Monday, May 19, 2014

Bow and Arrow Game Free Download!!

Bow and Arrow Game Free Download!

Well this is the smallest game I've ever shared! It's a superb target practice game - Bow and Arrow. Download size is just 32 KB! This game has 7/8 levels. And it's only 141 KB after extracting. Can you imagine? :) 

Download the game from Link 1 or Link 2. It's a 100% free, safe and reliable download link. You will get the game in zipped condition. After downloading the zipped folder, please unzip it first. Then start playing. 

How to Play?

  • Press F2 to Start the game
  • Press F3 to Pause the game
  • Press F4 to close the game
  • Press Spacebar to Reactivate the menu during the play
  • Press Alt+F4 to exit the game window

  • Click right mouse button to load the arrow
  • Click, hold and release the left mouse button to shoot the arrow

Useful Tips

Adjust Screen Size: You can adjust the screen size from the Options menu. While you're practicing target, keep the screen size minimum (600 x 400). And sometimes you may need to keep the window full (800 x 600). Remember, you can't change the screen size while playing a level. Adjust the size before or after finishing a level. 

Move the Archer: You can move the archer up and down. Press left mouse button over the archer to move him up and down. 

Save and Restore: It could be tough for you to finish the game at a time. You can save and restore your game. After finishing a level, go to the File menu > Save > Choose 1/2/3. There are 3 save options. To restore a game, go to the File menu > Restore > Choose your saved game. 

Remember, while you're in the mid of a play, you can't save the game. But you can restore it from the file menu. To activate the menu, press the spacebar. 

Hope all of you will enjoy this lovely game. Please leave your comment . . .

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  1. How can I make this game work on my windows 10? :(

    1. Oh Shit! it's also not working on my Windows 10 64 bit! Is your system 32 bit or 64?

    2. Hi, use the DOSBOX software that simulate the 32 bits system;

  2. I'm on Win7 x64 and it won't run either...

  3. This POS is abridged 1.0, we want Unabridged 1.1 version