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Get a Free SEO Report for your Site

Trends in the practice of SEO has changed a lot. In fact, it's getting changed always. Now Google focuses on the mobile friendliness of a site. And the impact of unique and useful contents has increase as well. Still there are some technical issues which you need identify and fix. Let's get an In-page analysis of your site . . . If you search google with the query - Free SEO Report, you will get thousands of free tools. But all of them are not effective, all of them are not reliable. I'm gonna introduce you with WebRank Page which I use very often.  About WebRank Page | In-Page Analysis WebRank Page gives you an insight of your site. It conducts analysis on the following major categories -  In-Page Analysis Social Analysis Link Analysis Security Analysis Others . . . And you get these services for free! How to Use? Using this service is as simple as visiting a website. Follow the method below -  Visit WebRank Page &g

Google Maps - Your Live Travel Guide!!

What exactly should I say about Google Maps? Well, I'm just impressed about it!  All of you are familiar with the name - Google Maps. But how many of you make proper use of it? Or, have you ever gave it a try? Let's explore Google maps today . . . Background Story  To be honest, Google Maps is a great application as well as a great service from Google. And you don't need to pay a single dollar to avail this service. When I had been transferred from Dhaka to Sylhet, I was little bit tensed about the new area, places, roads and directions.  Though I'm in the new location for the first time in my life, Google Maps makes it easy for me to move on.  About Google Maps With Google Maps, the world is in your hand. Wherever you go, Google Maps can show your the right directions. Even if you are in a rural area, for which official map is not available, you can see even the narrow paths through Google Maps.  To use the Maps, you should hav

Use your Android Phone as Remote!!!

Have you ever used your smartphone to control TV, DVD, AC or Electric Fan? Or do you know you can do it? To be honest, it's not a surprise anymore. Yes, you can control almost any appliances (which are controlled by infrared) through your smartphone.  Necessary Tools An Android Phone with Sensor (Infrared Transmitter) An App (I'm recommending ZaZaRemote) If you search for remote control app on Google Play, you will get many. But all of them are not useful. I've used ZaZaRemote and it performs better.  About ZaZaRemote ZaZaRemote is an absolutely free tool to control your electrical/electronic devices. If you've this app installed on your phone, you can control all kinds of infrared appliances including -  Air Conditioner TV/ DVD Projector Electric Fan Network Box Satellite etc.  ZaZaRemote has a database which supports over 6,000 brands of devices. Follow the link below to get the app -  Download the App

How to Find your Android Device ID?

Android Operating Systems are now ruling the mobile world! If you have 7 friends, I can bet, at least 4 of them will have an Android handset! And from now, Marks PC Solution will have a new category named Android!  Today I would like to share a small trick with you. It's about your android device ID. Sometimes you might be asked to share your device ID. And it's really tough to find out the unique ID of your android device. But there are different apps which help you get your device ID.  What's Android Device ID? Your Android Device ID is a unique alphanumeric code associated with your device. For example -  3A7E6CCAGC746519 You may need this ID while getting support from the manufacturer or downloading apps from Google Play offline.  It's really difficult to locate your device ID manually. You may ask your manufacturer to help you locate your device ID. Or you can simply get it using one of the apps available in the Google Play.  Device ID A

Analyze your Site through WebRank Stats

Webmasters today have a lot of free tools and services to monitor and analyze their sites. WebRank Stats is something like that which I use regularly. This site provides thorough information about your blog/website. Today I'd like to introduce you with this site . . . About WebRank Stats A free service for webmasters, SEO practitioners and web users as well. As a webmaster, you can get detailed information about your site. SEO practitioners can justify their works comparing with other sites. And general web users can compare among the sites which they visit often . . . How to Use?  Very simple! You just need to visit  the following site - Then you will get a search box at the top right corner. You've to enter your domain in the following format - (Avoid www) Suppose, our URL is . But you've to enter only. Now press enter t