Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Portable Oxford Pocket Dictionary - Free Download !!!

You know the OXFORD is the world's most trusted dictionaries. Maybe many of you got this on your reading table. And some of you may have it in your mobile or computer. But I'm gonna share the Oxford Dictionary (Pocket) with those people who don't have this. 

  • No installation required - Portable
  • Small Download Size - Less than 3 MB
  • Rich- Includes More than 1,40,000 Definitions
  • Converter - Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Temperature, Pressure etc
  • No Special Requirements - Works with most of the Operating Systems 


This dictionary is very easy to navigate as well as operate. But I'd like to introduce the operation for some users who are not familiar with such software. 
  • Download the zipped file from the above link and then unzip it.
  • Double click on POD.EXE and wait a moment for the screen to be appeared.
  • You will see a small search box to find the words. 
  • As soon as you type in the box, the word with definitions will appear. But first time, you may need to press Enter.
  • At the left of the search box, there is a left and right arrow. Use them to see the next and previous words. 
  • Use Up and Down Arrow of the Keyboard to scroll down or up. 
  • There are five buttons next to the search box. Hit these one by one to find what do they do. 
  • You can take help of the menus and learn useful shortcuts to use the dictionary properly.
  • From the Options Tab, you can change font and font size. 
  • Under the Convert Tab, you will get some useful conversion tool - Length, Speed, Pressure etc.  

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