Sunday, August 24, 2014

Windows 9 Preview is on the Way!!

Windows 9 Desktop

Many Windows OS users haven't tried Windows 8 yet. Even some of them are using Windows XP and thinking to swich to the Windows 7. And Microsoft is still passing a hard time to encourage users to use Windows 8. In this situation, Windows 9 (Threshold) Preview is gonna be released at the end of Septemeber, maybe 30th September. And to be honest, I'm just waiting for it. 

Because you know, I try all the preview versions of new Windows. Because I've to inform my visitors about new way of using the Windows. And as soon as I'm getting Windows 9 Preview, I will start exploring it. 

So, What's New? 

Nobody can give you any straight answer. Because the changes will only be visible after the release. But information gets leaked easily. I've searched information from different sites. So far, I've got the following changes to be experienced in the next version of Windows - 
  • Windows Charm could be vanished. Many users get puzzled while turning off the PC from charm! 
  • Windows Icons could be changed a lot as you can see in the image. 
  • New Windows could be responsive to device types and screen sizes. It maybe capable of adapting itself with tablets, mobiles and desktop. 
  • Return of Start Menu with different look.
  • Current start menu might take the form of mini start menu
  • More Metro Apps with reduced OS size
  • Better support for high resolution screens
  • Improved Power Management

These expected changes are just based on rumors. The facts will be revealed after the release of Windows 9 Preview. :)

What about the Final Version?

Maybe the final version of Windows 9 will be released within April 2015. And Microsoft is planning to provide Windows 9 for those users who will stop using Windows XP, Vista or 7 and upgrade this to Windows 9! 

I can't wait for the New OS. :)

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