Friday, April 27, 2012

15 GB Storage for Gmail Users!

Recently Google increased the storage limit of Gmail. Few days ago the storage limit was 7.5 GB. But from now the storage limit is 10 GB! Can you imagine?! 

The storage limit is based on the size of all the messages and attachments in your mail, including those in Spam and Trash. To introduce the Google Drive as Cloud Service Google offered this increased storage. 

Mentioned that, Gmail was launched by Google on 1st April in 2004. At first, the storage limit was only 1 GB. And it has been increased upto 7.5 GB within 8 years. And now it is 10 GB. An user can check this at the bottom of his Gmail Page as the picture shows. 


Google got a number of competitors in mailing service - specially Microsoft and Yahoo too. Recently Microsoft redesigned their hotmail service. They also changed the name to Outlook.  And yahoo has also redesigned their mailing service. Now it looks much better than earlier. 

Google has also changed the Gmail interface for a number of times. But still it looks somewhat messy. But as a package Gmail user get numerous facilities. And now the Gmail user is enjoying 15 GB storage! 

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