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Boost Your PC Speed by Using SSD

In short you can explain an SSD (Solid State Drive) as modern HDD (Hard Disk Drive). What's the difference then? Maybe the functions are almost same but there are some big differences between the two. Go through the post to clear the concept . . .

What's an SSD A solid state drive or SSD is a storage device that uses non volatile flash memory along with necessary controller and chipset to store the data. It's somewhat like RAM, but unlike RAM it can store data for a long period of time. 
An SSD drive is considered to be more durable and stable in that sense - There is no moving parts i.e. platters, spindle, R/W head etc. which are available in traditional HDD.  

Advantages of SSD over HDD If you use SSD as your primary boot device instead of HDD then you may get the following advantages -  Faster performanceLower power consumptionBetter vibration resistanceLower heat No noiseIn short we can say, SSD is more durable and stable than traditional HDD. 

After installing SSD, you will…

Using Default Cover Pages in MS Word

Mindblowing Cover Pages by MS Word

Are you preparing a formal report? Or do you need any cover page sample for any other task? By default, MS Word contains some outstanding cover pages. Each of them will give you different flavor. Today I'm gonna talk about using the default cover pages of MS Word . . . 

This Tutorial Applies to - 

  • Word 2007
  • Word 2010
  • Word 2013
  • Word 2016

In every new version, Microsoft Office changes their default templates. Same thing happens to Word cover pages. I mean, the default cover pages are not same in every version of MS Word. 

Cover pages included in Word 2016 may not be found in the previous versions of Office. Word 2016 has 16 cover pages. But you can discover more from . . .

Add a Cover Page
  1. Run MS Word.
  2. Create a new document or open an existing one.
  3. Go to the Insert tab.
  4. Hit on the Pages > Cover Page > Click on the cover which you like. That's it.

Add a Cover Page in your Document

Stuffs you Should Know

  • When you add a page number in your document, your cover page will be counted as page number 0. So, you've to insert page number at the next page to your cover page.
  • If you add a new cover page, it will replace the first one.
  • If you need to delete the cover page, Insert Tab > Pages > Cover Page > Remove Current Cover Page (Follow the above image).
  • To delete a cover page which was created by the earlier version of word, you must remove it manually.

Hopefully this post will be of great help if you need to prepare documents frequently. Of if you are engaged with professional writing, these cover pages will reduce your time required to design your report cover. 

If you need to know more about adding cover page, then follow this link . . .

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