Thursday, September 18, 2014

Convert VCF to CSV by Contact Converter

VCF File Converter

Contact Converter is the most reliable tool to convert vCard File (.vcf) to .csv file which can be opened by MS Excel. Contact Converter allows you to convert unlimited number of contacts. It's a 100% free software, easy to use and supports Google Contacts. 

Background Story 

Yesterday, one of my colleagues told me that he has a back up of his iPhone contacts in a pen drive. He wanted to know, how to print those contacts. Then I asked him to show me the file.  I opened the file in a PC and saw there are over 600 .vcf files!

And to be honest, I never work with .vcf files. I even didn't know what type of file this is before writing this post! Then I took his pen drive to my home though I was sure that I couldn't do anything! 

Last night, I googled and found a software named Contact Converter. And with this tool, my task got easier. Within few minutes I converted the vCard files to CSV. Then I've edited the CSV file in Excel and printed the document without any problem!

What is .vcf (vCard) File?

You should know about .vcf file. It's a type of file which can be used to back up the contacts of your phone. And later you can restore those contacts in another phone. But if you need to view those contacts in PC or if you need to print them, simply you can't!

Because vCard files are not saved as a single file. For every contact, there will be a unique .vcf file. If you have 500 contacts, 500 vCard files will be created. You can't either view them in a single file or print them. I faced the same problem. 

There is a logical reason behind single file for single contact. A vCard contact may include different information. Such as - Name, Email, Company, Website, Home Phone, Office Phone,  Address, Date of Birth and even Picture. That's why, each contact is saved in a separate file. 

Features of Contact Converter
  • 100% Free!
  • Super Fast - Complete action within seconds
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Capable of converting unlimited number of contacts
  • Support Google Contacts

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How to Convert VCF to CSV?
  1. Download Contact Converter and Unzip it. Install the setup file properly.
  2. Double click on the desktop icon to run the software.
  3. At the top, make sure the option Contact to CSV file is selected.
  4. Then you will have two options - Add Contact Files and Add Folder.
  5.  Hit on the Add Folder option if you have multiple contacts.
  6. Now browse and locate your vCard files.
  7. By default, all contacts will be selected. You can deselect some contacts if you like. 
  8. Now hit on the Convert Contacts button.
  9. Within 2/3 seconds, the operation will be completed. Look at the available fields at the right. You can remove some fields if necessary. Now hit on the Save as button and save it as CSV. 
  10. Open the CSV file in Excel and make necessary changes! It's easy. :)

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