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Blogger vs. WordPress: Suitability Test

Which one is better between Blogger and WordPress?

WordPress and Blogger are two giant platforms of blogging. The first one is famous for its numerous plugins, sufficient tutorials and lots of supports from communities with professional image. And the other is well known for being associated with search giant Google, easy and nice operation system with continuous improvements.

But there are some questions that need to be answered before choosing the right one for you: 
  • Which one is easy to operate? 
  • Which one is more professional? 
  • Which one is more popular? 
  • Which one is superior?
  • Which one could be better in the future?

In this post I will try to answer these questions. After getting the answers, you will be able to decide- which one is right for you!

Okay let’s start. Don’t skip any point. I’m expecting your concentration. J

Easy Operation

WordPress is somewhat complicated. But blogger is very easy. Even a new guy in blogging can operate blogger dashboard easily. As the WordPress contains more features, naturally you have to handle more complexities.
The interface of blogger is nice and updated. You can easily rearrange the layout of your site. But in WordPress, it is somewhat confusing.

To be a master in WordPress, a few months of exercise is required. But you should be fine with the Blogger within few weeks!

So the choice should be Blogger.

Professional Aspects:

To be a professional blogger, WordPress is a better choice. But it doesn’t mean that Blogger will make you unprofessional. To be honest, giant blogs are powered by WordPress. And it is called the best CMS. As it has lots of templates, plugins, and gadgets available throughout the web, WordPress is the professionals’ choice. It is a matured platform.

But the blogger is still being improved. It doesn't have much support as WordPress.

Here the choice should be WordPress.


In case of popularity, it is very difficult to draw a conclusion. Most of the reputed blogs are based on WordPress. But most of the newly opened sites are powered by blogger. It is because earlier the blogger was very back dated. But within last two years, significant changes were made in the control panel of blogger. And some beautiful templates are also added there. These changes together have made blogger easier and better.

So, WordPress is still popular among experts. But new guys love Blogger.


The Strengths of WordPress are:

  • Strong WordPress communities
  • Experts’ choice
  • Thousands of tools, templates, plugins across the web
  • SEO friendly- Better than Blogger
  • Sufficient tutorials are available
  • More flexible
  • WordPress has offline version too! You can download and develop your site offline!
  • Exciting features and capabilities to give your site a better look

The Strengths of Blogger are:

  • Powered by Google (May have positive impacts in search results)
  • Continuous improvements
  • Simple user interface- makes it easier
  • Customizable
  • Easily approved by AdSense (Purchased domains are preferred)
  • Fully modifiable even without custom domain – Not available in WordPress
  • Other exclusive features – Not available in WordPress.

The main power of WordPress is that- it has numerous plugins with more flexibility. But blogger doesn’t have such superb level gadgets. And Blogger doesn't as customizable as WordPress. So, most of the experts are not interested in blogger. Google develops it by itself. 

But WordPress developers have a chance to download it and develop their sites offline.

Here, the choice is WordPress.


As the future is always uncertain, nothing can be said directly. It’s almighty Allah who knows what’s gonna happen and what’s not. But let me predict something:
WordPress is very strong from a long time ago. And the best bloggers of the world are working with it. The best developers are using it. The most beautiful and effective websites are hosted by WordPress. So you can easily guess the WordPress will lead the blogging world at least for 5 years.

In contrast, Blogger (previously known as BlogSpot) is purchased by Google. It has been taken over by Google (though the domain is still We didn’t notice much improvement within few years of purchase. But if you look at the last two years, you should notice the following improvements:

  • Superb Control Panel (Design or Dashboard whatever you say)
  • Beautiful default templates with customizable interface
  • Third party templates are also available. And you’re allowed to design your own template too.
  • Increasing number of useful gadgets and widgets
  • Nice Stat tab to check page views, traffics, visitor locations etc.
  • Fully integrated with AdSense
  • Many improvements in settings tab
  • Google+ Comment Box

Simply, Google is trying to make Blogger more popular! What do you want more? Definitely you will notice much more improvements on Blogger within next two years!

Here, my choice is Blogger.

Final Analysis

Finally, I would like to say, Marks PC Solution is powered by Blogger. And I’m enjoying it a lot. New features are coming and I’m testing them in my site. And you know most of the guys start blogging with the Blogger. Later many of them move their sites in WordPress. Somehow they are convinced that WordPress is essential for the success! But I don’t think so. Many Blogger blogs are also competing with WordPress blogs equally. You just need to know how to do it.

The Decision is yours . . .

I’ve tried to present all the facts about Blogger and WordPress. Now decide yourself. Which one you like or which one is suitable for you. Even you can use both of them at the same time if your time allows it. You don’t need to think too much about WordPress or Blogger. Create a site wherever you like. And concentrate on it properly. You will be successful.

Tips: You can export your blogger blog to WordPress. And a WordPress site can also be imported into Blogger!  

Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!


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