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8.00 GB (4.89 GB Usable) Solved!

Well this is a very common issue for the Windows users. Often you may experience this sort of problems. On your computer properties you may notice only 4.89 GB of RAM usable out of 8.00 GB. Or 3.41 GB usable out of 4.00 GB.  If the difference is not very significant then I suggest you not to take  any action. Suppose if 7.86 GB is usable out of 8.00 GB then it's pretty okay. No action needs to be taken at this situation. Cause those portion of RAM might be used by the system hardware.  But when the difference between installed RAM and usable RAM is too much then you must find out the reason and take necessary action to resolve the issue. Otherwise you can't get the optimum performance. Tips: You can check your system properties by simply pressing Start + Pause. Or right click on My Computer/ Computer Icon and choose Properties.  Probable Reasons  You're using 32 bit version of Windows. The Mainboard/ Motherboard can't handle the amoun

How to Enable Developer Options on Android Phone?

As the name indicates, developer options allows you to perform many tasks which can't be done in normal mode. This feature is included with most of the Android phones and tablets. But it's been hidden so that normal users can't access to this special feature. Cause any wrong use of this option may lead to device malfunction!  Well I'm not gonna talk about the details of this feature. Here I will just show you how to activate this option.  Enabling the Developer Options Your first task is to find out the Build Number of your phone. It's located in almost same place. But depending on the Brand and Android Version of your phone finding this option may not be same in all cases. It may take following paths -  Go to Settings > About Device/ About Phone > Software info > Build Number Or, Settings > About Phone/ About Device > Build Number Or, Settings > About > Software Information > More > Build Number After

YouTube Go - Google's App to download YouTube Videos!

Sometimes you may get tired of searching a better way to download Youtube videos. There are different third party apps and websites that let you download YouTube videos at no cost. But these methods don't last long. After a certain time they stop serving you.  But what if you get Google's own application to download YouTube videos!? Yes! Google has recently launched an application named YouTube Go. With this app you can view and download YouTube videos from your Android phone.  About the App | A redesigned version of YouTube App Name: YouTube Go  Category: Video Players & Editors Size: Less than 10 MB (Varies device to device) Offered by: Google 100 Free - Contains Ads Works with all running versions of Android Features & Advantages Watch YouTube videos - video quality can be controlled Download Videos - You can choose download location i.e. SD Card Discover & popular videos * Copyrighted videos can only be played but

Lock your Flash Drive by BitLocker . . .

Sometimes you may need to protect your USB Flash Drive/ Pen Drive or Drives of your PC. And for this purpose you may use or think of using third party security tools. But do you know that Windows OS offers a better way to secure your drives? Yes! BitLocker Drive Encryption could be a great tool for you . . .  Applies to - Windows 7 or above You can use this security feature both for your internal hard disk drives and also for external flash drives or hard disk drives. Here I will mainly focus on USB Flash Drive. Before we start I believe you have a -  A Personal Computer with OS Windows 7 or above A USB Flash Drive  Minimum skills to work with Windows OS And remember, I'm working on Windows 10. So few terms may not match with yours if you're on Windows 7 or 8. Don't get nervous in that case. Simply try to find the similar terms.   How to use BitLocker? Insert your Flash Drive on USB Port. Now go to This PC/ My Computer to see yo