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Changing Digit Grouping (Comma Style) in MS Excel - Million to Lakh

Well this is a very common problem for our sub-continent i.e. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka. Cause our digit grouping system doesn't match with the international system. To be more specific - they use million, billion etc. But we use - lakh (also lac), crore etc. 
Users of the mentioned regions often face problem with the comma separator position in MS Excel. Cause the default system is international. It doesn't suit our digit grouping system. 
International System - Separates every three digits 1,000.0010,000.00100,000.001,000,000.001,000,000,000.00
Subcontinental System - Separates every two digits after the 1st three digits
1,000.0010,000.00 1,00,000.001,00,00,000.001,00,00,00,000.00 
If you're familiar with the Indian Subcontinent system and if you're bound to use this system then it will be a big trouble if you don't know the solution. Well nothing to worry about as you are going through this article. Cause from the very next moment you'…

Windows 7 Calculator

Do you use your windows 7 calculator for general calculation purpose? If you do, tried to find something out more from it? 
At first glance it seems there is nothing new in the calculator. Looks like windows vista's calculator and performs like that of windows XP. Probably you don't know you've made a mistake.
Open the calculator of Windows 7 from program list. Or go to run, type calc and press enter. Now go to the view menu. Look at the bottom. See the options ie. basic, unit conversion, date calculation and worksheets. Now I think you should guess what can you do with this options. 

Beside performing scientific and statistical calculation you can perform the following tasks too: You can find out your age on a particular date. You can find the difference between the two dates. You can convert units. ie. weight, length etc.You can perform some worksheet functions too without MS Excel!
Tips: Windows 7 and 8's calculator are same. Their functions are also similar.

Install Office 2010 on XP SP 2 !!

When someone tries to install Office 2010 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 he may face incompatibility problem. Because Office 2010 has no official support for XP SP 2. 
To install Office 2010 you might not like to change your OS. But even after you would like to use the wonderful version of MS Office.

There are 2 ways to install Office 2010 on Windows XP. 
The first one is a simple registry trick. 
1. Go to Registry (Hint: Run --> regedit)
2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Windows
3. Change CSDVersion string value from 200 to 300
4. Reboot
5. Install Office 2010 and reboot again
6. Repeat first four steps to get 300 to 200 parameter again

The second method is more easy and reliable. 

Simply download the MSXML file from Microsoft. Then install it on your XP SP 2.

Now you are almost done. Enjoy Office 2010.

NB: Do not install Office 2010 in a low configuration PC. To see the system requirement, click here.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Someone may think that in this GUI (Graphical User Interface) generation, this is very funny to memorize the keyboard shortcuts. But if you wanna be a smart user you should do. There is no other shortcut way to avoid shortcuts. 
Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer, saving you time and effort as you work with Windows and other programs. Most programs also provide accelerator keys that can make it easier to work with menus and other commands. Check the menus of programs for accelerator keys. If a letter is underlined in a menu, that usually means that pressing the Alt key in combination with the underlined key will have the same effect as clicking that menu item.
Pressing the Alt key in some programs, such as Paint and WordPad, shows commands that are labeled with additional keys that yo…

Essential Run Commands for Windows

Most of the windows users are familiar with run commands. We often use run for different purposes. There are a large number of run commands available. Even I myself don't know how much run commands are available. Most importantly, run commands are subject to change and manipulation. So better you go only for the essential commands only.

Here I am gonna suggest you some important commands that you often need to use:

Command Result appwiz.cplAdd/Remove ProgramscalcCalculatorchkdskCheck Disk UtilitycontrolControl Panelcmd or cmd.exeCommand PromptDownloadsSow download folderdxdiagDirect X TroubleshootercleanmgrDisk Cleanup UtilitydfrguiDefragment User Interfacediskmgmt.mscDisk ManagementdiskpartDisk Parmelonion Managerdesk.cplDisplay PropertiesdpiscalingDPI Scalingcontrol foldersFolders PropertiesfontsManage fontsgpedit.mscGroup Policy EditoriexploreInternet ExplorerfirefoxFirefoxcontrol keyboardKeyboard Propertiesmain.cpl or control mouseMouse PropertiesmspaintMicrosoft Paintcontrol net…

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Browsers

Online Browsing has become a part of our life. To browser online, we use different browsers like IE, Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari etc. Most of the browsers support some common shortcuts to make our browsing fast and easy. 

Now I am gonna suggest you some useful browsing shortcuts:

A1t + left arrow -Back to the previous page.  Alt + Backspace - Back to the previous page.  Alt + Right Arrow -Go to the forward page.  F5 - Reload the current page Esc - Stop loading a page.  Ctrl + Enter - to visit you can just type google and press Ctrl+Enter. www                           and .com will be automatically typed Ctrl + N -Open new browsing window.  Ctrl + P - Print the current page.  Ctrl + T -Open a new Tab.  Ctrl + Tab - Switch between the Tabs.  Space bar -Scroll down the page.  Shift + Space bar - Scroll Up the page.  Alt + Down Arrow - Show all visited web addresses.  Alt + D -  Highlight current web address at the address bar.  Ctrl + L - Highlight current web address at the address bar.  Ct…

Install Windows 7 from a USB Drive!

If you have no DVD Rom on your computer, or it gets damaged in that case you can't setup windows in your PC. This is too boring. Or if you have a notebook then you face the same problem. But nothing to be worried about. There is another way to install windows on your PC. You can set it up by USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive). 
If you have a 4 GB (or higher) USB drive then follow the steps below:

1.    Format Your USB/ Pen DriveInsert your USB in the PC and don't forget to back up your important data stored on that USB drive. Now format the Drive as the Picture shows: 

Now open command prompt. Remember command prompt must be run as Administrator. You can go to the program menu then make a right click on command prompt and select run as administrator (Be sure that your windows partition is installed on C Drive)
Now you will see the Command Prompt window on your screen.  Type Diskpart press enter. Now you will see another screen will open.  Type List Disk to view all the active disks as th…

Get your PC Information by Speccy

Often we need to view the information of PC. A very simple technique for this purpose is- simply make a right click on My Computer and hit on properties. Then we can see some basic information about PC.
More advanced option is- Windows Key + Run, type dxdiag and hit ok. It will show information about Mother board, Graphics, Audio Driver etc.
But Speccy will give you something more that you can't see by Windows. With speccy you can see information regarding almost everything of your PC. It will show you the following information:

Processor brand and modelHard drive size and speed  Amount of memory (RAM)   Graphics card  Operating system

Most surprisingly, you will be able to see your computer's heat! You can see the temperature of your Hard Disk, Main Board and Processor. Look at the image below:

In this image you're just getting a summary. But you can find the details of everything by clicking on the specific categories from the left pane. 


100% FreeEasy to install and…