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IDM Activator Free Download !!

Today I'm gonna share an activator for IDM. And it will relieve you from the pain of Fake Serial Number message! I know you're tired of finding the cracked version of IDM. And most of the cracked versions of IDM are fake. Or they don't work properly. With this activator, you don't need to enter any serial number or use any patch to activate your IDM. You just need to install a clean version of IDM and activates it with this tool as stated below.  Couple of days ago, I shared IDM 6.23 Build 12 with you. I also shared a patcher for it. But after few days, I got Fake Serial Number message. That's why I'm sharing this tool . I believe it will not create any sort of problem.  About the Tool File Name: IDM Activator Type: Executable File (Zipped) Size: 3.07 MB Released by: Instruction Remove old version of IDM from your PC (if any). Download IDM 6.23 Build 12 from here . Complete the installation no

IDM 6.23 Build 12 (Full Version with Patch)!!!

Looking for a trusted version of IDM 6.23? Today I'm gonna share IDM 6.23 build 12. I am also sharing a patcher by which you can easily activate your IDM. And I think this will never bother you.  Earlier I've shared IDM 6.21 as a portable version. This version was quite popular. But it had some issues with browser integration. That's why, I've decided to provide you an executable file this time.  About the Uploaded Version Name: IDM 6.23 Build 12 Release Date: May 21, 2015 File Size: 5.91 MB File Type: Executable Condition: Zipped Folder Publisher: Tonec Inc. System Requirements IDM 6.23 build 12 is the latest version of IDM released so far. It works with any running version of Windows. To get the best result, make sure your web browser is up to date. There is no special system requirement. Download & Install . . . Download IDM 6.23 build 12 from here . It's a zip folder. Now unzip the folder and doub

Microsoft Band - Not just a fashion . . .

Everything is getting smart. From Cell Phone to Wrist Watch, nothing goes unsmart. Due to the growing demand of the consumers, we notice extreme competition among the manufacturers.  Even software giant Microsoft is now producing more electronic goods.  Recently they've released a new device called Microsoft Band. It's the first device powered by Microsoft Health. The involvement of Microsoft with health products is quite admiring.  Though the device has been named as Microsoft Band, I like to call it Smart Band! Yeah, it's really smart! At one end, it eases your communication. On another end, it tracks your important physical data.  Microsoft Band is an Innovation Microsoft band is first of this type device. Other tech firms including Apple and Samsung have introduced Smartwatch so far. But Microsoft Band is far more useful. And I think it's superior.  What you can do with this? Live Healthier: 24-hour heart rate tracking, Sleep tracking, GPS ru

Use Bing as Calculator, Converter, Clock, Dictionary . . .

As a Search Engine, Bing is next to Google. And it's now concerned to increase the market share. Search engine Bing are now offering special features to the users. In this post, I'm gonna talk about different uses of Bing.  Bing can be used for multiple purposes. But I would like to concentrate on 4 amazing features of Bing. You can use Bing as -  Calculator - Perform basic and some scientific calculations. Unit Converter - Perform unit conversions. Clock - Check the time of different cities with date. Dictionary - Look up the word meaning. Note: One or more of the above features may require Internet Explorer to function. Some of these features may not be available in some countries.  Recommendation I would like to recommend you to use Internet Explorer when you're trying to use these features. And make sure you're on . Let's go -  Bing as Calculator Go to Bing Type -  Calculator and hit Enter

AdSense Achievement Cards . . .

Two years back from now, I've been regular with Google AdSense. Before that, I applied for AdSense many times, got my account approved many times, also got banned many times. But I never give up. Now I've been regular with AdSense for last 2 years.  When I signed in to my AdSense Home this morning, I discovered a new message which I never get before. Later I've come to know, it's called AdSense Achievement Card. Have a look at my achievement -  I almost forget when I've started working with AdSense Ads. I could hardly remember the date. But AdSense reminds me, today is the starting of my AdSense - June 03. The message tells -  AdSense Achievement 2 Years Happy Anniversary! As of today,  you've been with AdSense for 2 years. Learn more AdSense Achievement Cards By this time, you might be interested to know, what the achievement card is. Or what is the card for. To be honest, I'm also not familiar with this card at all.