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Change & Optimize the Blog Title, Description & URL in Blogger

Blog Title, Description and URL perfect example

While creating a blog in blogger, you have to name your site and enter the URL. But choosing an appropriate name for the site with perfect URL is not a very easy task. You should think and research about what will be the Title, Description and URL of the site. Because they have a great impact on search results.

Let’s Analyse a Case

Here I’d like to share my personal experience. When I created Marks PC Solution 4 years ago, I was simply a novice in blogging. In that time I didn’t think much about the URL. I used as my URL. 
But it doesn’t match with the blog title. The URL should be well-matched with the title. If the URL and title are related, then your site will be easily on the first page of the search result.

If you search Marks PC Solution on Google, it will be the number 1 in the search result. Thousands of links across the web have helped my site to be first in the search result.
But if my site URL were something like that- or, then it will be the number 1 even without so many backlinks.
If the blog title and URL are similar, then it is easier for that site to be appeared on the first page when searched by its title!

Choosing a Better Title

Certainly choosing the appropriate title is crucial for any site. Blog title should be matched with the contents. Let’s see the title of my site:

Marks PC Solution

There are many sites which include the words PC Solution. But only 2 or 3 sites may have the word Mark of Marks with PC Solution. The word- Marks makes the title unique. And when you search Marks PC Solution on Bing or Google, my site will be the top in the search page.

Considering all these things, when naming the site, you should keep in mind: 

  • Naming a site is just like naming a baby, or naming a movie. It should carry a meaning.
  • Never pick a name that doesn't represent the site’s contents.
  • Blog title shouldn't be very common. Pick a unique name if possible. 
  • It shouldn't be very long. Keep it less than 20 characters. 
  • The title should be easy to spell, pronounce and remember.

Proper Description

The description is what the visitors see just below the title. It is not much important for search engines rather it is important for the readers. Because the search description describes your site. It tells the visitors what the site is about.
But the search description is different. Read more . . .

For example: The search description of Marks PC Solution is as below:

Your Ultimate Choice for Computer, Internet, Blogging, SEO & PC Troubleshooting Tips!

If you closely analyse this description, you will realize none of the posts of this site is out of this description. In that sense, we can say, our description is perfectly matched with the site’s contents.

Consider the following issues while choosing a description for your site:

  • Description should meaningful and easy to remember
  • Keep it relevant to the contents/ blog posts
  • Keep it short but complete (Less than 100 characters) 
  • Never mention needless words there!

Choosing Appropriate URL

This is definitely an important part of SEO. A good URL can bring success in search results.

Remember, an established site’s URL doesn’t need to be changed even it is not matched with the title. If you change the URL, it will degrade your SEO position. And you may have thousands of links on the web. Those links will be wasted. Though you can redirect your site to the new URL somehow.
But definitely you’re gonna lose the links you’ve shared on social sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc.

When choosing the URL of your site you should keep in mind:

  • URL should be as short as possible so that users can type it quickly.
  • The more the URL is related to the title, the more benefit you will get from the search engines. 
  • URL should be easy to remember. 
  • Choose an URL which has a meaning. But never try to make it similar to the URLs of other sites. Better keep it unique. For example- You will never find an URL that includes the word munnamark. This is unique!

Changing Title, Description and URL

Before changing the Blog Title, Description and URL, be careful about the negative effects of these changes. I suggest you to read the whole article again to know more about naming and describing the site.

Okay let’s start. Sign in to your blogger dashboard.
  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Now click on the Basic button and look at the image below.
  3. Title, Description and Blog Address are marked. And at the right of each item you will see an Edit button. 
  4. To change the Title, click on the Edit button. Then choose a different name. By the same way you can change the description. 
  5. Now go to the Blog Address. Hit on the edit button. Change the word and check whether it’s available. If your desired URL is available then save it. (This may require time for the search engines to index your new URL)

How to Change Blog Title, Description and URL

Advice: Never try to change the name and URL of your site unless it is essential. Never try to change it just to play. Because your social sharing links, other backlinks and search index will be infected for sure! 

Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!


  1. I changed my blogs description but when i share the blog link on fb it just show the old one.. I did it long ago but why not changing?
    could you help?

    1. Suppose your friend named Abir. He changes his name by Mostafa. Isn't it very natural that few days required to call by new name?

      Thus facebook will also update your site within few days.

      Got my point?

      Sorry for the late reply.

  2. Solution Changing or replacing the old URL to the new URL without having to reduce the Page Rank on google search and still indexed in google .. click
    you also not have to worry about long URLs that are already in links to Facebook, Twett, LINKEND, and other blogs continued to be read or indexed in google with the new URL.