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AdSense Tips: Best Performing Ad Types & Sizes

Most Successful Ad Types and Sizes for AdSense Publishers

I'm currently working with AdSense and learning different tips. And you know, when I learn something I share my knowledge with you. I am willing to share AdSense tips with you. Today I will share the best performing Ad Types and Sizes for AdSense publishers. 

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Those who are currently working with AdSense should know, it has different types of Ad Types and Sizes available for the publishers. 

The available sizes are: 
  • Large, Medium and Small Rectangle
  • Banner and Half Banner
  • Leaderboard
  • Wide and Large Skyscraper
  • Square, Small Square
  • Horizontal Row
  • Different Types of Buttons

AdSense allows you publish three types of Ads: 
  • Text & Image Ads
  • Only Text Ads
  • Rich Media Ads (ie. Flash) 

Depending on users' demands AdSense provides these ad types and sizes. But all of them are not effective for always. 

The sizes that AdSense found most effective are as follows: 

Large Rectangle: The size of a large rectangle is 336x280. Looks better when you place this within a post or after the post. Sometimes placed at the right sidebar. But placing it within contents is more effective.

Ideal for Text/Image ads or Rich media. 

336x280 Ad Unit

Medium Rectangle: Almost similar to large rectangle. But little bit smaller in size: 300x250. Used when the publisher wanna save the site space. Or when you don't have sufficient room to place large rectangle within contents or side bar. 

Ideal for Text/Image Ads. But can be used with rich media too. 

300x250 Ad Unit

Leaderboard: Usually placed at the top of the site. These ads are attractive when used with rich media or flash ads. The size of this ads is 728x90. 

But when your site has a side bar on the left or right, then it can only be placed at the top. Just below the site title. I mean huge space is required to place a leaderboard ad. 

728x90 Ad Size

160x600 Ad for Right Side Bar

Wide Skyscraper: The most successful ad size I believe personally. Usually placed at the side bar of a site. And I think without a left or right sidebar, you can't use wide skyscraper. 

Skyscraper is ideal for Image/Rich Media/Flash ads. Though AdSense sometimes shows text ads here. But when rich media ads are shown on skyscraper, the chance of attracting the visitors increase significantly. 

The size of wide skyscraper is 160x600. So you must have at least 200 px side bar. It can be left or right. But I think right sidebar is more effective. 

There is a large skyscraper too. Which is 300x600. But I think this will be really space consuming. And if rich media ads are shown on large skyscraper, definitely it will slow down your site which could be dangerous for you. 

So I suggest you to use this ad with rich media, at the right sidebar of your site. 

Adjusting Ad Size with the Site: 

It's true that these 4 ad sizes perform well. But if your site doesn't match with these sizes, don't worry. Choose the ad size that complements your pages most. Read the guide to ad sizes

When your space is low you can use Five Links Ad Units:
  • Horizontal Row: 728 x 15
  • Horizontal Row: 468 x 15
These two ads has more CTR. And they can hardly slow down your site. 

Most Successful Ad Types: 

AdSense usually provides three types of Ads:
  • Text Ads (with Links)
  • Text/ Image Ads
  • Rich Media/ Flash (Also known as Display Ads) 

AdSense recommends to use all of these types of ads. So you have to allow all of them to be appeared on your site. Because sometimes rich media ads are not available to be displayed. Though the text ads will pay you low but sometimes your ad space might be blank if your disallow them. 

To maximize your earning, you've to show all these three types of ads on your site. 

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  1. Yes, i am agree with you. i following this same method. it's performing well. thanks for sharing. - PBCE, Best Engineering College in Chennai

  2. I've read this article. It is very good in quality. Thank u very much!

  3. as for me the wide skyscraper 160x600 performs well on left side....according to my experience

    1. Yeah definitely :)
      Wide Scrapper always performs well. But I prefert it to the right side bar. It also depends on your site's layout - I mean where it should be placed.

  4. It's nice seeing the ad size examples in your post. I recommend sticking to the ones recommended by AdSense, and split testing them: