Friday, August 30, 2013

Facebook - The Social Cigarette!

Facebook - The most popular site of the world with more than 1 billion users. If Facebook were a country it could be in the third place- Just next to the China and India! And within next few years hopefully Facebook will exceed the population of China. Currently Facebook is the strongest online media. 

Why people use Facebook? Why they waste or pass their idle time or even working time on it? Why they can't go a single day without it? 

The answer is Addiction

As the chain smoker smokes cigarettes one by one just for bad habits, many Facebookers waste their time on Facebook without any break. You may browse Facebook at most 2/3 hours a day. But spending more than 6 hours on Facebook is not a good sign at all. 

I'm not a serious critic of Facebook or Facebookers. I'm just anxious about the future of the earth. Few factors are responsible to create imbalance. And Facebook is one of them. By the name of social networking site, Facebook is leading to social imbalance! Should I explain? Let's start - 

  • Leading to Wars: Within less than a decade of launch, Facebook has already led to several national wars. The wars occured in Lebanon, Libya, Egypt are all accelerated by the Facebook communities in those countries. When the Governments of those countries tried to stop the opponent parties, Facebook communities went against Governments. 

  • Spreading Aggression: A very common news throughout the world. But this is Facebook which is spreading racial, cultural and religious aggression among different communities. Sometimes a person of different values attack others directly through Facebook comments and posts. And this is the starting of endless aggression! 

  • Slow Down Productivity: Facebook is banned in many offices and educational institutes. Survey reports show that, many people waste half of their working time on Facebook! As it can also be visited from Mobile devices, people keep it open all the time.

  • Hackers' Target: Your Facebook ID is the hackers' target! Because it is easy to hack. Though Facebook authority has already increased security, but hackers are smarter. They can easily beat you as well as Facebook. Anytime you can lose your account. You may be able to recover it. But within short time, they can steal your sensitive information. 

  • Privacy: A very very serious issue of today's world. You're an smart user of Facebook. You use secured connection of Facebook, sign out of Facebook every time, use secured password etc etc. But when one of your FB friends lose his account then what? Your chat records as well as sharing are there! Then how can you ensure your privacy? 

  • Detrimental to Health: Excessive use of something is always bad. Same rules apply to Facebook. When you're using Facebook, you can't do other tasks. Maybe you use Facebook sitting on a chair. And certainly this will have a negative impact on your physical fitness. Know more . . .  

  • Mental Instability: Facebook is great for creating new friends. It can also help you to find your old friends. But it creates distance among existing friends! Boys and girls often fall in love through Facebook within moments! And some of them break up within few days. Sometimes your status, likes and comments may lead to serious conflicts among your friends. Divorce, Suicide, Attempt to Murder are very common incidents. 

  • Family Crisis: This problem usually belongs to so called modern families or modern countries of the world. When all the members of a family use Facebook then it is very easy to arise family crisis. Suppose a husband may communicate with his ex wife. Or a wife may communicate with his ex husband. And a husband may not accept his wife's friend request due to privacy problem. Even the crisis may grow between the children and parents. Parents may send friend request to the children. But they may not accept their requests. Few days ago, an Indian husband forget to change his marital status on Facebook. Consequently his wife divorced him! 

  • Fraud and Cheating: This is a very common problem of Facebook. Millions of people are being deceived by Fake IDs every day. Some of them are losing money. Some of them are losing privacy. Even some people are losing their IDs by sharing  passwords with wrong people! 

  • Unnecessary/ Irrelevant Ads: For their own betterment, Facebook show ads on people's pages. Sometimes irrelevant and stupid advertisements are being shown on profile. Which may look odd. Sometimes you will see the ads of different products and manufacturers' ads. Sometimes Facebook forces users to like pages, join groups, share posts which are very irritating. 

  • Millions of Traps: Millions of traps are always trying to hunt you. Anytime you can caught by those traps. Suppose you get a link from your friend which says- See who have unfriend you, or See who have watched your profile. Never click on such links. Remove them as spam. If you even click on these links, it will be automatically shared with your friends and groups. 

  • Spam/ Virus/ Malware: This is a very common suffering for the web users. But Facebook is the land of cultivating virus, spam and malware. Spam or virus may take the form of a link or even could be normal image. Whenever you click on it, you're . . .

  • Criminals' Weapon: Facebook is becoming a popular medium for blackmailing and threatening day by day. A criminal can easily go to a Cybercafe with his fake ID. And he can easily threats a person. For example, he may get your sensitive information. It could be a video, audio, image or text which belong to you. And which are capable of damaging your honor. He may demand monetary or other benefits from you instead of sharing these on Facebook. Even after you fulfill his requirements, he may share those things on Facebook. 

There are only few problems discussed here. Millions of problems are being generated by Facebook everyday. Don't know how to get rid of these. A shortcut way to avoid problems is to use Facebook only when it is necessary. 

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