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The Easiest Way to Create Table in Adobe Illustrator (All Versions)

Creating Table in Adobe Illustrator
I'm not an expert either in Photoshop or Illustrator. Well, I've mid level skill in Photoshop. But in Illustrator, I'm simply a beginner. Even I don't have a basic skill in Adobe Illustrator. Few days ago, I faced a serious problem while creating a table in Illustrator. I searched for a long time but failed to find the proper option to create a table. 
Today just few hours ago I searched the topic on Google - How to Create a Table in Adobe Illustrator? Many results appear as usual. I chose one from them and learned how to create table in Illustrator. 
In this post, I'm gonna share with you what I've learned just now! Yes, here you get the easiest way to create table in Adobe Illustrator step by step with helpful images! Definitely this will help the beginners of Illustrator. This post is not for the experts. ;) 
And this method works with all versions of Illustrator. I mean the procedure is same for all versions. Let's begin - 
Step 1: Run Adobe Illustrator and Open a New Document by pressing Ctrl + N. Choose any paper size you wish. It doesn't matter. 
Step 2: Now you have to draw a Rectangle. Look at the image below to know where the rectangle tool is located. In Adobe Illustrator CS6, the Keyboard Shortcut for Rectangle Tool is M. You can also press M to enable Rectangle Tool and then draw the size of your table. 
Rectangle Tool Location in Adobe Illustrator
Step 3: Now you have to split the newly created rectangle. But before that make sure the black color is selected in the Color window. Also make sure the rectangle is selected. Now go to Object menu > Path > Split into Grid... . Take help of the image below if necessary. 
Object > Path > Split into Grid...
Step 4: Now you get a new Window named Split into Grid. Type the number of Rows and Columns in the box and then hit OK. 
Split into Grid Menu in Illustrator
Wait a minute before hitting OK! There are some other options you need to know. Look at the Height, Width and Gutter. By changing the values of these options, you can increase or decrease the spacing between rows and columns. Select the Preview option to check what happens when you change the values. :) 
When you're done, you will get a table like the image below: 
5 Columns 5 Rows Table in Adobe Illustrator
Tips: After creating the table if you hit on the blank area of the document, it might be disappeared! This is occurred when no color is selected. But table is still on the document. You can guess the area of your table and select it with the Direct Selection Tool (Keyboard Shortcut A). Then find the Color window and choose black or any other color. 
Advice: You can easily avoid the disappearance problem! Before drawing the rectangle, make sure the color (any color) is selected in the Color window. If no color is selected, you should choose a color from there. 
Keyboard Shortcuts used in this Tutorial: (Tested in CS6)
  • New Document: Ctrl + N
  • Rectangle Tool: M
  • Object Menu: Alt + O
  • Direct Selection Tool: A
  • Color Window: F6
  • Hand Tool: Space/ H

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Windows 8.1 Preview is Ready to Download !!

Windows 8.1 Preview is Ready to Download!

Windows 8 Developer Preview was released at the end of 2011. Couple of months later, Microsoft released the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8. Couple of weeks ago, another trial version was released- Release Preview. And we got the final version of Windows 8 just few months ago. Windows 8 has brought a revolutionary change for the users. It includes many exclusive features which were not available earlier! 

Microsoft expected that Windows 8 will be able to attract the existing as well as new customers. But even with so many exceptional features, Windows 8 was not so popular in the market. Many new users of Windows 8 was puzzled while using it. New Start Screen, disappearance of Computer icon from the desktop, absence of .Net Framework 3.5 were some of the prime reasons behind this failure. Still Microsoft is trying to make the new Windows popular. And Windows 8.1 is a part of such initiative! 

I'm using Windows 8 since 2011, just after the release of Developer Preview version. And I've used all versions of Windows 8 so far including Consumer Preview, Release Preview and definitely the final version too. Now waiting for the preview version of Windows 8.1. Hopefully I'm getting this within a short time. But I can't wait to write something on Windows 8.1! :) 

After the releasing the final version of Windows 8, some were talking about Windows 9. Some told the next version will be Windows Blue. But when Windows 8 failed to capture the market, Microsoft started thinking about how to make it popular. Because in 2006, they experienced a major problem with Windows Vista. That was the worst OS ever released by Microsoft. Definitely Windows 8 is much better than 7 or XP. But as the users have failed to cope up with the new OS, it has been a serious issue to think about. 

Windows 8.1 Store with New Features!

Windows 8.1 Preview

A free update to Windows 8 is coming at the end of this year called Windows 8.1. And before making it available for the users, Windows 8.1 Preview has been released including new apps and services! 

No special requirement is necessary for the preview version. If your PC is capable of running Windows 7 or 8, the 8.1 will also run. 

Remember, Some tablets and PC with newer 32-bit atom processor may not support Windows 8.1 Preview! View Details . . . 

What's New?

Microsoft haven't mentioned anything directly about what's new in the new release. But they released a product guide for the users- Windows 8.1 Preview Product Guide

Internet Explorer 11 is available in the Preview Version! 

Who should Try the Windows 8.1 Preview? 

Preview is available for everyone. But as this is simply a trial version, there might be some difficulties of using it. So before trying it, make sure you: 

  • Like to work with new software
  • Enjoy experimenting new technology
  • Feel comfortable to troubleshoot your PC
  • Don't mind to update your system as well as apps frequently
  • Can back up your system or restore your previous OS in case of any mishap
  • Are ready to face difficulties like me! :) 

Installation Procedures

There are two ways to install Windows 8.1 Preview:

Product/ Serial Key

Product Key is not necessary if you upgrade your current Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Preview. But if you install a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 through ISO file, then you may need to use the following product key: 


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Working with New HTML Template Editor of Blogger!

New HTML Template Editor for Blogger

If you're using a blogger blog, then you should notice some major changes in its HTML editor. Google made those changes couple of months ago. You will see the code is colored, folded and very much structured. You will also notice some new buttons which were not available earlier. What are the uses and benefits of these buttons? Read more to know . . .

Only a few days ago, I published a post on Blogger vs. WordPress. In that post I said - WordPress is matured, but there is a continuous improvement on Blogger. And the new HTML template editor of blogger is a part of that improvement! Today I will discuss about how to work with the new html editor. 

I was very much angry after such a change in the template editor. Because several times I was puzzled by the new options and interface. But as soon as I got familiar with the new editor, I really like it. If you're familiar with all the new options I think you will also like it. 

Okay let's start. Sign in to your blogger. Go to the design or dashboard. Then hit on the Template tab from the left pane. Now click on Edit HTML button. Your template will be appeared as the image below:   

Image of New HTML Template Editor of Blogger

Now closely look at the above image. This is the new look of the HTML Template Editor. I am gonna talk about each part of the new editor: 

  • Line Number: Each line of the template are numbered. When editing the template, if you made any error then error message will be shown as - error on ### line. Thus you will know exactly where you made mistake. 
  • Folded Code: You may face problem due to the folded code. In the above image, look at the line number 1078. After 1078 there is line number 2033! More than thousand lines are hidden. Clicking on the folder marker ' ' you can show those hidden lines. 
  • Jump to Widget: This button is really helpful for navigating through the template. If you click on the down arrow, you will see the parts of your template. You can go to any part by a single click. For example- Blog 1, HTML 1, HTML 2 etc. 
  • Format Template: Don't be confused. It will not delete your template! When you format your flash drive then all data are erased. But here format means formatting the template. If you hit on the Format button, the indentation of your template will be corrected automatically. 
  • Revert Changes: If you hit on this button, the unsaved changes will be removed automatically. Suppose you made some random changes in your template. But before saving it, you can't remember whether everything is correct or not, in that case you can hit this button to cancel the changes you made. 
  • Search Box: As more than thousand lines of your template are folded, you can't find your desired part of the code by using the browser's search box. That's the new editor gives you a new search box. To activate the search box you have to click on any part of the editor. Then Press Ctrl + F to enable search. Press Shift + Ctrl + F to find and replace. Press Shift + Ctrl + R to replace all. 

Old options are also available along with these new buttons. You can preview your template by hitting on Preview Template button before saving it. Or if you would like to back to the default settings of the widget then click on the Revert Widget Templates to Default button. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Change & Optimize the Blog Title, Description & URL in Blogger

Blog Title, Description and URL perfect example

While creating a blog in blogger, you have to name your site and enter the URL. But choosing an appropriate name for the site with perfect URL is not a very easy task. You should think and research about what will be the Title, Description and URL of the site. Because they have a great impact on search results.

Let’s Analyse a Case

Here I’d like to share my personal experience. When I created Marks PC Solution 4 years ago, I was simply a novice in blogging. In that time I didn’t think much about the URL. I used as my URL. 
But it doesn’t match with the blog title. The URL should be well-matched with the title. If the URL and title are related, then your site will be easily on the first page of the search result.

If you search Marks PC Solution on Google, it will be the number 1 in the search result. Thousands of links across the web have helped my site to be first in the search result.
But if my site URL were something like that- or, then it will be the number 1 even without so many backlinks.
If the blog title and URL are similar, then it is easier for that site to be appeared on the first page when searched by its title!

Choosing a Better Title

Certainly choosing the appropriate title is crucial for any site. Blog title should be matched with the contents. Let’s see the title of my site:

Marks PC Solution

There are many sites which include the words PC Solution. But only 2 or 3 sites may have the word Mark of Marks with PC Solution. The word- Marks makes the title unique. And when you search Marks PC Solution on Bing or Google, my site will be the top in the search page.

Considering all these things, when naming the site, you should keep in mind: 

  • Naming a site is just like naming a baby, or naming a movie. It should carry a meaning.
  • Never pick a name that doesn't represent the site’s contents.
  • Blog title shouldn't be very common. Pick a unique name if possible. 
  • It shouldn't be very long. Keep it less than 20 characters. 
  • The title should be easy to spell, pronounce and remember.

Proper Description

The description is what the visitors see just below the title. It is not much important for search engines rather it is important for the readers. Because the search description describes your site. It tells the visitors what the site is about.
But the search description is different. Read more . . .

For example: The search description of Marks PC Solution is as below:

Your Ultimate Choice for Computer, Internet, Blogging, SEO & PC Troubleshooting Tips!

If you closely analyse this description, you will realize none of the posts of this site is out of this description. In that sense, we can say, our description is perfectly matched with the site’s contents.

Consider the following issues while choosing a description for your site:

  • Description should meaningful and easy to remember
  • Keep it relevant to the contents/ blog posts
  • Keep it short but complete (Less than 100 characters) 
  • Never mention needless words there!

Choosing Appropriate URL

This is definitely an important part of SEO. A good URL can bring success in search results.

Remember, an established site’s URL doesn’t need to be changed even it is not matched with the title. If you change the URL, it will degrade your SEO position. And you may have thousands of links on the web. Those links will be wasted. Though you can redirect your site to the new URL somehow.
But definitely you’re gonna lose the links you’ve shared on social sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc.

When choosing the URL of your site you should keep in mind:

  • URL should be as short as possible so that users can type it quickly.
  • The more the URL is related to the title, the more benefit you will get from the search engines. 
  • URL should be easy to remember. 
  • Choose an URL which has a meaning. But never try to make it similar to the URLs of other sites. Better keep it unique. For example- You will never find an URL that includes the word munnamark. This is unique!

Changing Title, Description and URL

Before changing the Blog Title, Description and URL, be careful about the negative effects of these changes. I suggest you to read the whole article again to know more about naming and describing the site.

Okay let’s start. Sign in to your blogger dashboard.
  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Now click on the Basic button and look at the image below.
  3. Title, Description and Blog Address are marked. And at the right of each item you will see an Edit button. 
  4. To change the Title, click on the Edit button. Then choose a different name. By the same way you can change the description. 
  5. Now go to the Blog Address. Hit on the edit button. Change the word and check whether it’s available. If your desired URL is available then save it. (This may require time for the search engines to index your new URL)

How to Change Blog Title, Description and URL

Advice: Never try to change the name and URL of your site unless it is essential. Never try to change it just to play. Because your social sharing links, other backlinks and search index will be infected for sure! 

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blogger vs. WordPress: Suitability Test

Which one is better between Blogger and WordPress?

WordPress and Blogger are two giant platforms of blogging. The first one is famous for its numerous plugins, sufficient tutorials and lots of supports from communities with professional image. And the other is well known for being associated with search giant Google, easy and nice operation system with continuous improvements.

But there are some questions that need to be answered before choosing the right one for you: 
  • Which one is easy to operate? 
  • Which one is more professional? 
  • Which one is more popular? 
  • Which one is superior?
  • Which one could be better in the future?

In this post I will try to answer these questions. After getting the answers, you will be able to decide- which one is right for you!

Okay let’s start. Don’t skip any point. I’m expecting your concentration. J

Easy Operation

WordPress is somewhat complicated. But blogger is very easy. Even a new guy in blogging can operate blogger dashboard easily. As the WordPress contains more features, naturally you have to handle more complexities.
The interface of blogger is nice and updated. You can easily rearrange the layout of your site. But in WordPress, it is somewhat confusing.

To be a master in WordPress, a few months of exercise is required. But you should be fine with the Blogger within few weeks!

So the choice should be Blogger.

Professional Aspects:

To be a professional blogger, WordPress is a better choice. But it doesn’t mean that Blogger will make you unprofessional. To be honest, giant blogs are powered by WordPress. And it is called the best CMS. As it has lots of templates, plugins, and gadgets available throughout the web, WordPress is the professionals’ choice. It is a matured platform.

But the blogger is still being improved. It doesn't have much support as WordPress.

Here the choice should be WordPress.


In case of popularity, it is very difficult to draw a conclusion. Most of the reputed blogs are based on WordPress. But most of the newly opened sites are powered by blogger. It is because earlier the blogger was very back dated. But within last two years, significant changes were made in the control panel of blogger. And some beautiful templates are also added there. These changes together have made blogger easier and better.

So, WordPress is still popular among experts. But new guys love Blogger.


The Strengths of WordPress are:

  • Strong WordPress communities
  • Experts’ choice
  • Thousands of tools, templates, plugins across the web
  • SEO friendly- Better than Blogger
  • Sufficient tutorials are available
  • More flexible
  • WordPress has offline version too! You can download and develop your site offline!
  • Exciting features and capabilities to give your site a better look

The Strengths of Blogger are:

  • Powered by Google (May have positive impacts in search results)
  • Continuous improvements
  • Simple user interface- makes it easier
  • Customizable
  • Easily approved by AdSense (Purchased domains are preferred)
  • Fully modifiable even without custom domain – Not available in WordPress
  • Other exclusive features – Not available in WordPress.

The main power of WordPress is that- it has numerous plugins with more flexibility. But blogger doesn’t have such superb level gadgets. And Blogger doesn't as customizable as WordPress. So, most of the experts are not interested in blogger. Google develops it by itself. 

But WordPress developers have a chance to download it and develop their sites offline.

Here, the choice is WordPress.


As the future is always uncertain, nothing can be said directly. It’s almighty Allah who knows what’s gonna happen and what’s not. But let me predict something:
WordPress is very strong from a long time ago. And the best bloggers of the world are working with it. The best developers are using it. The most beautiful and effective websites are hosted by WordPress. So you can easily guess the WordPress will lead the blogging world at least for 5 years.

In contrast, Blogger (previously known as BlogSpot) is purchased by Google. It has been taken over by Google (though the domain is still We didn’t notice much improvement within few years of purchase. But if you look at the last two years, you should notice the following improvements:

  • Superb Control Panel (Design or Dashboard whatever you say)
  • Beautiful default templates with customizable interface
  • Third party templates are also available. And you’re allowed to design your own template too.
  • Increasing number of useful gadgets and widgets
  • Nice Stat tab to check page views, traffics, visitor locations etc.
  • Fully integrated with AdSense
  • Many improvements in settings tab
  • Google+ Comment Box

Simply, Google is trying to make Blogger more popular! What do you want more? Definitely you will notice much more improvements on Blogger within next two years!

Here, my choice is Blogger.

Final Analysis

Finally, I would like to say, Marks PC Solution is powered by Blogger. And I’m enjoying it a lot. New features are coming and I’m testing them in my site. And you know most of the guys start blogging with the Blogger. Later many of them move their sites in WordPress. Somehow they are convinced that WordPress is essential for the success! But I don’t think so. Many Blogger blogs are also competing with WordPress blogs equally. You just need to know how to do it.

The Decision is yours . . .

I’ve tried to present all the facts about Blogger and WordPress. Now decide yourself. Which one you like or which one is suitable for you. Even you can use both of them at the same time if your time allows it. You don’t need to think too much about WordPress or Blogger. Create a site wherever you like. And concentrate on it properly. You will be successful.

Tips: You can export your blogger blog to WordPress. And a WordPress site can also be imported into Blogger!  

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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Story Behind Marks PC Solution

The History of Marks PC Solution

Dear visitors! In this post you're not getting any tips! Today I would like to tell you the little story behind the establishment of Marks PC SolutionThough this is not a tips, but you must read and take some lessons from this post. Read it properly with patience.


I got admitted at Dhaka City College to study BBA in the year of 2008. In that time I didn't familiar with the use of internet. But I was very interested about Computer since 2005. I used to discuss computer related issues with my classmates. One of them was Adnan Shameem. He had a nice forum named Amarnotes (Lost due to the error in server). He often told me to visit his site. But I didn't have net connection. And even I didn't have a personal computer!

One day I went to a Cybercafe with Adnan. He helped me to open an email account: I could never imagine one day this email might be associated with hundreds of online accounts!

When I was at the second semester, I informed my parents- Computer is essential to complete the assignments. Just after a few days, I got a new PC costing $ 500. After getting the PC, my skills were improving at an amazing speed!  (Now I’m passing a hard time with that PC. Either it needs to be repaired or changed! J

And at the beginning of the 3rd semester, my course teacher (Ms. Sayeda Ferdous Lusanta), Principles of Marketing, declared that- Everyone must have net connection to complete my assignments. What a declaration! And I got a chance to demand a net connection in the parliament.

Within a week, I got a net connection. It was Citycell Zoom. Later I upgraded this to Zoom Ultra. Now this connection should also be upgraded. And no other suitable substitutes are available in my area.

After getting the net connection, I was busy to learn necessary online applications. I learned many things about Internet and computer using the net. I discovered many tips and shared these with others.

Here I’d like to thank Adnan again. He told me- Open a blog and share these tips. But initially I was not interested. I thought- is it necessary at all?

Beginning of the Blog:

Then after a few days I opened a blog in bloggerI named my site as Marks PC Solution. The URL is- munnamark.blogspot.comThat's the starting. 

After that I also opened an account in WordPress by the same name- Marks PC Solution and URL is munnamark.wordpress.comBut I didn't continue that site as premium membership is required to edit the template manually. But you can still access my WordPress site.

Marks PC Solution was created in 2009. Only 9 posts were written in Bengali. In that time I was not so interested to keep it active. And I didn't even visit this site in the next year I mean in 2010. I almost forget that I've a site on blogger!

Development of the Site:

At the end of 2011, I had an offer. It was a free course on Online Earning. It was a 2-day training conducted by BIDD (Bangladesh Institute of Design & Development). The training venue was also very attractive- Prime Minister’s office of Bangladesh!

In my class there were more than 50 students. But it was decided that only one student is allowed to go for the training. When our BBA coordinator declared this in our class I wasn’t there.  Because it was off-time and I was busy at our computer lab.

I was famous in my class for computer troubleshooting. I used to help people in computer and Internet related issues. But as I was introvert in nature (don’t think I’m extrovert now! J) not all of them were familiar with me. And what about girls? Most of them even didn't know what my name is! And some of them couldn't even recognize me! Well I enjoyed this at that time. J

Okay back to the track. When I was busy at computer lab, a girl of my class (her name is Jemmy) saw me there. She asked me- You Munna? (I really surprised at her question! I thought she knows my name! Because we’re at the 6th semester of BBA Program! Only then I was quite sure many of the girls of my class don’t know my name! J

I didn't let her understand that I’m surprised. I just answered YEAH. Then she told- Every one of the class is looking for you. Then I showed my exclamation- WHY? She said- a training will be arranged for some students of our college. You should go to the class to know the details. Emrul knows better.

Then I left the lab and went to the class. Emrul helped me a lot. He told me that- Only one student of this class is allowed to go for the training. And we think- Only you are the right person. He also took permission from others. He asked- does anyone have an objection? Thanks to almighty Allah! There was no objection. Everyone agreed. I am grateful to my classmates. They left their chance for me. I was selected from Section: D. And it’s my pleasure that Adnan was selected from Section: C. His friend Mahin left the chance for him. Otherwise Adnan might face little competition to be selected.

I had no idea about topics will be covered in that training. All I knew about it- It’s an online earning course. Maybe they will train us about how to learn online.

Finally, it was a nice morning of winter. I left my home at 6.45 am. And arrived at Vasani Novo Theater at 7.40 am. There were our teachers and other students. Our teacher Md. Shamsul Arefin enlisted my name in the attendance sheet. Almost all students were present by 8.00 am. There were more than 100 persons including teachers and students. We started walking to the PM Office. But I was worried because Adnan wasn't present there! And carrying bags and mobile phones were forbidden for the students. While running by the side of a newly constructed road we noticed a serious motorbike accident! Maybe the biker was taken to the hospital but spot dead. Such a bad scene at the beginning of the day!

We reached the PM office gate and waited there for more than 40 minutes. By this time Adnan arrived there! Everyone was waiting to enter the main building. After completing some formalities the officials provided us the visitor cards. Without this card no one is allowed enter the PM office.

We walked a long driveway. Maybe it took 3 minutes to pass. Then we reached at the gate of the main building. We crossed the security door. Then we were taken to the Karabi Hall. In that time the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, was out of country. Thanks to the prime minister to arrange such a training facility for us! We spent 8 hours per day. We were entertained by sufficient foods, snacks and drinks. I really missed that environment after the training! L Such a chance to enter the PM office may not come in my life again. J

Here is the details of the Training:

  • Course Name: Online Earning Course 
  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  •  Total Time: 16 Hours (8 Hours per day)
  • Date: December 09 to 10, 2011. (Friday & Saturday)
  •  Time: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Organization: Bangladesh Institute of Design & Development (BIDD)   
  • Topics: Working in oDesk, Microworkers, Microturks, Freelancing, Blogging, SEO, Google AdSense, Opening Accounts in PayPal, Payza (Former Alert pay) etc.  

After the training of BIDD, I decided to develop my site. I tried to earn money through blogging with the help of Google AdSense. I translated previously published Bengali posts into English. Because AdSense doesn’t support Bengali blogs usually.

I also got AdSnese in my site. Several times Google rejected my application. But finally I got it with more than 50,000 page views and 90 posts. Unfortunately my AdSense account was disabled due to invalid clicks by someone. But later I got it again. Everything was fine. But this time Google banned me without proper reason. In fact, Google’s policy is very hard for Bangladeshis. AdSense is too strict for us.

I really disappointed when my AdSense account gets disabled. But I never stopped writing. I also submitted my blog to those illegal sites that offer free pageviews. But later I understood those views are machine generated. So I stopped submitting my blog to those sites. These sites are very harmful for your blog. If Google found your site in those illegal sites, you might be banned or ignored in Google Search Result!

I also submitted this blog into social sharing sites and online directories. Definitely these are valid ways to increase traffics. And I used to comment and post on popular forums, blogs and other sites. I’ve got lots of visitors from those sites.

I used to request my friends, classmates and acquaintances to visit my site. Most of them found my site useful. Some of them were not interested. But as I told them again and again they felt bore. Here I can name some of them – Polash, Sabbir, Adnan.  And I am sorry to them. How many times a person can tolerate? I knew that even some of them were angry with me due to my request to visit the site. But I didn't care! I continued to make them bore! J

I not only requested them visit my site, but also told them to share my site on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. And with this, giving like, tweet and +1 were mandatory. They were also kidding me and saying- I’m crazy. And really I am!     

I knew these will never increase my visitors. Because I had only few classmates who are regular with me at chat. They can visit my site only 10 to 20 times a day. Then I decided I will never make them bore. Because this is not effective at all. Who needs my contents will automatically visit my site. I don’t need to tell them. And people are not only busy with blogging like me. They have other works too.

Now my policy is just- writing better. In each new post, I try to develop my style. I always try to write good and unique contents. I don’t submit my blog to the sites which offers page views and social sharing. This is really a bad idea. Most importantly these are not original. And I don’t like fake pride.  

Current Scenario:

Now I’m quite happy with the performance of Marks PC Solution. More than 7000 pageviews, 4000 unique visitors and 3000 new visitors per day. Marks PC Solution has more than 2,00,000 pageviews in the last 30 days!

But this is not enough. I would like to take it to a higher position. Still this site has no page rank. But most of my visitors come from Google! And it has a good position in Google search results. Don’t know why page rank is 0 for Marks PC.

In Alexa, the position of Marks PC Solution is excellent. My Alexa traffic rank is less than 1,30,000. Sometimes it goes under 1,00,000.

I've already published 415 posts. And this one was post # 249. Generating the post idea is the most difficult task in blogging. Sometimes I search other blogs and forums to get ideas. And sometimes I try to find what creates problem for bloggers and PC users. Then I try to solve those problems in my posts.

I also try to collect ideas from my visitors. Sometimes they share their views. But those are not enough to generate ideas. In that time I get disappointed. Because the main feature of a blog is new contents. Still I can say Marks PC Solution is active and uniqueAt the beginning I had a tendency to copy the posts. But immediately I give up such a bad idea. Because if you wanna be a successful blogger, you've to be creative. But if you copy the posts of others, creativity will die before the birth!

Now I have to handle lots of comments from visitors. I have to reply to those comments and give feedback. Visitors are all I have. Whether I earn money or not, I will continue writing. I feel happy when someone gets benefited from my site. It brings mental peace. And you know, happiness can’t be bought by Dollars! J

So that’s the end of the story of Marks PC Solution. I tried to keep this short but it takes more than 2000 words. Sorry to write such a long post. None of my posts is so long. Thanks for your patience.  


Last year, on April 29, 2014, I've purchased domain for my site. I've changed the domain from to After changing the domain, there was a dramatic decline in traffic. At that time I had to bear a huge loss. 

Now I'm trying to recover it. Still I haven't been able to recover my previous status as it was before changing the domain. Read more . . .

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