Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Working with Illustrator Clipping Mask

Creating Clipping Mask on Illustrator

With Clipping Mask you can use an image to fill up an object or text. To be more specific, your text or object will take the color of the image from which you wanna create the mask. Clipping mask is a great tool to surprise your friends. Let's try it now . . .

  • Applies to - All running versions of Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Note: I've used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to prepare this tutorial. 

Look at the image below - 
Step by Step Clipping Mask
  • First stage, there is only a fountain. 
  • Second stage, fountain with the text.
  • Final stage, text with the mask of fountain. 

Now I hope you've realized the charisma of Clipping Mask! It's a very simple tool. Very easy to apply. Yet it's quite impressive for those who are not familiar with this tool!

Creating Clipping Mask . . .
  1. Open up Adobe Illustrator from your PC.
  2. Now create a new document and place an image there. Or you can directly open your desired image.
  3. Type over that image. Or create an object over the image.
  4. Place your image or object in a proper position. 
  5. Using direct selection tool, select both the image and the text or object you've placed over it.
  6. Now click right mouse button > choose Make Clipping Mask. See the magic!

Creating Clipping Mask

Look at the above image. Here I've placed a star over the fountain. Then I've used Clipping Mask. Finally, the star got the color of the fountain. Area outside of the start has been disappeared. 

Look at the final example - I think it's more impressive! 

Clipping Mask Example

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