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Drive US Army Bus in your Android !!

Now you can drive US Army Bus in your Android Phone! You've to pick up the army officials and drop them in their destination. And you've to drive through deserts and hills. It's really exciting. Let's drive . . . About the Game Name: Army Transport Bus Driver Category: Racing Version: 1.7 File Size: 48 MB (Approx) 100% Free (Offers in-app purchases) Developer: The Game Storm Studios Know more about the game on Google Play . . . Look at the above picture . . . The red bar indicates vehicle condition Time (in second) available to complete the mission Camera Mode Siren Hand Brake (Use it when you need to stop immediately) Accelerator  Brake Pedal Steering The marked area of the above picture is your pickup point. You've to stop there to pick up the army stuffs. Avoid bombs on the track Features Challenging Tracks Steering Options: Tilt/ Arrow Key/ Steering Wheel Accelerator &