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Analyze your Site through WebRank Stats

WebRank Stats - A Free Tool for the Webmasters

Webmasters today have a lot of free tools and services to monitor and analyze their sites. WebRank Stats is something like that which I use regularly. This site provides thorough information about your blog/website. Today I'd like to introduce you with this site . . .

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A free service for webmasters, SEO practitioners and web users as well. As a webmaster, you can get detailed information about your site. SEO practitioners can justify their works comparing with other sites. And general web users can compare among the sites which they visit often . . .

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How to Use? 

Very simple! You just need to visit the following site - 

Then you will get a search box at the top right corner. You've to enter your domain in the following format - (Avoid www)

Suppose, our URL is But you've to enter only. Now press enter to access to the stats page. 

Or you can directly follow this method -

Just change the last part of the above URL with your domain. 

What Information you will Get?

In fact, WebRank Stats integrate many other tools in its report. It collects data from major web services like - Google, Bing, Alexa, Complete, Quantcast, Similar Web, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. 

It has a scoring system like Google Page Rank. As you can see in the above image, our rank is 1.86 out of 10. Most of the time, this score matches with Google PR. 

  • General Information: This includes your Meta Description, Keyword, Sitemap, Text/HTML Ratio etc.
  • Website Ranks: This will show the rank of your site in Google, Alexa, Quantcast & Complete.
  • Website Safety: Is your website safe to browse? Here you can check it.
  • Pages Indexed: How many pages of your site is indexed by search engines - Google & Bing. 
  • Backlinks: How many backlinks you've according to Google, Bing & Alexa.
  • Sociometer: Your social performance on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn & StumbleUpon.
  • Server Analysis: Your IP address, latitude, longitude, region etc.
  • Header Analysis, DNS Analysis
  • Traffic Graphs from Alexa, Complete, Unique, Quantcast etc.


WebRank Stats has toolbar available for your browser. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer and Opera. And it's really handy to use as a browser extension. 


WebRank stats is quite a nice service for the webmasters. But it has some limitations. Sometimes it may not display your rank properly. 

Suppose you've 20 backlinks on bing. But it may show your 0. Or you may have 2000 FB likes. But it may show more or less. 

But this problem is not a big deal. Hope all of you will enjoy this site . . .

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