Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Google Docs - Manage your Documents Online . . .

Google Docs

We're just at the beginning of cloud computing. And I think many of you are familiar with the applications of Google Drive. With Google Drive apps, you can perform almost all tasks of Microsoft Office. Today I would like to talk about Google Docs which can be used as a perfect alternative of Microsoft Word.

Features & Advantages
  • A 100% free tool for collaboration (Share with anyone, work at the same time)
  • No need to purchase software or renew license
  • Access your documents from any device (Phone, Tablet, PC) anywhere
  • Thousands of options to organize and decorate your documents
  • Documents are automatically saved to drive!!
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word (Open and edit MS Word Files)
  • No unnecessary options 


Basically it's a browser based application. For best performance, you must use the latest version of Google Chrome. And the connection speed should be more than 256 kbps to load the page properly. 

How to Use Google Docs?

All you need is just a Google ID. If you've a Gmail account, you can directly access Docs from Google Drive. Simply sign in to your Google ID, then follow the URL below:

Hit on the red    New    button and choose Google Docs to create a new document. 

Google Drive Apps List

After creating the new document, you will get an interface which is almost similar to Microsoft Word 2003. And the pull down menu commands are also similar to Word 2003 except few changes. You can use the same keyboard shortcuts that are used in MS Word documents. 
  • Use File menu to share, open, create, rename, download or print a document. Page setup option is also available here. 
  • Use Edit menu for undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, find & replace.
  • Use View menu to adjust your visual settings.
  • Use Insert menu to add image, equation, symbols, page number, header, footer, drawing etc. 
  • Use Format menu to give your document a final touch i.e. bold, italic, underline, line spacing etc.
  • Tools menu helps you to check spelling, word count, research and define.
  • Table menu provides you the complete solution for creating and editing the table. 

Remember, these 7 menus are very similar to Word XP or 2003. But unnecessary options are not included here. And some new options for collaboration are added which you can't find in Word. 

Look at the Google Docs interface below:

Google Docs Layout

For your convenience and quick access, you can use the toolbar just below the menu. Print, font, font size, text color, style, linking, bold, italic, underline these options are always ready to use. 

If you need to save something on your hard disk, go to the File menu > choose Download as > Microsoft Word or any other format you need > Save.

By default, the new document is untitled. If you need to give it a name, use the Rename option from the file menu. 

Work Offline!

What did you think? You must be always online to work in Google Docs? Not necessarily! You can also work offline (even without signal) if you need to. 

For this, you must be signed in to chrome. And then visit either Docs, Slides or Sheets. Offline editing will be turned on. Know more . . . 

Hopefully, you've enjoyed the post. If you have any query, you know what to do . . . 

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Setting up Custom Domain for Blogger Blog

Use Custom Domain in Blogger Blog

Blogger allows you to run a blog at free of cost. Unlike WordPress, you can use all the features and benefits from blogger without spending a single dollar. But if you would like to use a custom domain for your blog, then you have to purchase it from a third party domain registrar. 

Few years ago, blogger had its own domain registrar and the users could purchase a domain from blogger dashboard. And it was very easy for the users to set a custom domain that time. But later blogger stopped providing custom domain service. So, the bloggers who would like to use custom domain for the blogs, should purchase domains from third party. 

Setting up Custom Domain

Well for the new users domain set up process is little bit complex. But if you go step by step, then it wouldn't be so difficult. 

First, you need to purchase a custom domain (Choose a domain name and register it. Before that, make sure the domain is available) from a domain provider. As you know, there are numerous domain hosting sites available, you can choose one which you prefer. Here I can list some of them:
  • GoDaddy (Marks PC Solution is currently using it)

And there are many other domain service providers throughout the web. You can find them by search with the words - Domain Registrar or Domain Provider etc. And the registration charge and renewal varies with the provider. I guess, you have to pay $10 to $15 per year for the domain name only. 

Next, you've to set up your domain with the site. Hope you've already purchased the domain. Now follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basics
  2. Then move to the Publishing > Blog Address > Hit on the Edit button
  3. Now type the domain URL you've registered i.e. www.markspcsolution.com (you must begin the URL with www)
  4. Hit on the Save button. Now you will see an error and two CNAMEs listed below. The first CNAME is same for all - Name being "www" and Destination "ghs.google.com". And the second CNAME varies person to person. It's a security CNAME. Example - Short token - 2mdsgfwgqzh3. Long token - gv-brhg3pungts8u7.dv.googlehosted.com.
  5. Now go to your domain hosting provider's site and find DNS (Domain Name System) settings from the dashboard. 
  6. Enter the first CNAME as - www for name, label or host. And ghs.google.com for destination, target or points to.  
  7. Enter the second CNAME similarly. Enter the short and long security token. Set the TTL to 1 hour. 
  8. For moving your naked domain to an actual site ( from markspcsolution.com to www.markspcsolution.com) you have to enter A records. Otherwise visitors may not access your site without using www.
  9. Now enter the domain name (i.e. markspcsolution.com) and list the IP addresses as shown in the "A" section. You've to create 4 separate A records which point to 4 different Googld IPs:
  10. Now wait for about an hour to move to the final step. By this time your DNS settings will be activated.
  11. Again back to the blogger Settings > Basics > Publishing > Edit > Enter your custom domain URL > Hit Save. That's it.
Edit A Host in GoDaddy

List of 4 Google IPs in A Records

Wait wait wait! Don't be hurry. Don't be disappointed. It might take up to 24 hours to work properly. And then your blogspot site will be redirected to your custom domain. 

If the custom domain doesn't work, there could be any problem in the settings. In that case, you can contact your domain registrar or take help from an expert. 

You can also read blogger's support pages:

Some Issues you should know regarding custom domain:

  • All the backlinks you have with previous URL will no longer be counted.
  • But you can still get visitors from old backlinks/ bookmarks as your previous URL will be redirected to the new URL.
  • The link of all posts will be automatically converted to the new URL.
  • Images you've used with the posts will be showing without any problem.

If you would like to know anything else, please knock me . . . 

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beginning of the End of Internet Explorer . . .

Internet Explorer is being replaced by Spartan

This is gonna be the goodbye message to Internet Explorer (IE) from Marks PC Solution. Released with Windows 95, Internet Explorer is still holding the position of default browser in Windows Operating Systems. After running for the 20 years, Internet Explorer is now too old to use. 

Windows 10 (Technical Preview) users are still using Internet Explorer 11. But in Windows 10 Consumer Preview, Internet Explorer may no longer be available. Currently Microsoft is developing a new browser with the codename Spartan. If the codename is not changed, then Spartan will be the default browser of Windows 10. 

What Does the Word Spartan Mean?

The citizen of Sparta is called Spartan. Sparta was a prominent city in ancient Greece. But I really don't know where the codename Spartan come from. 

Browser Spartan Logo

Why Microsoft is Terminating the IE?

In fact, the termination of Internet Explorer is the demand of time. As I mentioned in my browser review post, Internet Explorer is losing market share to Chrome and Firefox, so it's really difficult for Microsoft to increase it's popularity. 

During the last 4/ 5 years, Windows users have stopped using IE. And most of the web developers have also stopped maintaining the IE standards. That's why IE users are facing security and incompatibility issues.

When people get something new, they become interested to it. Most of the people of the web (Not Me) now love to hate Internet Explorer. That's why there is only one way open to Microsoft - Termination!

But one source said, Microsoft will keep Internet Explorer along with brand new browser Spartan. 

How will be the Spartan?

Microsoft hasn't shared anything about Spartan yet. In fact, the rumor about the new browser has been spread by the tech sites. As signaled by most of the sources, Spartan will be much more different from Internet Explorer. It will enhance the user's browsing experience. 
  • Much more similar to Chrome & Firefox (Not like IE)
  • Faster and lighter browsing experience
  • More convenient browsing interface than IE

What's Really Gonna Happen?

Everything we are getting about Spartan on the web are sill vague. Because Microsoft hasn't declared anything officially. And the project is just codenamed as Spartan. Just 3 days later, on January 21, Microsoft is gonna host a press meeting about Windows 10 Consumer Preview. 

On that meeting, hopefully we should know something about the new browser . . . :)

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Perform Basic Calculations in MS Word Table

Perform Basic Calculations in Word Table

The general idea about MS Word is that, it's all about typing. Most of the users think that it's nothing but a word processor. Of course they are not wrong. But you can perform some basic calculations in MS Word while you're working with a table. It allows you to perform logical comparisons too!

Intermediate level users should already know this trick. But the basic users may not have any knowledge about MS Word Table Function. That's why I'm sharing this little trick. 

Applies to:
  • Word XP/ 2003
  • Word 2007
  • Word 2010/ 2013

Note: This tutorial is prepared based on MS Word 2010. So you may notice slight changes in other versions.

How to Perform Calculations?

To perform basic calculations in MS Word, you have to create a table. After creating the table, input numbers there. Have a look at the illustration below:




Suppose you've to sum up the values of rows and columns of this table. And for this work, you don't need to use Excel. Simply use the Formula option. 

In Word XP/ 2003, you will find the Formula option under Table menu. 

And in the ribbon interface of Word 2007/ 2010/ 2013, the Formula option will be in on the Layout tab, in the Data group as shown in the image below - 

MS Word Formula Option in Layout Tab

Note: The Layout tab will be available when you put your mouse in a table. When you're out of the table, this tab will be hidden.

Now place the cursor on Product A Total cell. Open the Formula option. And you will get the following window - 

MS Word Formula Window

Since there is no value in the top, Formula automatically assumed the values on the left side. If you put the cursor in the January total cell, it will show =SUM(ABOVE)Simply hit OK to sum up the values. 

But if there are values both on left and top, then it will consider the values of the top. In that case, if you need to sum up the left side values, you have to manually write the formula as =SUM(LEFT)

How to Update the Formula Result?

Suppose you've already performed a calculation. Now if you change some values, the result will not be automatically updated as MS Excel. Now you can follow two ways - 

  • Method 1: Simply delete the result and use the formula again. 
  • Method 2: Select the result by mouse, and press F9

If there are multiple formulae on the table and you need to update all the results, Press Ctrl+A > the F9

In earlier version of MS Word, there were some limitations. But Word 2010 or 2013 is more flexible. You can use the formulae in different ways. While using the formula, you can use all the 4 directions of a cell - Left, Right, Above and Below!

And you can use the following functions:
  • Average =Average(ABOVE)
  • Count =Count(ABOVE) 
  • Max =MAX(LEFT)
  • Min =MIN(BELOW)
  • Product  =PRODUCT(ABOVE) 
  • Sum =SUM(ABOVE) 
Caution: The function will not work without Equal (=) sign. And it must be typed on the Formula window. 

Hope this will help you a lot. If you need any help, just knock me . . . 

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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Browser Review - A look back to 2014 . . .

Browser Review

Another year has gone from our calendar. And we're one more year close to the final day. 2014 was really a nice year with some technological breakthroughs. Actually we have innovations in every moment. Today I would like to write a review on Internet Browsers. In this post, I want you have a look back to the 2014.    

Look at the following table: 

Statistics (2014)
Statistics by Marks PC (2013-2014)
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Apple Safari

Here you get two statistics side by side. The first one is published by w3schools.com. You know they publish statistics month by month. I've summed them up to show you the yearly users of the popular browsers. 

And the second one is the statistics by Marks PC Solution itself. It's generated from Blogger Dashboard. Here I've included the statistics of two years - 2013 & 2014. The browsers used by the visitors of Marks PC Solution from 2013 to 2014 are shown here. 

I've also created pie charts for better understanding. Have a look at them. 

Usage Statistics of Internet Browsers

Browser Usage in Last Two Years

Reviews by Marks PC . . . 

  • Google Chrome: Market leader and the most popular browser as well. Chrome has captured more than 50% share of the browser market and ever growing! 
  • Mozilla Firefox: Beaten by Chrome about 2 years ago and now gonna lose it's position as market challenger. Firefox has now only 26 to 28% market share and losing users to Chrome rapidly.
  • Internet Explorer: Released in 1995 and survived as #1 for more than a decade. Now just keeping the honor of default browser of Windows OS. Capturing only 10 to 12% market share, the explorer will not give you a bad browsing experience at all!
  • Opera: Tried their best to be popular in desktop environment. But it really disappoints the users! Being branded for mobile devices, Opera Mini is really successful in smart phones, tablets and featured phones. 
  • Apple Safari: A default browser for Mac OS. If the browsers were reviewed by weight, Safari would be the champion in this arena! I really hate this stupid browser. It's too heavy to work with. Your system may suffer to run it. It loads pages slowly as per my experience. 
  • Others: Combining all other browsers, you can't get more than 2 to 5% share. In Marks PC Solution, I've detected these browsers - Mobile Safari, UCBrowser, Iron, Maxthon, Chromeframe, CriOS, NetFront, Netscape, Dragon etc. 

Chrome has taken the first position in 2012. And now it's going far away from Firefox. Nice look, continuous development, new features have made it unbeaten. Recently, Chrome has added some exciting features like - Cloud Printing, PDF conversion etc. 

On the other hand, Firefox is still popular to the developers. Thousands of extensions have made it popular to the advanced users. But it's heavy looking interface is mainly responsible for decline. 

As a default browser, the number of users of Internet Explorer is really low. It should have at least 20% users. But it's beaten by the browsing experience, compatibility and extensions (add-ons) of Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft is trying hard to make it popular. Earlier, the developers used to follow IE standards. But now they follow Firefox or Chrome sometimes!

I've just tried to share my thoughts with you. Don't take it otherwise! Of course you got choice to discuss here . . . 

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