Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tell Google when your Site's URL Changes

Tell Google When your Site Moves

More or less, all internet users are informed about the URL (Uniform Resouce Locator). A URL is simply the address of a site in internet. With the help of URL, you can directly access to a particular site. While general people just need to know the URL only to access a site, webmasters have to perform lots of tasks with it. 

Webmasters need to create thousands of links through URLs. Time to time they need to check the site's status through URLs. But these are not my concern in this post. Today I'd like to discuss about how to inform Google when you change your site's address. 

When a site gets a new address/ URL, definitely it loses social sharings. All backlinks of the site will also be lost. And search engines will not entertain that site as before. Because you're simply a stranger to them! Search engines even don't know about your site until you submit it for indexing.

But Google Webmaster Tools allows you to tell Google when your site moves to a new domain or URL. You can do this through Change of Address option. But there are some preconditions you must fill up:
  • You should have sufficient knowledge to handle Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Both your old and new sites should be added and verified in Google Webmaster.
  • Make sure your original site is not a subdomain. (ie.
  • Your new site shouldn't be a subdomain. (ie.

Advantages of using this Tool

  • You can easily recover your search ranking position.
  • It's safe. Because only verified site owners can use it.
  • Google will index your site quickly.

Google Webmaster Tools - Change of Address

  1. Sign in to your Google Webmaster account.
  2. On the Homepage, click on the site that you wanna work with.
  3. Click on the drop down arrow by the side of Gear icon (Look at the above image).
  4. Select Change of Address
  5. After completing steps 1 - 3, click Select a verified site (Your new site). 
That's it. Changes will stay in effect for 180 days. 


If your new site doesn't appear in the Select a site, make sure - 

  • Both of your sites are added and verified in Webmaster Tools.
  • Both the sites have root level domains, not a subdomain. (ie.
  • You haven't already requested for change of address. 

For more details, please read Webmaster Tools Help - Tell Google when your site moves . . .

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Flash Hockey Free Download !!

Free Download Flash Hockey

Today I'm gonna share another cool game with you. This one is also very tiny in size. It is Flash Hockey. It's a game between you and your PC. I don't know how many years ago it was made. But I believe it's at least 12 years old game! Hope you will enjoy it. 

Flash Hockey

It's a flash game. Download size is only 513 KB. It can be played in any version of Microsoft Windows. No special requirement. Doesn't matter whether you've graphics driver installed or not. Your monitor is enough to run the game! 

  • Download the zipped folder from the link above. (It's only 513 KB)
  • Unzip or extract the folder.
  • Double click on Flash-Hockey.exe to run the game.


After running the game, you need to enter your name. Hit on the Spielen button in the white box. Type your name. Hit on the Spielen button below the box to start the game. (At the bottom, there are three options. The default level is Normal. You can change the difficulty level from these options)

Flash Hockey Picture

After starting the game, you will get two buttons. The Red one is Computer. And the Blue one is you. And you will get a coin. Hit on the coin and try to put it in the computer's net. There is a red line at the middle of the field. Neither you nor computer can cross the red line. 

There is at best 10 goals. Who gets the 10 points earlier, will be the winner. Maybe, it's a german game. So the language is not in English. But you can guess what says in the options.

  • Don't be hurry while hitting. Otherwise you will lose points soon.
  • Be quick and smart while defending. 
  • Observe the Computer's movement carefully and hit little harder. You will get the point easily. 
  • Be cool - let the Computer be mad. You will win the match!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flash Cricket Game Free Download!!

As mentioned earlier, I will continue publishing tiny games! Hopefully you've enjoyed the game- Highway Pursuit. Today I'm gonna share a Flash Cricket Game with you. And this is really an amazing game. It is made by Flash. 

Flash Cricket Details
  • System Requirement: Any version of Windows from 98 to 8.
  • Download Size: 453 KB only.
  • Don't need to install. 

Run the Game:
  • Download the zipped folder from the above link. 
  • Unzip/ Extract the folder. 
  • Store it in a safe drive other than your Windows installation drive.
  • Open the folder and double click on Cricket.exe to run the game. 


Most of the flash games are fast, smart and easy to play. This one is also not exceptional. Just after running the game you will be able to paly it easily. You can also view the instruction button to know the rules. But I'd like to write something . . .
  • Run the game by double click. 
  • Hit on the Play the game button.
  • Press left button or Enter to start the game.
  • You can control both by mouse and keyboard
You will get 12 overs to bat. And you've 10 wickets in hand. There will be no chasing. Even you don't have any option to bowl! If you become an expert, you can score more than 200 in only 12 overs. :)

Control is very simple
  • Hit Left - Press Left Arrow / Click on the left screen
  • Hit Right - Press Right Arrow / Click on the right screen
  • Hit Straight - Hit Up Arrow / Click on the center screen

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Highway Pursuit Free Download !!!

Racing Game Highway Pursuit

Many of you might be familiar with Highway Pursuit. Once it was a very popular racing game. But large games like NFS, Formula 1, GTA have overtaken the tiny games like highway pursuit. Still many users search for small games. So I've decided to share these games with those people who like to play these tiny games. 

Highway Pursuit

  • Name: Highway Pursuit
  • Supported OS: All running versions of Windows
  • Size: Less than 3.5 MB
  • 100% Free

No Special Requirement. It's fast, easy and enjoyable . . .

Download & Play:

  • Download the zipped file from the above link. 
  • Unzip the folder and keep it in one of your hard disk drives. (This is portable. You don't need to install it)
  • Go to the Highway Pursuit Folder and find HP.exe > Double click on it to run the game.

  • Fire: Spacebar
  • Accelerate: Up Arrow
  • Brake: Down Arrow
  • Steer Left: Left Arrow
  • Steer Right: Right Arrow 
  • Oil: Press Z
  • Smoke: Press X
  • Missile: Press C


While playing this game you will get a guide called Ashley. You will just hear her voice. She will guide you throughout the game. You will have three lives. 

There are 5 types of cars. The silver car is yours. Pink and Yellow car is your enemy. You can kill them by firing. The other two is civilian. If you kill the civilian car, you will not get the point.

There is a green jeep. This is your enemy too. You can't bust it by firing. You can hit this to kill.

Highway Pursuit Screenshot

Besides there are 5 vans. Ashley will tell you Weapon Van Ahead when you're near to a van. You can touch these vans when weapon needed. Ashley will warn you when the chopper is closing on your position. She will also tell you if you're near to a broken bridge or smoke bomb. 

Tips: When you're end of your life, you will get the yellow van. If you enter inside the yellow van, you will be reset to full life. Don't try to take weapons if not necessary. Because it's risky to enter into a van. 

Download Flash Game: Flamingo Drive for Free !!!

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Windows Easy Transfer: Backup & Restore Your PC!

Back up and restore your files through Windows Easy Transfer

Windows Easy Transfer allows you to transfer files from old PC to new PC. Suppose you're upgrading from Windows 7 to 8, you can easily back up your files and restore them to the new system. Or if you have any plan to change your system unit, you can easily back up your files through Easy Transfer. Later you can restore your files to new PC without affecting your prior settings! 

Applies to:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Windows Easy Transfer:

Current generation is too fast. Changes occur within seconds. Computer world is much faster. Hardware technology is being changed to meet the demand of software manufacturer. Consequently, consumers need to upgrade their system frequently. 

While upgrading your system, you must face difficulties to back up your files. Considering this issue, Windows has an easy way to back up your files - Windows Easy Transfer.

Transfer User Accounts, Documents and More by Easy Transfer

Here you can see what is possible with this tool. You can transfer -
  • Settings
  • Files
  • Documents & more . . .
You can also customize what to back up and what not. 

There are mainly two thing you can do. First, you can back up your necessary files and settings. And second, you can restore them in a new PC. You can also back up your files for the purpose of future use. Later it can be used if your system crashes unfortunately. 

How to Back Up? 

If you're currently using the old PC and want to transfer the file to a new PC, then follow the steps below:
  1. Press Start & Type - Windows Easy Transfer, Open it.
  2. Welcome Screen will appear > Press Next.
  3. Choose Transfer Media - Easy Transfer Cable / Network / External Hard Drive or Flash Drive (Most people use Hard Drive or USB Disk) 
  4. Select This is my old PC.
  5. Wait for the Scanning process to be finished > Press Next. (You can use the customize option to manually choose the files)
  6. Type password to protect the files or leave it blank if not necessary > Press Save.
  7. Choose the destination and save it. (It could be an external hard drive, USB flash drive or any of your internal hard drives) 
  8. Press Next & Close. 
Remember, the above steps are applicable for External Hard Disk/ USB Flash Drive only. If you wanna back up using network or cable, then you need to connect both PC either by network or by easy transfer cable.
Note: If you transfer the files using network or transfer cable, the process will be completed immediately. But it is recommended that you use flash drive or hard drive if you like to keep them for the future use too. 

How to Restore?

The restoration process is somewhat similar. 
  1. Open Windows Easy Transfer as before > Press Next.
  2. Choose External Hard Drive as media.
  3. Select This is my new PC > Hit on the Yes button (If you already have a back up of your previous Windows as mentioned in the How to Back Up)
  4. Locate and open the previously saved file. 
  5. Hit on the customize button if necessary. 
  6. Finally hit on the transfer button to restore your files, settings and documents. That's it!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Use Portable Apps - Stay Relax!

Hello Guys! Do you know this is gonna be a special post? Why? Because this will be the Post # 300! It's been more than two years since I started blogging. And as a single writer, 300 posts is not bad at all within this period. Look at the following script. It's showing the total number of posts and comments of Marks PC Solution.

Total Posts:
Total Comments:

If you work with different software regularly, you must discover some of these have portable versions available. Most of the applications have portable versions. Whether the manufacturer releases portable version or not, you may collect it through third party software download site. Portable version has several advantages over regular installation version. And I will discuss about it. 

What is Portable Version? 

All of you are familiar with the word portable. When something is handy, movable or convenient to use, we call it portable. Even you may see portable TV. Portable Software is something like that. 

You can keep your portable applications anywhere. You can carry these applications with you through flash drives, portable hard drives or CD/DVD. And you can use these portable applications in any PC simply by connecting your device. 

Once installed, portable applications would never need to be re-installed until you wanna upgrade it. 

Benefits of Using Portable Applications

  • Don't need to be installed (Or install first time only)
  • Usable anywhere through pen drive or other removable devices
  • Bookmarks, Password, Browsing History will be safe and available for using (In case of browser)
  • Portable applications will not be lost if you lose your Windows. You can keep them in a different drive
  • They will never mess up in your system registry
  • There are so many other advantages. You will find them after using portable apps :) 

Source of Portable Apps/ Software

There are two ways to get portable applications:

  1. Downloading from websites
  2. Creating by yourself

Downloading from Websites: Only few manufacturers release their applications' portable version. While downloading applications, you can search whether portable versions are available or not. 

Besides there are many other sites from which you can download portable software. I have a suggestion for you. Visit the link below:

Portable Apps is the most popular site for downloading portable software. Thousands of software are ready to download at free of cost. You will be able to search software under different categories such as - Developers, Internet, Accessibility etc. And I think you will find your necessary applications from this site. But if something you need that is not available here, then you can search Google

Creating Portable Version: The second way is little bit difficult. If you can't find the portable version of your required application, then you can create a portable version from installed application!

I personally follow this method. Follow the instruction below: 
  1. Install the application from .exe file.
  2. Now go to the program file and find that software. 
  3. Copy the whole installation folder and keep it in a different drive other than your Windows drive (Usually C Drive).
  4. Now uninstall the software from your system.
  5. Done! 
You can create portable version of most of the applications in this system. But it will not work in case of hardware driver, Microsoft office, adobe Photoshop etc. 

There are some programs to create portable version of any applications. I've never used such software. You have to find through Google. And the process is somewhat complex. 

Managing Portable Applications - Tips n Tricks! 

You will enjoy using portable software if you can manage them well :) 

  • Keep the portable software in a different drive other than your Windows drive. You can also keep them in a pen drive or CD. Back them up when necessary.
  • Locate the .exe file from your portable application folder. Example: Opera.exe, Chrome.exe, 7zip.exe. 
  • You can pin the application in start menu or task bar. Right click on the .exe file and then choose Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start (In Windows 7 or 8). If you're using Windows XP, then right click on the application and then Send to Desktop (Shortcut). 
  • Portable applications will not be lost if you re install your Windows. After installing Windows, find the portable applications. Then create their shortcuts in desktop or task bar. 

Hope you've enjoyed my post # 300. Share you with us. Never hesitate to leave comment :)  

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Gmail Update: Contact your Google+ Circles!!

Gmail Update: Reach More People you Know

By this time, maybe all of you got a mail from Google. It says - Gmail Update: Reach More People you Know. Basically this is a new feature added to Gmail. And with this feature, Google+ and Gmail get closer. Now you can contact those people who are already in your circles even you don't know your their email addresses! 

What you Need? 

You should be a Google+ user with some circles. And of course you must have some people in your circles. If you haven't created your circles and added some friends then visit Google+ to get some . . .

And if you wanna use this new feature, make sure you're using Gmail in Standard View. Basic HTML version of Gmail will not have this feature. If you're using basic HTML view, then you will find the Standard View option just at the bottom of the screen. Or at the top, just left to your email address. Once you click on the Standard View option, your Gmail will reload. 

Note: Standard view can't be used properly, if your net connection is too bad. 

About the Update  - Reach More People you Know

Do you want to email someone you know, but haven't shared emails addresses yet? This update of Gmail makes your task easier! While composing a new message, Gmail will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients, even if you haven't exchanged your emails addresses. (Gmail should be loaded in Standard View)

How it Works?

As you know the privacy issue is related with this feature, emailing Google+ connections works little bit differently. 

If you wanna send message to someone you know, but don't know his email, simply type his name. Gmail will show his name in your to box. Then you can send email. Just see the image below:

Gmail Recipients Suggestions

Your email address will be kept invisible to your connections until you send then an email. And their email addresses will also be invisible until they respond. Those of you're using the Google Talk or Gmail Chat option, should understand the process. You can chat with your circles without knowing their emails. And from now, you can send message without knowing someone's email. 

Receiving Emails from People Outside Your Circles

If someone outside your cricles sends you message, this email will be filtered into the Social Category of your inbox. And if you wanna start conversation with them, you can simply respond to that email or add him to a circle. 

Social, Promoitons and Updates Category of Gmail Inbox

Control Who can Contact You

This new feature makes communicaiton more convenient. But some people may find this boring. Specially who receives too much emails everyday. Okay nothing to worry about. You can easily control who can contact you. 

  1. Open Gmail in Standard View.
  2. Click on the Gear from upper right corner.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Email Via Google+ sections from the General tab.
  5. Hit on the Drop Down menu and choose any of them: Anyone on the Google+, Extended Circles, Circles, No One.
  6. When you're done, hit on the Save Changes from the bottom of the page. 

Gmail Contact Options
Critical Analysis

If you've regular interactions with social sites like Google+, Twitter or Facebook, you must understand, why Google brings this update! 

Facebook was about to take over the control of internet by introducing itself as social site. Though Google was somewhat late, but they also introduced Google+ few years later. And Google is trying to cover the mistake through Google+. 

But Google+ has not as many active users as Gmail. After this update, there will be a deep relation between Google+ and Gmail. Certainly this will give a boost to Google+. The number of active Google+ users will be increased. Google will be able to say, people are moving to Google+! 

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

How to Add Gadgets/ Scripts in Blogger Blog?

How to Add Gadgets in Blogger

Bloggers often need to add Java Scripts, Gadgets, Widgets etc. to their blogs. Adding widgets is a part of blog decoration. Since most of the bloggers have no coding or web designing knowledge, gadgets are truly helpful tools for them. I know almost all of you are capable of adding gadgets to your sites. But still new bloggers are not familiar with installing gadgets. So I'm gonna start the tutorial . . . 

How to Add a Gadget?

Very simple. And I think there is nothing to be confused about. All you need to do is just follow some simple steps:

Sign in to Blogger Account > Go to Layout > Click Add a Gadget option > Choose your Gadget > Customize it if necessary > Save > Save Arranagement if necessary > View your Site.

Note: You will find multiple Add a Gadget options in different locations of your layout. Select one from suitable position. 

How to Add a Gadget in Blogger

Adding HTML/ JavaScript:

If you need to place any third party code or widget in your site, then procedure is same. Go to the Layout as usual. Then choose HTML/JavaScript gadget. Now copy your code and place it in the Content box. 

Basic Gadgets:

After hitting the Add a Gadget button, you will see the basic gadgets. These are the most used gadgets by bloggers. They are very handy too. There are now 28 gadgets. I can recommend you some of them - 
  • Google +1/ Circle/ Badge
  • Translate (If necessary)
  • Follow by Email
  • Popular Posts 
  • Blog's Stats
  • Pages (If you have)
  • Search Box
  • Blog Archive

More Gadgets: 

Just below the Basics there are 870 more gadgets for you. If you are interested then browse the list. You can also search for your desired gadgets. If you're lucky, you may find one. 

Add your Own: 

Blogger also allows you directly add gadget from URL. If you have any gadgets uploaded in a server then you can simply enter your URL and add gadget in your site. 

Don't Forget about Site Speed! 

To give your site a nice look, you must add gadgets. But it doesn't mean that you can add gadgets as and when you like one. Adding too many gadgets will significantly reduce your site's speed. 

Visitors never like to come back to a slow site. Statistics show that many readers ignore the sites which take more than 3 seconds to load! That means, if your site is heavier, then you're in a greater risk of losing potential visitors. 

Only add the gadgets which are essential. And remove all the unncessary gadgets from your site. While placing third party ads on your site, make sure they are not decreasing your site's loading time.

I've already published several posts about Page Speed. You should read to know more:

Remember: Use as less codes as you can. Never make your site fat. Keep it smart . . . :) 

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Managing Photoshop Layers

Managing Adobe Photoshop Layers

This is gonna be my second post on Adobe Photoshop. Earlier I wrote about creating transparent image by Photoshop. Hope you all enjoyed it. Today I will discuss about the basics of Photoshop layers. And I think this will be really helpful for Photoshop beginners. 

Note: This tutorial is prepared using Adobe Photoshop CS5Marks PC Solution will not be responsible if you find any limitation of this tutorial with the other versions of Photoshop.

What is Layer? 

I'd like to start with a brief on Layers. Layers are like sheets. Whenever you create any text, shape or object in Photoshop you will get this on a new layer. A layer is somewhat like a page. In other programs such as illustrator, you don't get layers. 

Beginners may find layers quite confusing. Because they may not understand how to handle layers. But layers make it easier to work with a object without destroying others. That's why someone must know how to manage layers. And that's my today's topic. 

Look at the image below:

Layers in Adobe Photoshp CS5

There are four layers. The first one (bottom) is a Background Layer. And the next three is Layer 1, 2 and 3. Look at the marked and highlighted icons carefully. These are very important for working with layers. 

Selecting Layers (Auto Select): 

New users get confused while selecting a layer. Most of the time they try to move something without selecting the right layer from the layer window. Before moving something, you should find to what layer it belongs to. Then choose that layer and move it. 

Another easy way to select any object is Auto Select. Look at the image below. I've market the Move Tool (V) and highlighted the Auto Select option. If you check the Auto Select option then you don't need to choose the layer manually. Simply click on something and the layer will be selected automatically! 

Adobe Photoshop Auto Select Option

Turning Visibility Off/ On: 

This is a cool option of layer panel. With this tool you can make a layer invisible. Look at the Photoshop Layers image. At the left of each layer, you will see an eye icon. If you click it once, your layer will be invisible. If you click again, it will be visible. 

Suppose you have created several layers in a document. But you don't need all the layers at once. You don't need to delete any layer. Just turn off the visibility of that layer which is not necessary :) 

Creating and Deleting Layers:

Look at the Photoshop Layers image. Click on the third highlighted icon to create a new layer. And click on the last highlighted icon to delete a layer (Select the layer before deleting it). Or select the layer you wanna remove and then simply press the Del key from your keyboard. 

Renaming a Layer: 

When you create a new Photoshop document, it will be named as Background. And this layer has some limitation. You will see a lock next to the Background layer. Simply double click on the background layer and rename it. 

While creating a text layer, Photoshop will name it as your text. But if you create object layer, it will be named as Layer 1, 2, 3. And if you work with multiple layers, it will be difficult to manage them. So rename those layers so that it can be easier to work with. 

Linking/ Unlinking Layers:

If you need to move multiple layers at once or if you need to resize them at a time then you can link those layers. 

Press and hold down the Shift key and then click on the layers you wanna link. If those layers are not side by side (ie. layer 3, 6 and 9) you have to use the Ctrl key instead of Shift. Then hit on the link button (First highlighted icon of Photoshop Layers image). After linking the layers, you will get a link icon next to the layers. 

Suppose you've linked layer 1 with layer 2. Now when you move the layer 1, layer 2 will be moved too. If you resize any object of layer 2, the object of layer 1 will be resized too! 

If you wanna unlink the layers, select one of the linked layers, and then hit on the link icon again. 

Rearranging Layers:

Sometimes you may need to rearrange the layers. Suppose you have to put a rectangle on top of the other. For example, an oval will be on the top of a rectangle. But that oval is behind the rectangle. 

Look at the layer window. The rectangle layer is on the top of oval layer. Click and drag the rectangle layer to the bottom of the oval layer. Now you will get the oval on top of the rectangle.  

Maybe this is a long and boring tutorial. But try to read this with patience. Hopefully you will enjoy . . . :) 

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