Saturday, May 09, 2015

oDesk & Elance Merged as Upwork!

oDesk Merged with Elance

Have you tried to sign in to your oDesk account recently? If you don't then try now. I think you can't visit oDesk website anymore! It will be redirected to a new site - Upwork. Just few days ago, the largest online marketplace oDesk has merged with Elance.

I got an email message from oDesk on May 06, 2015 with the following subject - 

oDesk is now Upwork

At first I was really surprized! Why did they change their name? oDesk has already been a popular platform for the freelancers across the world. And they didn't mention anything about their merger with Elance. Later I got the details from the newspapers. 

Last year, oDesk merged with Elance. And the name has been changed recently. But if you visit Upwork, you may not find much change in their site. Most of the options are very similar to oDesk. Your username, password, email, profile information and any other information will be remain same.


Upwork got a new Chief Executive Officer. Stephane Kasriel is the new CEO of the company. Earlier he worked as the head of product development. 

Stephane Kasriel, CEO, Upwork
Upwork CEO Sign

What's New

As mentioned earlier, still there is no significant change that may catch your attention. The changes will be made gradually. What is Upwork doing now is just making their site lighter and faster, developing handy apps for mobile platforms, displaying user profile in a friendly manner etc.

To know more, please visit Upwork FAQ . . .

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