Friday, May 02, 2014

New Domain for Marks PC Solution!!!

On December 15, 2011, I started Marks PC Solution. And it was hosted on blogger. I've created thousands of links in blogs, forums, websites and social media. Now this site has 337 posts published. That's why I was reluctant to purchase a custom domain. But some of my online friends and the readers of Marks PC Solution advised and requested me to get a custom domain. 

Finally with the help of +Anzaq ali I've purchased a domain from GoDaddy on April 29, 2014, costing $12/year. Now the new URL is I tried for this one - but someone has secured this domain for sale. However I think this will be easier for the users to remember. Because doesn't carry any meaning. And is completely matched with the site title.

Since Anzaq Ali created the domain on behalf of me, I can't show you the process. Because I need to show the screenshots. Anyway you can set up the URL from the Settings option of blogger. And at the same time, you need to create an account on any web hosting site ie. Go Daddy, Hostgrator, Bluehost etc. 

Effects of URL Change

Naturally you may wanna know what happens to my site after changing the URL In fact, there is no change in the number of visitors and pageviews. Because visitors are being redirected automatically from my previous URL ( to new URL. So the amount of traffic is same. 

But I've partially lost my SEO score, page rank, social rank, backlinks etc. The previous URL got PR 1. And I may get this back after few weeks. Alexa traffic rank was approximately 100000. And now it's showing 13235178! I can also get this back within few months. 

But I've almost lost my Facebook Likes, Google +1s, Tweets. And certainly this will take few years to get back! 

And I even don't know when it will be possible to create valuable backlinks throughout the web. Because I don't have enough time to write on other websites as I did before. 

Get a Custom Domain as soon as Possible

If you wanna be a professional blogger, please start with a custom domain. Whether you're using Blogger or WordPress, starting with your own domain is a better idea. Otherwise you will not be willing to change your URL after writing 100 posts. But you have to change the URL when the number of posts will cross 300! In that time you will think that changing the URL after publishing 3000 posts will not be a good idea. 

That's why I have to make a tough decision . . . :) 

Stay with Marks PC Solution to get more interesting IT topics!


  1. At last, You have switched to custom domain. Congrats Rahman...

    Keep doing good work forever.......

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will try my best . . .

  2. Rahaman vai I am also want to buy a domain name for my blog. Can you help me?

    1. You can talk to Anzaq. He can help.

    2. Rahaman vai I Have got domain name for my blog. Anzaq vai helps me to get it.

      Now my web address is --->>iTTimesbd.Com

  3. At least you have control for your site rather than depending on blogspot. Although blogspot is good but not enough.

    By the way, congrats for having your owned domain. Keep it up. :-)

  4. One day I will have my own website. Need to read more articles and books to learn about building a site and Adsense. :-)

    1. Stay with Marks PC :)
      Wish your success . . .