Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Use of Ctrl+A to Ctrl+Z for MS Word!!

While working with MS Word we often use Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+D etc. But do you know that MS Word has shortcuts keys available from Ctrl+A to Ctrl+Z? 

In this post I am gonna show you the shortcuts from A to Z with Ctrl Key. 

Ctrl+A: Select All
Ctrl+B: Bold
Ctrl+C: Copy
Ctrl+D: Font
Ctrl+E: Center Alignment
Ctrl+F: Find
Ctrl+G: Go to
Ctrl+H: Replace
Ctrl+I: Italic
Ctrl+J: Justify 
Ctrl+K: Hyperlink
Ctrl+L: Left Alignment
Ctrl+M: Intend Increase (Works same when Tab is pressed before a line)
Ctrl+N: New Document
Ctrl+O: Open Document
Ctrl+P: Print Document
Ctrl+Q: Remove Paragraph Format
Ctrl+R: Right Alignment
Ctrl+S: Save (Use F12 for Save As)
Ctrl+T: Hanging Indent Increase
Ctrl+U: Underline
Ctrl+V: Paste
Ctrl+W: Close (or use Ctrl+F4/ Alt+F4)
Ctrl+X: Cut
Ctrl+Y: Repeat/ Redo
Ctrl+Z: Undo

Note: Many of the above shortcuts also work fine with many other programs. 

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