Thursday, May 01, 2014

Google Countdown Timer

Google Alarm Clock

Couple of weeks ago I shared Cook Timer with you. And you can use this timer as alarm clock. But do you know Google has a nice timer for you?! If you are familiar with the special search techniques of Google you should not be surprised. But your friends will be really amazed when they will see that you are using an alarm clock in Google homepage!

Okay let's see how to do. First, go to Google. Now type any of the following queries as your wish - 
  • Google Timer
  • Timer
  • Count Down Timer
  • Countdown Timer
I suggest you to use only Google Timer. Type Google Timer and hit enter. You will get the following timer in search result - 

Google Countdown Timer

The default option is 5 Minutes 0 Second. Simply press the start button to launch the timer. After 5 minutes, it will be ringing. 

To change the alarm time, click on it. It will look like as - 

00h  00m  00s

You will get cursor there. You have to start with the Second (s) option. Type your seconds. If there is no second, then type 00. 

Press left arrow key to move to the Minute option. If you need to set 3 minutes then type 3. By the say method, you can set hour. 

Remember, you can't go directly to the Minute or Hour option. You have to go step by step. Even if Minute and Second is 0, you have to enter 00 there. 

Features of the Timer
  • After starting the timer, you will see a progress bar. 
  • You can use the stop button to pause and reset button to start the timer from beginning. 
  • By mistake, if you close the Tab with timer running, you will get a message. 
  • This timer works in offline too. Suppose you've started the timer when you were online. But if your net gets disconnected, it will be working. But you must keep your browser running. 

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