Saturday, August 27, 2016

IGI 4 - The Mark Cheat Codes

Project IGI 4 - The Mark

Project IGI series games are always full of actions & thrilling. And without some cheating it's really difficult to survive there. But there are not much cheat codes available in IGI games. In this post, I'm gonna share Project IGI 4 - the Mark cheat codes with you.

While playing IGI 4, press this key < ` > (it's just below your Esc key) to open the console. And then you've to type the following cheats to get respective results - 

  • Invisible 1 - It will turn on invisible mode
  • Invisible 0 - Invisible mode off
  • Health 100 - Health will be set to 100 %
  • God 1/0 - God mode On/ Off
  • Mucha 1/0 - No clipping On/ Off
  • MuchaSpeed # - Set movement speed to #
  • DrawFPS 1/0 - Show FPS On/ Off
  • FOV # - Set FOV to #

During the game play, when you need to use any of the above cheats, simply press this ` . Then a new screen will appear. And on that screen you have to type the cheats and press Enter.

If you use invisible cheat, then enemies will not be able to see you. You can kill them without any problem. And health cheat will help you to survive in the game. 

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