Friday, February 07, 2014

Free Payoneer Master Card with Bonus $25 !!!

Payoneer Free Prepaid Master Card

Hello Guys! Several times I've discussed about monetizing blogs and websites. Such as AdSense, YllixMedia, Infolinks etc. I've also discussed how to get AdSense money through Bank Accounts. But I never discussed about any other global way to receive online earning funds. Today I am gonna talk about how to get a free master card with bonus $25! 

Brief on Payoneer 

Supports & Services of Payoneer is available in more than 200 countries. Payoneer Prepaid Debit Master Card makes your online transaction easier. Once funds are available, you can use the card in stores, online transactions and ATM booths wherever Master Card is supported. 

  • Globally Accepted - supported in more than 200 countries.
  • Easy Sign Up - No bank account is required.
  • Use wherever Master Card accepted - Online, Stores & ATMs.
  • Quick - Access to cash within 2 hours!
  • Supports - Multilingual customer supports available through Email, LiveChat & Telephone. 

Pricing & Fees:
  • Annual Charge $29.95 (Will be taken from your account balance per year)
  • Card Replacement $12.95 (Will be taken when issuing a replacement card)
  • ATM Widthdrawl $3.15 (Per Transaction)
  • ATM Decline Fee $1.00 (When ATM Request is declined)
  • ATM Balance Inquiry Fee $1.00 (When balance inquiry is made)

Sign up Procedure:

Hit on the below button to sign up. If you want to get free 25 dollar then you must sign up through the button below. But if you directly go to Payoneer and sign up, you will miss the bonus amount. So follow the button below. 

Order a Free Payoneer Master Card

Now you will be redirected to the sign up page. Hit on the sign up button. Fill up the necessary fields.
  • Your Personal Details
  • Account Details
  • Personal Verification
  • Agree with their terms and conditions
Finally Hit on the finish button. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email. Confirm it. Your account will be verified within few days. 

There are four steps in verification process. Before activating the card you will be able to see your current status. 

After verifying your account, Payoneer will send you the card to your mailing address. Within few weeks you will get your card. Then you've to activate the card using PIN number and card number mentioned in the card. Look at the sample card below:

This is the Prepaid Debit MasterCard of Payoneer.  You will get a letter from Payoneer including this card. Card Number, Expiry Date, Account Name will be embossed there as you can see in the image. 

Also read Frequently Asked Question about Payoneer MasterCard.

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    1. Have you clicked the link below download button? Never do so. This is add only.

      Hit on the image - Order your Card Now under Sign up Procedure. And follow this link only. Because if you don't open account without reference you will miss $25.