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Boost Your PC Speed by Using SSD

In short you can explain an SSD (Solid State Drive) as modern HDD (Hard Disk Drive). What's the difference then? Maybe the functions are almost same but there are some big differences between the two. Go through the post to clear the concept . . .

What's an SSD A solid state drive or SSD is a storage device that uses non volatile flash memory along with necessary controller and chipset to store the data. It's somewhat like RAM, but unlike RAM it can store data for a long period of time. 
An SSD drive is considered to be more durable and stable in that sense - There is no moving parts i.e. platters, spindle, R/W head etc. which are available in traditional HDD.  

Advantages of SSD over HDD If you use SSD as your primary boot device instead of HDD then you may get the following advantages -  Faster performanceLower power consumptionBetter vibration resistanceLower heat No noiseIn short we can say, SSD is more durable and stable than traditional HDD. 

After installing SSD, you will…

AdSense Achievement Cards . . .

Google AdSense Achievement Card

Two years back from now, I've been regular with Google AdSense. Before that, I applied for AdSense many times, got my account approved many times, also got banned many times. But I never give up. Now I've been regular with AdSense for last 2 years. 

When I signed in to my AdSense Home this morning, I discovered a new message which I never get before. Later I've come to know, it's called AdSense Achievement Card. Have a look at my achievement - 

2 Years Achievement Card

I almost forget when I've started working with AdSense Ads. I could hardly remember the date. But AdSense reminds me, today is the starting of my AdSense - June 03. The message tells - 

AdSense Achievement
2 Years
Happy Anniversary! As of today, you've been with AdSense for 2 years.
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AdSense Achievement Cards

By this time, you might be interested to know, what the achievement card is. Or what is the card for. To be honest, I'm also not familiar with this card at all. Just today, I've been introduced with this card. 

When you see an AdSense Achievement card in your AdSense Home, it means you've achieved a major landmark regarding your AdSense account. Usually the card appears at the top right corner of your AdSense Home page. Look at the image below - 

AdSense Achievement Card Location

Achievement Cards may appear in your AdSense Home page in the following situations - 

  • The Anniversary of your Account (i.e. 2 Years, 5 Years etc.)
  • Lifetime Ad Impressions (i.e. 100,000 or 1,000,000 ad impressions etc.)
  • 1,000th ad impressions on mobile/tablet

Does it Really Matter?

An achievement card lasts for few hours - not more than a day. And then it expires automatically. In fact, this card brings nothing special to you. But when it's shown in your AdSense Home page, you might be impressed as I am. 

So, the answer is - No.

To know more, read this - AdSense Achievement Cards . . .

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