Saturday, June 14, 2014

Change Photoshop Transparency Grid Color!!

If you're a Photoshop user, you must know about transparency grid. Transparency Grid is a checkerboard which appears when you're working with an image with transparent background. If your image has no color in the background, this checkerboard appears behind the image. 

Okay fine. Transparency will be indicated by the checkerboard. But you may ask, why I will change the color of transparency grid. In this post I'm gonna answer this question. And I will also show, how to change the color of the transparency grid. 

Why to Change? 

Suppose you've an image with white background. And you need to remove this background behind the image. You know there are different ways to remove background. I'm not gonna discuss it here. 

In the critical part of the image, Magic selection tool may not be able to select the white part. In that situation you can manually select the unselected portion. But you may also fail remove the white background properly. Because you can't select the white background as your default transparency grid is looks like a checkerboard that contains white color! So after saving the image you will notice there are some scattered white spots in the background. 

To get rid of this problem, you can change the default transparent grid. 

How to Change? 

Very simple. I'm using Photoshop CS5. Run Adobe Photoshop from your PC and follow the instruction - 

  1. Go to the Edit Menu.
  2. Select Preferences > Choose Transparency & Gamut.
  3. Now you will get the Preferences window with Transparency option selected.
  4. Keep the Grid size Medium or as your wish.
  5. Choose Dark from Grid Colors. Or you can customize the color using the custom option. You can also use any other color from the list if any of them is suitable for you. 
  6. Hit OK after choosing the Grid colors. 

Remember, the default grid color may need to changed when you're gonna remove any white background from your image. Or background that is light black. Otherwise you don't need to change it. 

Turning off the Grid!

You can totally turn off the grid! Yes! If you're bored with the grid that is shown for transparent layer, then you can turn off the grid from preferences window. 

Go to the Grid size as shown in the image above. And choose None. Now create a new document from your Photoshop with transparent layer. You will just see white background instead of a grid. But your image will have transparent layer. 

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