Friday, March 11, 2016

Thunder Speedometer - The Stylish One

Thunder Speedometer

Couple of weeks ago I shared an android app to measure your moving speed. And today I would like to share another speedometer app that will give you a more natural view just like a car dashboard! Let's see how does Thunder Speedometer works . . .

About  the App
  • Name: Thunder Speedometer
  • Category: Transportation
  • File Size: 4.4 MB
  • File Type: APK
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Developer: Hello Android
  • No Ads!

Thunder Speedometer App Icon

  • Speed Unit: Kilometer/ Mile/ Meter/ Nautical Mile
  • Speed Category: City/ Highway/ Cycling
  • Themes: Ferrari/ Camaro/ Porsche/ Lamborghini/ Lexus
  • Swipe to Change the Theme
  • Automatic adjustment with the screen rotation
  • Distance Calculator
  • Compass
  • Average & Maximum Speed
  • Headup Display Mode (HUD)
  • Realistic Dashboard View

System Requirements
  • Works with the running versions of Android
  • GPS Technology

Download > Install > Measure your Speed . . .
  1. Download the APK file from here.
  2. Install it on your Android Phone.
  3. Allow installing apps from unknown sources if it asks for.
  4. Wait a few seconds during the installation.
  5. After installing the app, you will get the thunder speedometer icon in the app list.
  6. Tap on the icon to run the app. 
  7. You will get the Start/Stop button at the bottom. 
  8. Then the app will look for GPS signal. As soon as the signal is detected, it will be showing your moving speed.

Remember - 
  • You should turn on your GPS (location service) before running this app.
  • This app doesn't require your data connection.

Thunder Speedometer Portrait View

How Accurate it  is?
The accuracy of this app depends on - 
  • The strength of your phone's GPS technology.
  • The strength of satellite signals in your area.
  • Requires few seconds to adjust with the actual speed

Hope all of you will enjoy this app while travelling . . .

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