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Browser Review - A look back to 2014 . . .

Browser Review

Another year has gone from our calendar. And we're one more year close to the final day. 2014 was really a nice year with some technological breakthroughs. Actually we have innovations in every moment. Today I would like to write a review on Internet Browsers. In this post, I want you have a look back to the 2014.    

Look at the following table: 

Statistics (2014)
Statistics by Marks PC (2013-2014)
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Apple Safari

Here you get two statistics side by side. The first one is published by You know they publish statistics month by month. I've summed them up to show you the yearly users of the popular browsers. 

And the second one is the statistics by Marks PC Solution itself. It's generated from Blogger Dashboard. Here I've included the statistics of two years - 2013 & 2014. The browsers used by the visitors of Marks PC Solution from 2013 to 2014 are shown here. 

I've also created pie charts for better understanding. Have a look at them. 

Usage Statistics of Internet Browsers

Browser Usage in Last Two Years

Reviews by Marks PC . . . 

  • Google Chrome: Market leader and the most popular browser as well. Chrome has captured more than 50% share of the browser market and ever growing! 
  • Mozilla Firefox: Beaten by Chrome about 2 years ago and now gonna lose it's position as market challenger. Firefox has now only 26 to 28% market share and losing users to Chrome rapidly.
  • Internet Explorer: Released in 1995 and survived as #1 for more than a decade. Now just keeping the honor of default browser of Windows OS. Capturing only 10 to 12% market share, the explorer will not give you a bad browsing experience at all!
  • Opera: Tried their best to be popular in desktop environment. But it really disappoints the users! Being branded for mobile devices, Opera Mini is really successful in smart phones, tablets and featured phones. 
  • Apple Safari: A default browser for Mac OS. If the browsers were reviewed by weight, Safari would be the champion in this arena! I really hate this stupid browser. It's too heavy to work with. Your system may suffer to run it. It loads pages slowly as per my experience. 
  • Others: Combining all other browsers, you can't get more than 2 to 5% share. In Marks PC Solution, I've detected these browsers - Mobile Safari, UCBrowser, Iron, Maxthon, Chromeframe, CriOS, NetFront, Netscape, Dragon etc. 

Chrome has taken the first position in 2012. And now it's going far away from Firefox. Nice look, continuous development, new features have made it unbeaten. Recently, Chrome has added some exciting features like - Cloud Printing, PDF conversion etc. 

On the other hand, Firefox is still popular to the developers. Thousands of extensions have made it popular to the advanced users. But it's heavy looking interface is mainly responsible for decline. 

As a default browser, the number of users of Internet Explorer is really low. It should have at least 20% users. But it's beaten by the browsing experience, compatibility and extensions (add-ons) of Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft is trying hard to make it popular. Earlier, the developers used to follow IE standards. But now they follow Firefox or Chrome sometimes!

I've just tried to share my thoughts with you. Don't take it otherwise! Of course you got choice to discuss here . . . 

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