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Working with Photoshop Pattern Maker

Pattern maker is really a smart tool to create pattern from an image or drawing. In this post, I'm gonna tell you about Photoshop Pattern Maker. After completing this lesson, you will be able to create beautiful and eye-catching patterns from simple drawing or image! Creating Patterns from Image You can create pattern from any image. I'm gonna show you an illustration -  I will use the above image to create a pattern. I'm gonna open this image through Photoshop CS6.  Filter > Pattern Maker . . . Now look at the image below -  As soon as you choose Pattern Maker, you will get this window. Look at the area I've selected as my pattern area.  You can choose any area to create a pattern.  Select your area > Hit on the Generate button > You will get a patter > Hit Generate again to create a different pattern > You will be able to create 20 different patterns. You can also change the values of the options as m

Add your Signature to Gmail Messages

Many of you might be familiar with the Auto Signature feature of Gmail. But you need to add this manually and it requires to be turned on by the user himself. Let's see how to add this . . .  About Gmail Signature When we write a letter to someone, we normally sign at the end of that letter. In case of email messages, signing is not that important.  But in case of official email messages, we usually mention our name, designation and organization.  But you don't need to do this manually every time. If you type few words (what may be included as signature) in the signature option and enable it, Gmail will do the rest automatically. Add your Signature Sign in to your Gmail ID. Hit on the Settings Gear    from the top right corner and choose Settings . Now make sure you're in the General tab. There are lots of options under General. Scroll down and find the option - Signature . By default,  No Signature option might be selected. You've to

Hide Spelling & Grammar Errors in MS Word

When we type something wrong (typo) in MS Word, either in terms of grammar or spelling, the Spelling & Grammar Checker automatically detects the errors. And then we see a red underline for spelling error and blue underline for grammar error. And that's pretty useful and essential for preparing a correct document. But sometimes, this automatic error detection marks may cause your headache. Maybe you're preparing something which is correct but not supported by traditional spelling and grammar rules. In that time, those error marks (red and blue underlines) look odd. Let's hide them!  Applies to: Office 2007 Office 2010 Office 2013 Office 2016 Hide Spelling & Grammar Errors . . . Open up an MS Word document from your PC. Hit on the    File   button from upper left corner & select Options. Now choose Proofing option from the left pane. Scroll down to the bottom and find the Exceptions for section. If you wanna hide

How to Identify a Font Name from Image?

Sometimes you may like a font which appears on a website or somewhere else as an image. And it would be very difficult for you to detect that font. And if that font is not installed on your system, then it will be more difficult. So, in this post I'm gonna share a website that identifies font name - Background Story You know the title font of is Monotype Corsiva. When I visit this site using my Android Phone, I see a different title font. Look at the image below -  The title font in the above image is not one that I used as a title font for my site. But it looks cool! That's why I tried to know the name of this font. I tried most of the fonts using MS Word to match it. But this font was not installed on my system.  Later I took help from What Font is . About What Font is There are thousands of sites across the web which may help you identify the name of a font. But not all of them are good eno

Office 2016 Activator (KMSPico 10.1.5)

It's been couple of months after the release of final version of Microsoft Office 2016. And maybe you're tired of finding for a working activator for this version. Today I'm gonna share Office 2016 activator with you - no more waiting!! About the Activator   Name: KMSPico 10.1.5 File Size: 3 MB (Approx) File Type: Zipped Folder 100% Neat & Clean - No virus! Activating Capacity . . . KMSPico 10.1.5 is successfully leading the KMS world for last few months. If everything is okay, success rate is 100%. This tool has been tested and verified by Marks PC Solution. With this tool, you can activate -  Office 2016, 2013 & 2010 Windows 10, 8.1 & 8 Hopefully this version will work for both 32 bit & 64 bit versions of Windows. Installing Office 2016 Collect/ Download Office 2016 Professional Plus from Microsoft or somewhere else. Install it as trial version without any key. Use the followin

Shake your Phone to Capture Screen!!!

Well I think not many Android users are familiar with this exciting feature. And I'm not talking about any third party app. Actually shake screenshot feature was not available in the previous versions of Android. It's really a comfortable way to capture your screen on the go! Very often we need screenshot to save or share something. Sometimes you may need to save a conversation window as an evidence. And most of the time I need to capture my phone screen to make tutorial. Whatever it is, screenshot is essential for us.  Traditional System Traditionally, you can capture your phone screen with the help of power button.  Long Press the Power Button > A new Window appears > Choose Screen Capture . To capture a particular area, choose Partial Screenshot > Select your desired area > Save. Limitations Requires at least few seconds to capture the screen. And sometimes you may not have that much time. If you're thinking about c

Highway Rider APK Free Download!!!

In my last post, I shared the APK of Temple Run. In this post, I'm gonna share another popular game - Highway Rider!! It will be really difficult to find someone who uses an Android phone but never played Highway Rider.  About the Game Name: Highway Rider 100% Free Version Game Type: Racing File Type: APK File Size: 41.2 MB Presented by: Battery Acid Games, Inc. System Requirements Hopefully this game is compatible with almost all running versions of Android Operating System. And it's been tested on Android 5.0 lollipop too! So you will face no problem running it on your Android Phone.  Download the Game . . . Download the game from here . It's directly usable if you download via phone. If you download through a PC, then copy the APK file to your phone storage. Install & Play the Game . . . Locate the Highway Rider APK file in your File Manager. Press on that file.  Hit on the Install button. Wait

Temple Run Oz Free Download!!!

Today I'm gonna share Temple Run Oz (Apk File) for Android users without any charge! It's been a popular game since the beginning of the Android OS. And I also play this game very often.  About the Game Name: Temple Run Oz Version: 1.2 (100% Free) File Type: APK File Size: 26 MB (Approx) Presented by: Disney Mobile & Imangi Studios System Requirements Hopefully this game will work fine with all running versions of Android OS. And I've successfully played this game on Android 5.0 Lollipop .  Most of the smartphone users are familiar with traditional temple run game. But Temple Run Oz is really amazing. In terms of graphics and features, it's much better than Temple Run 2.  I don't know how many levels are there. But I've been able to reach level 17 so far. And there are lots of options like coins, new areas, points which can't be expressed in this blog post unless you play. 

Test your Site on Safe Browsing Site Status

Couple of days ago, I noticed a sudden fall in my site's traffic. It was not clear why Marks PC is experiencing a decreasing traffic. Later I discovered a harmful content in my site. That's why Google Chrome was stopping visitors to enter my site. Then I fixed the issue with the  help of Google Safe Browsing and Webmaster Tools. In this post, I'm gonna share my experience with you . . . About Safe Browsing Site Status Safe browsing site status is a part of Google Transparency Report. Everyday it collects and examines billions of URLs to find out harmful contents on those websites. If a site is safe to surf then it's okay.  But if harmful contents are found, Google enlists the sites in blacklist. And Chrome browser shows warnings to the visitors.  Check your Site You can check any site on Safe Browsing Site Status. It maybe your own site or any other site you visit often. So,  what are you waiting for? Let's check a site o