
  3. Go to the Sheet tab from Page Setup.
  4. Look at the Print titles option: Rows to repeat and Columns to repeat.
  5. To repeat the headers at the top, click on the first one. Or click on the second one to repeat the columns.
  6. After clicking the box, select the area of your sheet which needs to be repeated. Follow the image below.
  7. Hit OK to close the Page Setup. Done! Now check by printing or look at the print preview. 

Repeat Headers in Every Page

Here I showed the process for rows only. You can also choose columns to repeat by the same way. And I've also uploaded a same sheet for you. Download the sheet from the link below:

Open the above sheet. You will find a worksheet named Rows to Repeat. I've set top 3 rows to be repeated on every page. You can directly check it by printing this two-page worksheet. Or simply check it in Print Preview. 

Hopefully, today's topic will be helpful for your study or office work . . . :)

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How to Lock Rows/ Columns in Excel?

When you are preparing a large statement or table in Excel, the column headings at the top usually disappear when you scroll down. And this is really troublesome when you need to input data under several headings. Couple of months ago, I faced the same problem. And just 2 days ago, one of my relatives questioned me how to create static/ fixed column header in Microsoft Excel. 

Then I explored the topic and found the solution from Excel help and Microsoft Support Page. So, in this post, you are getting another important excel tutorial - How to Lock/ Fix/ Freeze Rows or Columns in excel while scrolling throughout the worksheet.

Lock/ Fix/ Freeze Rows or Columns

In Excel, the term is known as Freeze Panes. With this option, you can freeze a row or column that you want visible even when scrolling down or right. 

Suppose, you preparing a salary sheet that contains hundreds of rows. And you can view only 25/30 rows in a view. When you scroll down, the column headings will disappear. If you want the first row (that contains headings) visible, you have to use the Freeze Panes option. 

If you're using Office 2000/ XP/ 2003, you will get the freeze panes option under Window menu. 

  1. Simply open a worksheet
  2. Choose the row you wanna freeze
  3. Then go to the Window menu
  4. Hit on the Freeze Panes option - Done! 
If you want to unlock the row, follow the steps again, and this time you will get unfreeze option. 

For Office 2007/ 2010/ 2013

Here you will get the freeze panes option under View tab in Window section. And you can also freeze both top row and left column! 

Excel 2010 Freeze Panes under View Menu

  1. Open a previously saved worksheet or create a new one.
  2. Input your necessary data.
  3. Go to the View Tab.
  4. Find the Window section at the right and locate Freeze Panes
  5. Hit on the down arrow, you will get 3 options - Freeze Panes, Freeze First Column, Freeze Tip Row.
  6. Freeze Panes - Used for locking multiple rows. And the next two are used either to lock  only the first column or first row.
  7. If you want to unlock the locked row or column, you have to unfreeze it by following the same steps. 

Note: Suppose you wanna freeze first 3 rows. Then you have to click on the 4th row. Now go to the Freeze Panes option in view menu and use Freeze Panes. 

I've also uploaded a sample sheet which you can download from the above link. Download and open the above sample sheet. It contains the example of freezed panes. 

In the first sheet, I've freezed a single row. In the second sheet, I've freezed multiple rows. There you will see, first three rows are freezed. To do it, you have to put your cursor in the 4th row, then you have to choose Freeze Panes

Hope this will be helpful for you. In my next post, I'm gonna discuss about - how to print the headings in every page

Reference: Freeze or Lock Rows and Columns

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