Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Find your Android Device ID?

Find your device ID through apps

Android Operating Systems are now ruling the mobile world! If you have 7 friends, I can bet, at least 4 of them will have an Android handset! And from now, Marks PC Solution will have a new category named Android! 

Today I would like to share a small trick with you. It's about your android device ID. Sometimes you might be asked to share your device ID. And it's really tough to find out the unique ID of your android device. But there are different apps which help you get your device ID. 

What's Android Device ID?

Your Android Device ID is a unique alphanumeric code associated with your device. For example - 


You may need this ID while getting support from the manufacturer or downloading apps from Google Play offline. 

It's really difficult to locate your device ID manually. You may ask your manufacturer to help you locate your device ID. Or you can simply get it using one of the apps available in the Google Play. 

Device ID App

I would like to share an small app with you - Device ID. It's a free tool and only 24KB in size! After running this app from your phone, it will show -

  • Your Device ID - i.e. 3A7E6CCAGC746519
  • Device Codename - i.e. M1
  • Your registered Email ID - i.e.

Look at the sample - 

Device ID app

To download this app, follow this link . . .

Hope all of you will enjoy this app . . .

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