Friday, July 18, 2014

Bloggers! Never Think of Earning at First

Never Think of Earning from Blog So Early

Blogging is being a popular source of earning. Bloggers who started their blogging career more than 5 or 6 years ago, are now in very good position. In that time competition was not so hard. As a result, the old sites are now very popular. And the overall ranking of those sites are very well. 

But the time and trend have been changed a lot. There could be millions of new sites at present. And every day, many new bloggers are opening sites in Blogger or WordPress. And it's really funny that, most of them think of earning before writing a single post! In reality, earning is not that easy. :(

If you wanna earn through blogging, you have to be patient, creative and excellent in writing. You have to differentiate your contents from those of competitors. You have to create superior value. Your contents should be attractive and helpful for the readers. 

Never Think of Earning at the Beginning!

I've been started blogging just at the end of 2011. And now my position is not bad at all. I've been familiar to the new bloggers. Even some of them copy contents from Marks PC Solution. 

Many of them chat with me. They ask for blogging tips. Usually they ask a silly question - 

How can I earn through blogging?
Or, How to make money from blog? 
Or, Can I earn from my blog?

Another common question is - 

How can I increase my blog visitor? 

And my answer is always same - 

  • First you have to write unique and useful contents for the visitors
  • Then try to grow and retain the visitors
  • Finally you will get a lot of opportunities to earn money

What's Wrong with the Intention to Earn Money at First?

That's a good question. And I've logical answer to this question - 
  • If you think of earning before writing contents, your creativity will die which is essential in blogging. 
  • If you wanna earn just from the beginning, most probably you will fail. And thus you will be disappointed which may lead to the termination of your blogging career. 
  • Consider blogging as pastime. Love and enjoy it. Never take it as your primary job. Whenever you think blogging as your work, it will make you bore. 

Then how do you Start? 

Now come to the point. After opening a new site, you have to start as below - 

  • Visit popular blogs and websites
  • Read the posts and try to follow their styles 
  • Try to find a way to differentiate your style from those of others
  • Then start writing, spend time on your site

Remember, if you wanna earn from blogging, the first thing you have to do - 

Forget about earning - simply write posts just for the target visitors

You shouldn't even think about earning methods. Wait at least 01 year before you go for the earning. If you try to make money, you will be disappointed within few months. 

What Google Says - 

Google has some advices for the bloggers. You should follow these - 
  • Write for the visitors, not for the search engines
  • Create unique and useful contents for the users
  • Write easy-to-read text
  • Avoid copying contents from others
  • Write as much text as possible (but no unnecessary discussion)

This is a very short list. But I think, if you follow these tips, you should be fine. Additionally you can also follow these writing guidelines . . . 

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