Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Free Download Folder Lock 7 Full Version!!

Folder Lock 7.2.6

Folder Lock is one of the top file security tools for the PC users. With this tool, someone can lock files and folders, protect CD/ USB, encrypt files and everything which is necessary to ensure the data security. The Full version of this software is worth of $ 39.95. But you're getting this for free!!

System Requirement

Folder Lock 7 works with any running version of Windows. Starting from Windows XP to Windows 10, no matter whether you're using 32 or 64 bit OS, Folder Lock 7 works fine. 

Features & Advantages
  • Simple & Reliable
  • Fastest Encryption - Lock files within seconds
  • Lock Files, Folders & Drives
  • Protect CD/ DVD/ USB Drives
  • Password isn't stored on Hard Disk or even in Windows Registry

Waring (!): Folder Lock can't be deleted from your system without current password. If you forget your master password, it's your responsibility to break the lock and access your files and folders! :)

Download & Installation
  1. Download Folder Lock 7.2.6 (It's 12.5 MB) - No Ad, No Spam, No Virus. 
  2. Unzip the folder and you'll get 3 files - Folder Lock Setup.exe, Folder Lock.exe, Read Me. 
  3. Double click on Folder Lock Setup.exe to start installation > Complete the installation.

How to Crack?

In your unzipped folder, there is another file named Folder Lock.exe. It's your crack. Copy this file and paste it in your Folder Lock installation directory. 

C Drive > Program Files > NewSoftware's > Folder Lock > Copy the Crack, Paste and Replace the current one.  

Now you can enjoy the benefit of full version Folder Lock!

To check the Registration Status, first you've to open Folder Lock. Now go to the Help & Support at the top right corner and click on it. Choose About. You will get the following image in Registered condition - 

About Folder Lock 7

User Guide

Folder Lock provides you a user guide. With minimum skill you can operate Folder Lock. But I would like to discuss about some basic operations. Look at the Folder Lock screen below:

Folder Lock 7.2.6 Screen

  • When you run this program for the first time, you need to enter a master password. Once you enter the master password, you can control everything of this tool.
  • To lock a file, folder or drive - move to the Lock Files menu at the left. Now hit on Add button and select your file, folder or drive. 
  • The locked file will be hidden. The hidden folder can be accessed but the files within it will not be accessible. In case of locked drive, the access will be denied. 
  • If you wanna unlock the locked item, you can choose either Remove or Unlock option. 
  • You can use the Settings option to manipulate the default settings. 

Hopefully, this tool will be very helpful for you to keep your data secured. And one last advice for you - 

Never forget the master password!

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