Friday, October 14, 2016

Using Google Translate with Android apps

Google Translate

Well this feature has been introduced by Google couple of months ago. And I apologize for being late to talk about it. Today I'm gonna talk about some exciting features of Translate. From now you can translate from anywhere. It might be a chat application or web browser or any other apps of your android device! 

All of you know that Google Translate is now capable of translating more than hundred languages. You can translate from one language to another by visiting Google Translate website or Translate App. There is nothing new. 

But what is gonna surprise you that - with Google Translate app installed on your phone, you can translate text from any other app. You just need to select the text and hit on the copy button. Immediately translate icon will appear on the screen and you have to touch it. Then it will show you the translated text. This is called - 


With this app you can - 

  • Chat with any foreign friend who talk in different language.
  • Translate texts of different languages.
  • Translate texts through scanning (Support limited languages)

Offline translation is also available for 52 languages currently. 

Google Translate App may support all apps of your phone. But I've personally tested it with the following apps:

  • Messenger
  • Facebook Lite
  • Google Hangout
  • IMO
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Chrome 

But Google translate will work anywhere when you select and copy any text. Translate app should be turned on for TAP TO TRANSLATE feature. 

Example > Messenger | Chatting with Foreigner with Translate App . . .

Suppose you're American. Your friend is Spanish. You will chat through Facebook Messenger. 

  • Now Turn on Messenger and Translate on your Phone.
  • Go to Settings of Translate > Keep Tap to Translate on.

Look at the following images properly . . .

Chatting with Google Translate

  1. First, your Spanish friend say something.
  2. Now you will select his text and hit on the Copy text button.
  3. After hitting the copy button, translate icon will appear. Tap on the translate icon.
  4. Now you will see the translation. And you've to reply.
  5. Hit on the New Translation button. Automatically language option will be set - English to Spanish.
  6. Type your text in English and copy the Spanish text.
  7. Paste it on Messenger text box. That's it!

It's really an amazing app. My heart says it will be much better in the future . . .

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