Convert a Webpage into PDF Online- No Registration!

Sometimes you may need to copy something from a webpage. If you need to copy only the text then you can copy the text and paste it to any program. But sometimes you may need to copy the whole site including the pictures and original formatting. In that case, what should you do? 

Today, I'm gonna share a site with you. Using this site you can easily convert any webpage into PDF and download it in your PC. You don't need any other software to do it. Even you don't need to register! It's free! 
NB: Of course you need to register if you wanna enable some extra option. 

The site I'm talking about is PDF My URL
  1. When you need to convert a webpage into PDF, first copy the URL of that site. ie.
  2. Now go to the
  3. Then enter the URL you wanna convert. ie.
  4. And finally hit on the button looks like P with down arrow. 
  5. Immediately a PDF file will be start downloading in your PC. 

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