Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Verify AdSense Account without PIN?

Manual Verification Process of AdSense Account

Those of you're working with Google AdSense should know, AdSense account needs to be verified by a PIN Number. AdSense sends the PIN number in your postal address. And then you have to enter the PIN number in your AdSense account settings. If postal communication is okay in your area, then it's very easy for you to verify the account. Unfortunately, if your postal service is poor, wouldn't you be able to earn through Google AdSense? 

Why you Need to Verify PIN Number? 

Traditional payment system of AdSense is Check. When you request for payment, Google sends check to your postal address. That's why you need to ensure the AdSense team that your address is correct. When you get the letter from AdSense including PIN number, then Google sends check to your address. 

If you can't Get the PIN Letter? 

It's very natural that you could miss the PIN letter. That's why Google gives you three chances to request for AdSense PIN letter. That means you can request the PIN number for three times. At best three letters will be issued for you. If you're not as unlucky me, you should get the PIN.

Three Times Failed! How to Verify PIN? 

Let's come to the point. My today's post is all about this! I've applied for the PIN number three times. But I haven't got it yet. But I've verified my AdSense Account without PIN number! This is called manual verification process. 

Manual Verification Process (No PIN Required)! 

As there are some other options to get your money from AdSense, the use of PIN number is not mandatory I think. Even Bangladeshis can now withdraw their money through bank accounts

But AdSense team doesn't like to remove the PIN verification feature to ensure the safety of your account. If you can't enter the PIN number even after trying for three times, then AdSense may consider your issue. 

Suppose you've tried your last chance for getting the PIN number. Now go step by step: 

  1. You will get an option at the page where you're supposed to verify the PIN.
  2. You will be required to describe your problem in details. Within few hours you will get a confirmation message that your problem has been forwarded to the concerened authority. 
  3. Or contact directly through this email:
  4. Hopefully AdSense team will contact you within 24 hours. They may ask your Govt. Issued ID Card with your Payee Name and Postal Address (As shown in AdSense account). If your AdSense account address is different from ID card, then you can use utility bill's copy which has the same address as shown in your AdSense account. Upload the scanned ID Card with Utility Bill if necessary. Send it to the above AdSense Support Email. 
  5. Remember, the language of your ID Card and Utitlity Bill Copy should be one of the Supported Languages of AdSense. Otherwise AdSense Team might not be able to verify your account. 
  6. After sending your National ID Card or Electrict Bill or Gas Bill to the AdSense Team, you will get another email within next 24 hour. If AdSense is satisfied, your account will be verified without PIN! Believe me - I've made it!

Secret Tips:

Suppose your Govt. ID Card is not issued in one of the supported languages. Will you try to manually edit the ID? Sounds bad - but not bad at all! Suppose your National ID is in Bengali or Hindi. You can just edit your Name, ID Number and Address and rewrite these in English. But make sure that AdSense will not be able to detect it. Otherwise your account may be suspended. 

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