Friday, May 23, 2014

Angry Birds Space for Windows (Installed)!!

Angry Birds Space Version 1.2.2

Hello Guys! This is my post # 350 and it's going to be special! Today I'm gonna share Angry Birds Space (Ver 1.2.2). And this is the largest game I've ever shared - 32.3 MB only. All of you're familiar with Angry Birds Series. This is the most played game in Android Phones. And this is also the most popular game in social networks like Google+ and Facebook. 

Angry Birds Space is really an awesome game. Sounds, Music, Background, Character everything is extraordinary. I can swear - once you start playing, you will be addicted to it for sure! 

Download Angry Birds Space from the link below. It's uploaded in zip format. In order to play the game, you have to unzip it first. 

To play the game, you have to unzip it first. This is a portable version of the game. Even you don't need to install. 

How to Play?

All of you should be capable of playing this lovely game. There is no complexity at all. But as a routine work, I'd like to discuss something.

Go to the game folder. Now doulbe click on AngryBirdsSpace.exe to start the game. Within few seconds it will be loaded. At the bottom of the screen you will see - Activate the Full Game. Simply copy and paste the following code in the box and hit on the Register button. 


Now hit on the play icon to play the game. You will get 06 levels. After completing a level, you will get the next level unlocked. Otherwise you can't access the next levels. 

The Levels are :
  • Pig Bang
  • Cold Cuts
  • Fry me to the Moon
  • Utopia
  • Eggsteroids
  • Danger Zone

Now start with the Pig Bang. And finish the stages one by one. If you wanna see how to play, then start a stage. Then press the Esc key and hit on the question button to see the tutorial. 

  • To quit the game, press Alt + F4
  • To pause the game, press Esc
  • To go to the desktop, press Start + D

Hope you'll enjoy this a lot. Just one request - don't steal my contents and never publish it to another site! 

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