Friday, January 20, 2012

Install Windows 7 from a USB Drive!

If you have no DVD Rom on your computer, or it gets damaged in that case you can't setup windows in your PC. This is too boring. Or if you have a notebook then you face the same problem. But nothing to be worried about. There is another way to install windows on your PC. You can set it up by USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive). 

If you have a 4 GB (or higher) USB drive then follow the steps below:

1.    Format Your USB/ Pen Drive

Insert your USB in the PC and don't forget to back up your important data stored on that USB drive. Now format the Drive as the Picture shows: 

Now open command prompt. Remember command prompt must be run as Administrator. You can go to the program menu then make a right click on command prompt and select run as administrator (Be sure that your windows partition is installed on C Drive)

Now you will see the Command Prompt window on your screen. 
Type Diskpart press enter. Now you will see another screen will open. 
Type List Disk to view all the active disks as the image shows: 

Now type the following commands at a time.
Select Disk # (Locate your USB Disk and write the number it instead of #. Example: Select Disk 6)
Create Partition Primary
Select Partition 1
Format FS=NTFS  (Note: This may take a considerable amount of time. Don't Worry)
Assign (Gives the USB drive a Windows volume and next available drive letter, which you should write     down. In our case, drive “L” was assigned)
Exit (Quits the DiskPart tool)

2.    Turn the USB Disk into a Bootable Device

Insert the Windows 7 DVD into your DVD Drive, and open it to view the files that it contains. Press Ctrl + A to copy all files of the DVD to a folder on your Desktop. Name the folder as Windows 7

Now back to the Command Prompt windows that is running as Administrator.  Using the “CD” command, find your way to the folder where you extracted the ISO files. Your command line path should look something like “C:\Users\username\Desktop\Windows 7\”.

Type the following commands: 

CD Boot (This gets you into the “boot” directory)
Bootsect.exe /nt60 L: (where ‘L’ is the drive letter assigned to your USB key from the previous step)

Note: If you’re currently running 32-bit version of Windows 7, Bootsect will only work if you use the files from the 32-bit Windows 7 install disc. The Bootsect executable from the 64-bit version will not run in 32-bit Vista.

3.    Load the USB Disk Up with the Install Files

Copy all of the extracted ISO files into the USB drive. You don’t need to do this from the command prompt. Just copy the files from the “Windows 7” folder that was created in the desktop and paste them into the USB Disk.
Your USB Disk is now fully ready drive! Plug it in your System. Enter the BIOS (typically with F1, F2, F12 or Del) to temporarily change the boot order to allow booting from the USB key.
Make sure your 1st boot is USB Device and 2nd boot is Hard Disk. 
Now restart your PC and you will see the message on the screen like that: Press any key to boot from USB
Hopefully, you will be able to install windows 7 by USB Device from now. Good Luck. 


  1. i didnt understand how to do it

    1. Follow the steps one by one. If you're new then it may be complicated. Try the steps again and again. I think if you try few times, you will be able to create a bootable USB disk for Windows 7.

      Thanks for the comment.