Friday, June 03, 2016

Never Give Up . . .

Never ever give up

Started writing in 2012 and this is the 500th post of Marks PC Solution. In this landmark, I wish to share my feelings/ experiences with you. I also would like to inspire you. I don't know how to start and where to end. But I will try to motivate you for sure. Let's go . . .

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Okay we can move forward. I would like to start with an image - 

Never Give Up Illustration by Frog & Egret

What do you see? A frog is getting down through the neck of an egret. But the frog doesn't give up. It wants to survive even at the end. It catches the neck of egret by hands. 

This picture looks very funny. And really it is. But you must understand the actual meaning of this picture.

It teaches us how to survive. Whatever happens to you, never give up. I'm not only talking to webmasters. With all of my readers I would like to share the same message. Don't give up your hope under any circumstance. 

Be honest in your side and do your work properly. Believe yourself and someday you will succeed. I consider myself as a successful webmaster. Though I'm engaged with an organization, I would like to express myself as a webmaster!

List of Barriers in my Blogging Career

  • Lack of sufficient time 
  • Slow and limited net connection
  • Job
  • Transfer from home city to another (02 Times)
  • Plagiarists (Marks PC is a source of copying contents!)
  • Personal & Family Problems
  • Lack of physical & mental energy
  • Lack of writing scope
  • Refusal of Ad Proposal by AdSense (About 05 times)
  • Less revenue than expectation
  • Lack of motivation (Poor Ranking, Few Visitors etc.)
  • Blah blah blah . . . 

Still I face these problems. But I never give up. Sometimes I feel bore. I get disappointed. And this is very natural. But later I start with more enthusiasm. 

And this is how you can recover - 
  • Stop working for some days
  • Reset your mind
  • Go for travelling
  • Watch nature, flowers and trees

And then get back in life. Get back to your work. Don't expect the best result always. Bad things happen. You just do your work honestly. Don't think about result too much. Just keep in mind that, someday you will get the reward. 

But remember one thing. Never stick to something which is absolutely impossible. In that case it will be a loss project. What is not yours just leave it. But which you need to achieve, don't compromise it. 

Never give up example under the mountain

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