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Caffeine to Hummingbird: An Upgrade to Google Search Algorithm!

Google Hummingbird is the New Search Algorithm
Most of the internet users have no idea about how the search engine works. The system that a search engine applies to find the relevant results among millions of websites is called Search Algorithm. Whether you will find an appropriate result from a search depends on the algorithm. With a powerful Search Algorithm, Google is the top search engine of the world. And recently a new search algorithm, called Hummingbird, has been launched by the search giant. 

Septermber 26, 1998. The starting of Google. And just yesterday, Google celebrated their 15th Birthday. This birthday was not a mere celebration actually. Moreover it comes with an annoucement of major change in Google Search Engine Algorithm. It's been 3 years since Google made a major change in their search algorithm named as Caffeine. And the new one, Hummingbird, has been lunched one month ago. 

Amit Singhal, senior vice president of search, said on Thursday- the company launched its latest "Hummingbird" algorithm about a month ago and that it currently affects 90 percent of worldwide searches via Google.

What's New in Hummingbird? 

  • Capable of handling large and complex queries
  • Precise and Faster Processing of Queries
  • Focus on the meaning behind the query words
  • Pay more attention to earch word in a query
  • Consider the relevance of the pages rather than focusing on the page rank only. 
  • Improved converstional search (People When Speaking Searches) 

These are all I've been able to gather about Hummingbird. Because, Google didn't inform much about it. I've collected those information from different websites. Let's discuss some other issues: 

What about Pagerank? 

Most of you know that pagerank indicates the overall quality of a site. But in Google search, pagerank is not everything. There are more than 200 search signals used by Google to sort search results. And pagerank is one of them. 

Hummingbird considers pagerank too. But it emphasizes on the relevance of the query. If the search query matches your contents, no matter who you are and what is your ranking, you will be the in the first page. And that's how Marks PC Solution competes with storng sites even with a page rank 0. 

Is there any Feature of Caffeine? 

Sure! Some parts of old search algorithm is still being used by Hummingbird. It just changes the unncessary parts and adds some new. But nobody can guarantee about the old parts. Because they could be changed anytime if Google finds something better. 

What Happened to Updates like Penguine, Panda etc?

From time to time, Google updated their algorithm. Sometimes they added new tools like penguine, panda etc. Some of them are being cosidered as the parts of old engine in a new engine. I mean, these were not changed entierly. 

What about SEO

As the search algorithm changes, SEO experts and site developers may think of change in ther optimization techniques. Though Google assures that no change is necessary. It said there is nothing to worry about SEO. 

But I personally don't believe this. Definitely the new algorithm will affect the search appearance of a site either positively or negatively. 

So far I know, Hummingbird doesn't hamper the search result position of Marks PC Solution. My suggestion is- Increase your Google+ Sharings. Grow your followers in Google Plus if you'd like to be favoured by Google! 

Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!


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