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Guidelines before and after Getting AdSense!

Dos and Don'ts in AdSense Program

This topic might be very useful for those who wanna place AdSense Ad in their websites or blogs. In this post I'm giving you some guidelines that maybe useful for you to get Adsense and to maintain it after getting this. 

If you carefully follow these guidelines, it will be easier for you to earn some cash from Adsense. Otherwise you may suffer just like me! Regular visitor of this site should know that I've already rejected 4 times from AdSense Program! And waiting to be rejected for the 5th time! 

Let's start our AdSense concern. AdSense provide a specific set of rules for publishers. You can find it here- AdSense Program Policy. But very few of them read this carefully and consequently they suffer and lose their account. 

So I will try my best to make the rules clear to you. Let's start. 

Before Getting AdSense - Be Steady . . .

  • Your site must be easy to navigate. And it should be user friendly. 
  • It shouldn't contain any types of illegal, matured, adult or violent contents.
  • It shouldn't redirect users to unwanted websites.
  • It shouldn't contain any copyrighted material.
  • It shouldn't contain any types of hacking, cracking or gambling related contents.
  • It shouldn't contain any pop out ads that bore users. Know More . . . 
  • Don't place any third party Ads (Although AdSense allow this)
  • Your site should have sufficient visitors. But make sure that it doesn't get traffic only from a certain source. And never participate any paid-to-click program to increase your site traffic. 
  • And finally try to publish the unique contents that drives more traffic. 

After Getting AdSense - Be Careful!
  • The very first thing you need to do after getting AdSense is to be careful. Because your AdSense account maybe disabled at any time! 
  • Never click your own Ads. And not a single click to test. 
  • Never encourage others to click the Ads by any means.
  • Never try to make artificial clicks.
  • Place the Ads in a way so that it does't disturb the visitors.
  • The Ads should be distinguishable from your site's contents.
  • And finally follow all the rules that you did before getting AdSense.

If this post is useful for you then please let me know it by your valuable comments. 

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  4. Sir recently I approved Adsense hosted account via Youtube. I also enabled adsense in my blog by earnings tad and its ok. But problem is ads are not showing, it just a blank space. There are no problem with adsense and blog account both are well connected. Sir help me to fix it. sir my blog is http://livetechnologybd.blogspot.com.

    Sir i want to contact with you via mobile my no. 01919882698. please help me.

    1. How do you place Ads on your site? Through gadget or code?

    2. I have used both Gadget and Code and are not working. When i enabled Adsense via Earnings tab i automatically installed Adsense gadget in my blog. What is the reason why they are not showing. Adsense and blog both account are ok. Is there any way to communicate with you? Please sir help me.

  5. Thanks for valuable information.